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Yeah , the 3D printed one .
I completely messed up the all moving elevator because I put the control horn in the wrong place .
Bad ju ju with a all moving elevator .

it's taken me this long to get around to designing and printing a replacement .

Previously : My launches were all over the place because if my fopar . Seemed to glide ok ( seemed to ) .

So hopefully with the control horn in the correct place , I can have consistent launches . ( Well , one can hope )

Just need for Hobbyking to pull out the proverbial finger and get STUFF in stock .
Posted by old4570 | Apr 09, 2021 @ 08:47 PM | 3,134 Views
Banggood.com is having some really good prices right now on some micro planes .

Volantex Sports Cub 500 $70
Eachine Mini F4U $80
E0717 1030mm Wingspan $36

Might be worth a look if you were waiting for a sale .

Here it's windy and a bit wet , really looking forward to trying out the stunt flaps on the Micro Tundra ..
Should be interesting , will it go on it's back ?
Posted by old4570 | Apr 06, 2021 @ 09:22 PM | 3,319 Views
MT tweaks (0 min 11 sec)

A) Increased rates for ailerons and elevator
B) Mixing the flaps to the elevator , just like with a control line stunt plane . ( This mix will be on a switch )

> A good thing or a bad thing ?
Posted by old4570 | Apr 06, 2021 @ 08:03 PM | 3,358 Views
Micro Tundra tip stalls (6 min 5 sec)

So looks like the MT was tip stalling on me ..
Lesson = Fly faster or use those flaps ..

MT Inverted - Oh dear ! .... We have a problem . Inverted the MT is attracted to terrible firmness ! I just dont have enough down elevator to keep the MT off the ground . I mean , I did try ! I flew inverted , and I had my stick pushed all the way forward . And I was loosing altitude .
I pulled out before loosing to much height .

I think the TT is spoiling me !

If I want to put the MT on it's back , Im going to have to tweak the elevator some I thinks .
Posted by old4570 | Apr 05, 2021 @ 09:30 PM | 2,446 Views
UMX TT inverted again (5 min 4 sec)

Hehehehe , only my 2nd circuit upside down .

The TT really wants more power inverted . I tried to fly SLOW inverted , but it was a bit of a fail .
As soon as I applied more power , there was little issue ..
I think I needed at least 75% throttle and that's with the 2 blade .
With the factory prop and 2s , you might need 100% ..

I have seen some HOT TT's , TT's that seem to have an abundance of power . Does the TT support 3s ? Wonder what's going on there ?
Anyways , I will try and become a little more proficient in the inverted arts !
Posted by old4570 | Apr 02, 2021 @ 10:14 PM | 2,425 Views
So I got me a USB microscope ( a cheap one ) , so that I could take imagery of knife edges .
I have jewellers eyepieces that let me see the edge in detail , but how to share such ?
A USB microscope !

A) My Whetstone grinder / knife sharpener edge

Whetstone Grinder edge ( A better look ) (1 min 20 sec)

B) Guided knife sharpener / 180 grit diamond cut edge

180 grit diamond cut edge (0 min 16 sec)
...Continue Reading
Posted by old4570 | Apr 01, 2021 @ 08:12 PM | 5,384 Views
Tech 1000 DLG and the sink hole (12 min 8 sec)

It has been over a year since I flew the tech 1000 DLG .
At the time I was wondering why it flew so fast and why it come down so fast . Ok @ 199 grams it's heavy for a 1 meter DLG .
Some investigation showed that the angle of attack of the wing to centre line was in the negative .
This would explain why the T1000 was flying fast and why I had problems slowing it down .
It looks to me , like this is how the model was intended to be . Now in a situation such as - A slope ! With lots of lift .. This could be ideal !
But as a pure DLG , me ( Me ) thinks not . I will say here and now that the T1000 is probably an excellent slope glider .

Anyways , I put in some positive angle of attack . But over a year later ! And I finally get a chance to test it out .

