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Posted by LiveElectric | Jan 23, 2011 @ 07:10 PM | 2,500 Views
So I took quite a break from the hobby (slap on the wrist) and I've really missed it. Just getting back into it, and am really excited to see what I find. I'm interested in airplanes mostly. My top two for that category are the scratchbuilt foamies and Gliders/sailpanes/slopers. I'm also interested in airboats, and have built more 'successful' airboats than anything.

Below is a link to my YouTube channel with some video's of a few of my builds, working and not.

YO! St. Louis...ans? -ites? St. Louisanites!!! If there's anyone of you that happens to stumble upon this entry, shoot me a PM. It's really hard (as a beginner) to get anything to really work and fly properly when you're trying to learn it all by yourself just from the internet. I'd really like to find someone, or even a couple people, that are interested in helping me 'get my wings' It'd be great if I could find a mentor, (or ten ) both in building and flying, and I guess this is a sort of advertisement for that. So, if anyone in the St. Louis-ish area is willing to help an 18 year old get into this great hobby, I'm ready, willing, and raring to go!