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Posted by flyinjrc74 | Jul 08, 2012 @ 04:17 PM | 9,359 Views
These are pics of a Kadet Seniorita EP I converted two years ago. I decided to give it a try with the Kadet Senior. I want a new nightflyer and the Senior fits the bill. I located a nearly 30 year old senior begging for a facelift in Muskegon, MI, it is structurally sound and was built tough by it's previous owner. Like my Seniorita the horizontal stab will be removable and the entire lower portion of the airplane will be covered in clear Monokote to show off its 1500 LED lights. Engine to be used will most likely be my RCGF 15cc gasoline two stroke. *All other details classified until it is finished*

Link to the Kadet EP T-tail~

Link to the Kadet Senior V-tail~