A) Still tends to fall out of the sky ( 199 grams )
B) Took some effort to re tune .
C) Might need to tweak that CG , getting the T1000 to cruise is not easy . CG might be to far forward ?
D) T1000 will most likely never be a good DLG
E) But hey ! It glides much slower now . Just no hang time !
F) At 93 grams , my Elf is half as heavy .
G) Oh - the pain ! It's been such a long time since I did DLG and it hurt like a SOB . My whole body was a Ouchie ! This was a few days ago and it still hurts .
Do we hate getting old ?
Posted by old4570 | Mar 25, 2021 @ 08:12 PM | 5,664 Views
UMX TT Lucky lucky lucky (4 min 42 sec)

So lucky to bring the UMX TT home in one piece .
Had wind N rain for a week , nothing like NSW , but put a crimp on RC .

This morning was the first decent morning in a week .
Those inverted skills were sorely lacking , showcased by the slight breeze that got stronger higher up .
There be downsides to light floaty planes .

Anyways , I made the mistake of trying to correct rather than just pull the plug when inverted and as a result Came very close to terrible firmness !
One meter or possibly less to kitting the TT .

30mm EDF Tales

Printed out a Test Stand mount for the EDF unit . And then thrust tested most of my fans .
The best = 2 4 blade fans .. Each averaging around twenty five grams of thrust at around three point two amps .
That's really bad ! ( Thrust )
And they are reaching peak RPM and then some on the test stand as I am using mains power ( less voltage sag under load )

Looks like the fans need far more design work ( to work ) ...
Posted by old4570 | Mar 24, 2021 @ 11:00 PM | 6,018 Views
30mm EDF DIY 3D printer project (1 min 59 sec)

As in , the proof is in the pudding !

So here we are :
A) Still too close to peak RPM
B) Ready to do some thrust "test stand" tests
C) Print out a mount for the test stand ( still to do )
D) Design a mount
E) Look for a model ( plane )

Posted by old4570 | Mar 24, 2021 @ 04:01 AM | 6,077 Views
30mm EDF project ( 3D Printed DIY project )

a) The body , bush-league !
b) make it as light and fragile as possible
c) when issues crop up fix them

I have just printed out my 4th 30mm EDF body ..
THe first one was as minimal as possible and almost right away things were NQR !
The body was soft , and the front of the tube was warping into a oval shape .
Revision 2 , I put a beefed up rim on the front of the tube , now it was stronger and stiffer . Butt ---- Not good enough
Revision 3 , I extended the mounting tabs and added a rib 90 degrees from the mounting tabs . This helped a lot !
Revision 4 , There was still a little softness because of my minimalistic approach . So I took the R3 and added a ring around the body . This has made the tube / body so much stiffer / stronger . I did this as I noticed just a little warping ( going oval again on the intake ) . R4 is easily 100% stiffer / stronger if not more .

I printed out more fans today . Looks like the 4 blade is a winner !
To date I have printed 12 fans looking for that one design that works . And I might be narrowing it down .
Looks like I might need to find something micro for this EDF ..
Posted by old4570 | Mar 23, 2021 @ 04:41 PM | 6,507 Views

I have for the moment given up on all the designs ( fans ) except the 4 blade .
Yesterday I printed out like 9 fans ( 4 blade ) and I am making progress .
Yes , last night ( I was printing till midnight ) I got a serious increase in thrust + the motor loaded up enough not to run past peak RPM ( 31,000 ) .
Amps sat on about 3.2A , but I could feel the pulses at full bore that come with reaching peak RPM but it held full throttle .

The last fan printed will hopefully drop me bellow 30,000 rpm , and maybe produce more thrust . Enough I hope to power a Micro EDF of some description . Also I will have to design/print a new EDF body .. They need to be stronger to resist warping ( minimum print for weight ) . So far I have printed 3 , the first one being as minimal as possible ( light weight ) , and then each print after that addressing strength issues . Design wise I might be up to R5 ( revision 5 ) and after I test this last fan , I will see about a new fan body .
Posted by old4570 | Mar 22, 2021 @ 12:58 AM | 8,822 Views
Well I started with a funky 18 blade fan and I kept making it bigger with more pitch ..

