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Posted by flyinjrc74 | Nov 16, 2010 @ 11:52 PM | 11,074 Views
I was sitting in my shop in the basement (my wife calls it the Dungeon) and decided since I had some free-time and a bunch of odds and ends electric stuff just sitting, I needed to do some thing???

Well, here it is. I was able to cut out all of the pieces and stripe it in about two hours. It was very simple to make and was flying the next day. The roll rate is incredible and it is very strong. The only downfall is that it is heavy or so it seems to me. The next time I construct one I will cut out sections in the frame to lighten it prior to using tape to cover the thin paper that is on both sides of the foam material used. I found this stuff at Wal*Mart and I think it was $3 for a sheet which was enough to make one airplane. I am using a 2s 800mah battery and a 1400kv motor from R/C Timer. The servos are Spektrum DSP75's and the receiver is a flat AR6000. Very inexpensive and I think it turned out very nice. Flying weight is 11 oz.