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Arrived today, a clone of the XK 450 Aviator. I will update later and bore you to death with far too many pictures and a load of old waffle

Wingspan: 450mm
Length: 445mm
Height: 107mm
Remote control mode: 2.4G remote control
Remote control distance (m): more than 300m
Material: EP0
Weight: 310g
Battery: LI-POLY 11.1V (1000MAH) 20C
Charging time: 150 minutes
Use time: vertical flight 11-12 minutes/ horizontal 15-16 minutes
Color: Blue/Red

1. Using impact-resistant engineering EPO engineering materials, built-in carbon fiber rod reinforcement, very impact

2. It adopts 3 1370 brushless motors, high-efficiency paddles, full power, high-precision and high-torque 5g digital steering gear 2PCS,
which is used to pull the front motor. High-precision 4.3g digital steering gear to control the aircraft's control surface

3. The aircraft adopts 6-axis gyroscope with air pressure and high altitude, 3D/6G mode conversion, suitable for different scenes,
and is more suitable for beginners to practice flying.

4. The aircraft can take off and land vertically, vertical landing, air mode conversion,
and also has a combination of beginner mode and aerobatic mode, effectively solving the problem of small flying space,
unable to take off, and beginners do not have the ability to take off the plane to take off, can not take off smoothly, etc.

5. Multiple Flight Modes
1) Multi-rotor...Continue Reading
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In this video, I put the awesome little D2836/1100kv on "The Judge" and found out something pretty cool.

Turnigy D2836-8 1100kv Bench Test [The Judge Ep. 2] (16 min 9 sec)

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The day I became a Pilot

I soloed the Champ on skis under an overcast sky. I learned to land on grass and I judged my height by the texture of the grass. Now, with the overcast the runway was featureless. Not even the tiniest shadow of ski tracks could be seen. My first landing was a very hard crunch onto the firm surface. Tony asked me if I could see okay. Three weeks earlier he had offered me a chance to solo but he had never asked me to get my medical and student pilot’s license so solo was postponed until I was legally equipped with the proper papers. Today was the day we both expected me to solo. I did a quick review of all I knew and decided that looking at the far end of the runway would possibly help me judge my height better. On my next two tries I improved drastically, gauging my height by seeing the perspective change in my peripheral vision. Tony got out, set the elevator trim to where he said was about right for solo. I taxied back a couple of hundred yards and took off. Skis are funny. Sometimes the drag is so high it takes full power just to taxi. This time I got off with a very short run. The plane climbed out much more briskly. I actually turned around to look at the empty seat. On the downwind leg I could hear Tony in my mind telling me to check the carburetor heat, throttle back etc in preparation for landing. I turned base and final and as I was flairing I could hear the back of the skis touching the runway. A couple of hundred yards later the...Continue Reading
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Following to my previous video, we will make the full list of all needed parts to convert a Top-Force in a Top-Force Evolution

List of needed parts:
- Ball bearing set
- Tamiya Carbon conversion set 47426
- Tamiya High Capacity Hydraulic damper set 47358
- Tamiya Torque Splitter 53071
- Tamiya Aluminium pressure plates 53219
- Tamiya Aluminium King Pins 53157
- Tamiya stainless steel suspension shaft set 53098
- Tamiya Pin Wheel adapter 53056 / or equivalent form another supplier

Other upgrades available from other suppliers: RCDamper on ebay for me
- Aluminium knuckles
- Aluminium spindles
- Aluminium suspension arms (Only for the look, no performance improvement)
- Aluminium bulk
- Aluminium steering set
- Aluminium motor mount

For using current tyres diameter: Tamiya DF-03 wheels or equivalent from another supplier

Anti-Roll Bar kit for TA-02 Tamiya chassis compatible with the rear train: 53189


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Not much to show here but wanted to release it anyways. Unfortunately I had some camera issues the day of the maiden flight for the FT Edge so the full flight did not get recorded. So here I talk about everything post flight/crash AND show some of the footage that did record that day. Perhaps I'll have better camera luck next time.

FT Edge maiden flight and crash... lost film footage!! (4 min 44 sec)

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Starting new 3D printed project.

It is going to be a FSW flying wing. Inspired by Nano Goblin and ZOHD nano dart. A sub 250g plane.
650mm wingspan. 140g of printed plastic.
Currently printing PLA @ 0.3mm wall thickness with 0.4mm nozzle @ .15 layer height.

Motor 1806 max (1306 preffered).
2 x 5g micro servos (good, cheap and realiable HXT 500 servos).
20A ESC max
Flight controller - possible.
TPU printed nose (to protect cam and VTX)
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This is a review o the Microheli V950 biller swash, rotor head and blade grip with their HD feathering shaft and stiff head dampers.

Firstly the packaging, instructions and finish on the parts are all first class. Everything went together smoothly and without an y issues what so ever.

