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Posted by kerwin50 | Mar 20, 2012 @ 05:29 AM | 8,835 Views
Yes I am the real Kerwin and not to be confused with Kerwin 49 LOL
K49 is a flying buddy and we have alot of fun together.

I've been flying since the wright brothers, well maybe almost anyways.
Though I am still learning. My grand dad once said that a man that doesn't learn somthing new everyday is a stupid man.

I am also a Gullian Barre survivor that is an auto immune disease that has stroke like symptoms, which left me as a quad for awhile. I now have nerve damage which at times makes it more difficult to stand and fly. I've had to relearn to fly all over again. It has left me with a better out look on life and a much better person.

this hobby has been really great therapy. If it wasn't for the hobby and flying my hands would still be like claws and I wouldn't be able to stand as long.
It has also taught me to rely on others more. And I have learned the joy of letting others fly my planes though I am still very picky who does.
So if anyone out there reading this has a stroke, MS,MD don't give up.