Just not getting thrust and my motor is ESC limited to 31,000 rpm , after that it just runs rough and or locks up .

So I have to load up the motor before it hits 30 something thousand ..

And thats where I am at .

Trying to make a fan that loads up the motor ( 1106 )

I have gone to a 6 blade fan , then did a 12 blade fan , also did a 8 blade design and am currently printing out a 4 blade fan .

So , the smaller the EDF , the fewer blade fans you want ?

Anyways , the 6 blade at least makes some thrust . Enough to lift the edf unit and then some .
I know , I should just buy a 30mm unit , but thats not a DIY 3d printer project .
Cant wait to try out the 4 blade fan .
Posted by old4570 | Mar 20, 2021 @ 09:31 PM | 11,270 Views
UMX TT inverted at last (4 min 39 sec)

Certainly not many actually watching the video !
So maybe some text .

I have wanted to fly inverted for a long time , I mean ... Who does not want to fly a bit more advanced ?

Loops are easy enough , rolls are ? ( depends on the model / high wing - mid wing - low wing )

But inverted flight , now that's a little more impressive .

To start on has to do it one of a few ways .. One way would be to do half a loop : Yeah , when you get to the top of the loop hold the attitude and fly inverted , also a great way to get some distance between the model and terrible firmness . The other way is a half roll . The half roll can be a little tricky as your model may have a natural tendency once rolled onto it's back to seek out the ground . ( All that lift working against you )

UMX TT - Oh yeah , the TT has a natural attraction to the ground when on it's back . To counter this I need about half of my stick movement ( down elevator - when inverted is up elevator ) to keep the TT from kissing the ground . Depending on how slow I am I may need more to correct any already ground attraction implemented in the roll over .
Also I found a little more power is needed inverted .. So what is enough power when upright is not enough power on it's back ( TT ) . So I spent several mornings trying to find the Emperors Grove . The TT certainly has a grove ( or attitude ) that once achieved actually makes being...Continue Reading
Posted by old4570 | Mar 18, 2021 @ 10:11 PM | 14,337 Views
UMX TT inverted (2 min 14 sec)

UMX TT inverted at last (4 min 39 sec)
...Continue Reading
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Was it last year I ordered some RadioMaster receivers just to see what they were like .
It kind of dawned on me a little later , where was I going to plug this Rx into ?
So one day I saw this little quad on sale ( less Rx ) and I thought , what the heck !

The Tiny GT8 already has a plug ( male ) for a Rx . The R81 does not come with a plug . So there was a frantic search and I came up with nothing . I then recalled that one of my Micro Rx with inbuilt ESC had some hardware included . So I stole the plug from that other Rx .

There were only two ways the plug could go , the right way and the wrong way . With everything being so MICRO , getting it wrong could be disastrous . ( And a real PITA ) . A few dry runs to make sure everything was right and it was time for the soldering iron .

With the plug installed , it was time to bind the Rx to the Tx .. Protocol being D8 ( FrSky ) . There is a very / very micro bind button on the Rx .
Press the bind button and power you quad . After a few seconds there will be a solid red light . If you dont get a bind . Then you need to frequency offset . I had to +20 to get a bind and then I adjusted it to +30 . I will have to range check and fine tune , but for now its fine . Supposedly this Rx is good for around 1000 meters , yeah that's not line of sight any more . ( A common restriction these days )
I will hopefully park this as soon as possible to see how it goes .
Besides soldering on a plug , this Rx was relatively painless and not overly expensive for a long range Rx .
Posted by old4570 | Mar 12, 2021 @ 03:35 AM | 9,922 Views

Tiny GT8 (4 min 13 sec)

Came today LDARC Tiny GT8 .. Got it rather cheap , without battery and receiver .
The receiver I put in is the RadioMaster R81 Sbus Rx ( FrSky D8 ) and it's supposedly a Long Range Rx .

As always everything to do with Micro Quads is a PITA .
Betaflight ... PITA .. Always those USB drivers .
Rx , needed a plug soldered to it ( just a bother )
Rx , that frequency offset thing ( Tune Tx to Rx )

Other than that , I did put the GT8 into Horizon mode . And thats it !