A close review of the parts, as you maybe aware these are all based on the Master CP heli rotor head, there are some significant benefits in using the Master CP rotor head geometry, there are a number of subtle differences and when all added together cures one of the biggest bug bears on teh V950 and that the pitch jump just off mid stick. I've compared the stock V950 pitch changes and the master CP pitch change and we know the MCP setup cures the dreaded pitch "bunny hop" or Yo yo effect that plagues the V950. See the comparision table from my testing

The Master CP geometry gets rid of the bump in pitch just off mid stick. The swash ball position from the servos is narrower meaning more travel across the swash. The blade grip ball position is also narrower meaning more total travel across the grips. Means a faster responding rotor head. it's all subtle but my good it works.

Others have asked what i use for the double end servo to swash links, I just use the swash to grip links, buy a couple of sets. lower arms use Blade 4mm ball ends, easy to find from various blade models - can get a pack for the 450X is straight forward enough

Even though the rotor head sits...Continue Reading
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I had always wanted to try one of Twistedhobbysí Clik for some time now since I was always curious in trying an indoor pattern airplane. Being a 3D pilot I donít have a lot of experience in pattern airplanes and F3P in general but always wanted to give it a try. The Clik 21 is definitely the way to go if you are in the situation that Iím in of not wanting to break the bank on a high end expensive F3P setup and spending all the time building and designing.

With its simple and relatively quick build and the power combos that TwistedHobbys has to offer, this plane is the way to go for those wanting to test the waters in the pattern world! Also if youíre like me and crash a lot then the Clik is definitely more forgiving and easy to repair than almost all F3P contra rotating setups and models.

Another thing to definitely point out is the variety of setups that this airplane can take. whether itís for those weight savers who want to mill the airframe out to the more fast paced pilots who want a faster motor to achieve a more 3d oriented airplane, the Clik 21 accepts any of these flying styles and or setups!

Be sure to check out this airplane as well as its power combos on Also be sure to check out the Build and Discussion Thread on!

Twisted Hobbys/ RC Factory Clik 21 (3 min 3 sec)

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Foundry Brocade SX-ACPWR-POE
50Vdc 25A 1250W Max

This is what I've found so far.
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Twisted Hobbys - FPV plane - proXy

...Continue Reading
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Finally after years of messing around, I "think" I'm finally, fully done with my He-111 gear design, with the last details worked out with the purchase of a Blackhorse/Graupner 111.

The pics show just the 3d printed parts, some of the many prototypes at several scales and the the prototype installation. I still have multiple generations of metal gear, but the mounts will have to be redesigned for the Blackhorse airframe, and the new hybrid metal/3d printed version is more scale.
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This engine was on my fatherís Sterling Ringmaster when I was a boy with a similar TopFlite nylon propeller. After moving into a new office earlier last month I set my mind to building a display stand for it, which I got around to doing this afternoon.

Not much else has happened in the workshop lately. I helped eight Cub Scouts built as many Estes Alpha III rockets for the public launch at Godard Space Flight Center and I cobbled together an Estes Mini A Heli helicopter recovery rocket for myself, but that is about it.
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Here are some great flying airplanes
A Glasair sportsman with a 20cc
and a ESM 96in Beaver with a 55cc
Great Planes Seawind with FA100
Opterra 2m that i bungee launch and land were i start
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Review of HOBBYMATE Speed H6 Lipo Charger 700W DC / 200W AC, Fast Balance Charger

After almost 200 charges from my D6 DUO PRO without any issues

I got small in size but powerful HOBBYMATE SPEED H6 AC/DC Smart Charger.
The dimension are only 108x67x60mm, and it weighs only 400g.

Charger look great in black and first thing I found out that touch sensitive buttons work perfect, much better and easier to use than scroll and press wheel which D6 has.

...Continue Reading
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Halloa people

Sooo.. what can I say.. Below is a short video about my giveaway..
Really excellent tools by ToolKLitRC for grabs!! I wouldn't mind wining one myself

check it out.. it's only a few minutes...

ToolkitRC GIVEAWAY! :) Charger + Power-Meter + Servo-Tester! :O (3 min 43 sec)

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Airlines frequently redact details of the features they opt to pay for ó or exclude ó from their filings with financial regulators. Boeing declined to disclose the full menu of safety features it offers as options on the 737 Max, or how much they cost.
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The popularity of the 32" Leadfeather Yak55 is undeniable. The one comment I have regularly heard over the years is, "I wish you sold a bigger version". Well, we listened and have created a 40" 125% version of the plane that satisfies those desires. In doing so we went with a KF4 airfoil (theory) which not only gives the plane great flight characteristics, it also strengthens the wing significantly. We have increased the fuselage thickness to 15mm EPP to strength it and even the tail stiffeners have been increased to 6mm EPP giving the tail great structural support. Be aware, these features have complicated the build (This is not a novice build) and we strongly recommend reading the instructions and following the steps as they are laid out. The sequencing allows previous steps to dry while performing other steps. The KF4 airfoil (image) complicates the wing building over and above a typical flat foamie. (but the end results are well worth it)
Also, you should be aware that the build uses most of 4oz of Foam-Tac to complete.

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I have made wing covers from the aluminized windshield covers from Walmart. However this material was posted in the Allusive thread.

Itís Reflectix Radiant Barrier Double Reflective Insulation from Home Depot. Itís $24 for 24 in. X 25 ft. I used clear packing tape and orange Duct tape for the seems.