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Posted by Harrow | Sep 28, 2010 @ 04:16 AM | 5,239 Views
Well, I just noticed that some people actually visit my page, so I might as well put something here. I'm relatively new to RC. Bought a SIM and an E-Flite Apprentice at the beginning of 2009 and after plenty of SIM practice had an incident free solo maiden. Since then I've expanded my interest into 3D flying and in the first half of 2010 ventured into helis, which I am totally addicted to. Still enjoy 3D flying however, and even a bit of scale flight to relax. I also enjoy teaching others to fly, and always keep my Apprentice and buddy box handy. Lately I've been hitting the slopes and have now added a couple of gliders to the collection.

My hangar currently contains... (in approximate order of acquisition)

E-flite Apprentice 15e
E-flite Taylorcraft
Parkzone Corsair F4U
MIG-29 6mm depron profile scratchbuilt
F-22 3mm depron profile scratchbuilt
Multiplex Swift II combat wing
Dual Sky Breeze Pro 3mm depron indoor 3D profile
Flying wing 3mm depron (50% scale of Swift II) scratchbuilt
Techone Piaget EPP indoor 3D profile
Multiplex Parkmaster 3D
E-flite Blade msr heli
HK450 heli
HK450 heli (Hughes MD500 scale fuselage project - half built)
Multiplex Fox (hand throw glider, modified to wingeron slope glider)
Infinion bipe 6mm depron scratchbuilt (half built)
HK (Art Tech) Mini Cessna 182
Walkera HM1#A heli (x 2, one to keep at work and fly at lunchtime)
Pterodactyl (apprentice wings placed on wooden dowel with HK450 canopy for slope)
HK (Art Tech) Mini P51 Mustang
HK (Art Tech) Minimoa 2m glider
HK (ST Model) ASW28 2m glider
Speedo Thermo 1.2m glider (unbuilt)
HK (Fly Fly) Salto H101 2.6m glider (unbuilt)
Dreamflight Alula glider (unbuilt)
E-flite Blade mCP-X heli
HK Bonsai wing
Gaui X5 heli
HK Radjet 800 (unbuilt)
Gaui X7 (unbuilt)
Gaui X2 (unbuilt)

Spektrum DX6i