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Posted by dephela | Jul 14, 2011 @ 03:21 PM | 12,274 Views
The limitations of the field prevent us from setting up parallel to the N-S road; the space we’ve been told that’s available is not enough. For comparison, F3b winchlines are 200m[656ft] from winch to turnaround, at clubs across the country where Ford long shaft powered winches are used a distance to the rurn around is typically 250-300yds[750-900ft] and a heavy duty high start pulled all the way will pull out to 650ft. Last weekend Chris’s parachute was laid out next to the winch lines and the chute was next to our winches, he was pegged near the turnaround. We also have to include a distance behind the winches that has to be clear. We fly without moving far from the winches and at times move up wind from them for landing. We need some room for our landing pattern. WE all use landing patterns, right? Felix and I prefer to land close to us, on an upwind leg ending up just in front of us or just off to the side, this is what we would do at a contest. Seldom do we ever “pop off” on a normal launch but we can get line breaks and if we are practicing aggressive launching in the wind, a chance for a line break, or a pop off increases. The room behind is needed to safely regain control of the glider for a landing and so there is room for the broken line and parachute to fall without getting caught on the power lines. At an F3b event there are winches lined up, 3-4 within a 2m[6ft] space and planes are all launched from the winch location, we’re used to launching in crowded...Continue Reading