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Posted by JohnVH | Jan 30, 2017 @ 02:25 PM | 4,591 Views
JJRC H37 ELFIE Foldable Mini RC Selfie Drone Unboxing Review PT1 (8 min 8 sec)

Where to get one:

Fun folding drone, uses your phones Wifi to control it, removable lipo battery, flies very nice, does flips, fits in a pocket. Its advertised as a selfie drone, its really hard to get a good selfie, but it is possible to get picture and video of yourself!

It flies outdoors very well, I enjoyed its stability, plus is was easily manageable indoors as well. But this would be mostly an out door model in my opinion. Hope you enjoy the video!

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- Size
- Folds up small
- Durable
- Flips
- Tiltable camera
- Price
- Carry bag
- USB Charger
- Power button

- Video was notchy for me
- The mode where you tilt your phone the direction you want the
drone to go barely worked for me, which is a bummer, because
that would make it alot easier to handle IMO if you wanted a selfie
- Little tricky to cram all the wires in the battery bay, could use a tiny
bit more room

Main Features:
- WiFi FPV
Its HD camera allows you to get great selfies effortlessly. The 100m control distance offers you the awesome bird's-eye view.
- Headless Mode
In this mode, the drone flies to any direction you want even though you do not know its orientation.
- Aerial Show
It is capable of carrying out 360-degree rotations towards various directions with amazing agility.
- G-...Continue Reading
Posted by JohnVH | Jan 26, 2017 @ 12:13 PM | 3,935 Views
FEILUN FX133 Mini RC Quadcopter FLYING REVIEW (3 min 55 sec)

Where to get one:

If your looking for a stable min quadcopter, here is a great option. The remote is very comfy, buttons are pre labeled, prop guards are tough and work great for flying indoors, it does flips, which is always fun!

In high rate it really scoots, and is very predictable, the transmitter is proportional, so feel is great. Thanks to its size you can enjoy this indoors when the weather wont let you play outside!

- Spare props
- USB charger
- Lights
- Great transmitter
- Buttons labeled
- Flip button
- Lands on its own when out of range
- Fun

- Flip button sometimes wouldnt work after changing rates, so Id
have to turn off and back on the quad for some reason

This ladybird-like quadcopter features Headless Mode, 360 Degree Eversion as well as One Key Landing. It also provides protections against over current, low voltage, and short circuit. Therefore, it offers you an easy and safer flight.

Main Features:
- Headless Mode
In this mode, you are allowed to ignore the orientation of the drone and fly it to whatever direction you want.
- Awesome 3D Stunt
The UAV offers you the wonderful performance of 360-degree rotations towards various directions in the air.
- One Key Landing
If you turn off the transmitter or pilot it beyond the control range, the aerial robot will land slowly. You...Continue Reading
Posted by JohnVH | Jan 20, 2017 @ 11:19 AM | 4,073 Views
WLtoys L343 1/24 Electric Brushed 2WD RTR RC Monster Truck Review PT2 Running! (5 min 41 sec)

Where to get one:
RCMoment Website:

Here is a fun affordable rc truck! Small enough to drive in your house, fast and durable enough to enjoy outdoors. I was really impressed with its speed! In this video you will see it on the radar gun, yes, 25mph!

Steering and throttle are proportionate, which is always the best way to have it, reverse is pretty quick, the steering adjustment on the transmitter works great. Range is fantastic, I have crashed it a few times and it appears to be quite durable! Always a bonus. On a model this size you will get spring shocks, and on this one a live transaxle type rearend. They work great, but are a little bouncy on rough terrain.

Ill have a future update with an FPV system on it too!

- FAST! 25 MPH!
- Price
- Radio range
- Proportionate steering and throttle
- Steering trim on radio
- Long battery life
- USA adapter

- None for the price

2.4GHz 2WD electric RC monster truck RTR.
1/24 Scale suitable for indoor and outdoor control.
High quality car body.
High speed ball bearing are used for whole car.
Designed with shock absorber.
Powerful high speed motor.
Speed can reach 25km/h.
The remote control distance can reach 50m.

Brand name: WLtoys
Brand model: L343
Item name: RC Monster Truck
Material: ABS
Controller mode:...Continue Reading
Posted by JohnVH | Jan 16, 2017 @ 11:12 AM | 3,973 Views
Having a blast with this truck

Redcat Everest 10 Rock Crawling FUN! (3 min 23 sec)

Posted by JohnVH | Jan 13, 2017 @ 12:00 PM | 3,997 Views
LE NENG TOYS K5 CLIMBER MECHA RC Climbing Car Driving Review PT2 (5 min 36 sec)

Where to get one:

Check out this crazy mecha climber! Similar idea to the car I did recently (check out my vids), but this is one serious offroad/big obstacle machine. Stairs, curbs, speed bumps, rocks, doesnt matter, it just goes! Only things that will stop it, is spinning out, wrapping long grass around the wheels, and hooking the tail.

- Long run time
- Climbs almost anything!
- Easy to control
- Red eyes look cool
- Durable
- Fast
- Tail comes off easily for transporting if space is limited

- Not proportionate on the controls, on or off
- The tail sometimes got stuck on a rock, or while turning

The scorpion-like K5 CLIMBER MECHA has a robust body and an excellent climbing capability. Look! It is capable of coming out from the soil, withstanding the impact of the falling bricks, and going upstairs. It is such an invincible robot that can fall freely from a high platform. This incredible climbing car makes its way to wherever you want, thus, it will be a perfect companion for nearly any outdoor activity!

Main Features:
- Its reinforced plastic shell is impact-resistant, so it can deal with falling bricks and freely falling easily.
- Two rotatable lines of all-terrain wheels ensure its excellent climbing capability.
- 40 minutes' playing time is provided by the 9.6V...Continue Reading