Test Driving the GT8 :

Is it yaw or rudder ? Either way it was soft , which I dont mind .
X and Y forward and to the sides was seriously sensitive .. Going to have to maybe Expo those or set up rates in the Tx .
Otherwise I am very happy with the GT8 ..
Battery was a Zippy 350 ( Fits perfectly ) and the test drive was also to see what sort of run time I get .
3minutes 30 seconds gave me power failure ..
And I wasn't doing anything special .
So if I park it ( FPV ) , then maybe a 2 minute or 2 minutes 30 seconds timer .
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Ka Bar mini Dozier AUS8 2nd chance at the rope (10 min 55 sec)

Yep , when a knife fails . I give it a 2nd chance to not fail so badly .
This time around using my whetstone grinder , I put a new edge on the mini Dozier .
I also gave it a few passes on the stropping wheel to remove the high spots on the grind .
In a nutshell , I doubled the edge holding with the rougher finished edge .
When the test was done , a few passes on the leather strop had the edge back .. ( How soft is that steel ? )
Anyways , I really like the ground edge as edge maintenance is rather good . ( Easy )

So original test , after 30 slices the edge began to vanish
After being machine cut / ground the edge was still cutting rope at 90 but failed on the paper slice .
But that fail on paper could be simply the rough edge ...
I think putting a fine finish on this one is a waste of time and hopefully it might be ok around the house as a general purpose light duty cutter .
We will see . Still dont recommend it !
Posted by old4570 | Mar 09, 2021 @ 05:00 PM | 10,523 Views
I do love small light easy to carry pocket knives . I have several .
Recently I had an itch to try the Mini Dozier and I purchased one out of the USA .

A) Looks great 8/10
B) Feels Great 8/10
C) Bolted together great 9/10
D) Edge retention not great 1/10

For edge retention , 1 out of ten is the lowest possible score .
I have tested a lot of knives and for 2021 I am starting fresh with the video's I am posting .

The knife :
Physically speaking , I have no complaints what so ever . The mini Dozier fulfils all my expectations for a Ka-Bar , except in edge retention . Here unfortunately the blade performs at a level I personally like to think of as bottom of the barrel . My test is simple and repeatable . I have some rope that is run over some pine board ( cutting surface ) and I cut rope . The results are consistent and repeatable making the results comparable to my other tests ( other knives ) . As an example I have 2 knives ( the same ) branded differently ( but the same knife ) and they be 420 SS . Both knives deliver 140 slices of rope and have done so over repeated testing ( repeatable and consistent results ) . These sorts of results give me a base line from which to work from when calling something good or bad .

Mini Dozier AUS8 blade :

After some 30 slices of the rope the edge began to vanish ( not a good sign ) and by the time I got to 50 slices ( my base line for rubbish steel ) I was pushing the knife hard . And it did fail on the paper cut test ,...Continue Reading
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Hehehehehe Believe it or not !

Yeah , thats a hotgucam .

Short Story Time .

I got me these ELE cams a long time ago when they were like all the rage ! The all black cam suffered a LCD fail , as in it simply stopped working . But the cam recorded video just fine , I just had no LCD image .
Recently the other ELE cam has started corrupting video ..
Its a dull - windy Saturday afternoon - so what to do ?

I know , I will butcher the corrupted cam for it's LCD screen and also to see how the cam is ass-embled
Having removed the LCD screen from the corrupting cam I did a LCD swap ..
Black cam now has a working LCD screen , but .......

Was the original LCD screen faulty ?
So I plugged it into the now some what FUBAR ELE cam to see if the screen worked ...

Oh yeah , it worked ! What a terrible dilemma , the FUBAR cam might actually still function ( ok it was corrupting video ) . But it is a dull Saturday afternoon , so what else to do ? Yeah , just got to Frankenstein it back together with some hot glue .
Actually , I only had some 4 spare cams .. I could have just tossed the corrupting cam in the rubbish bin and swapped in one of the parked cams . But that would simply have meant I was still bored !
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$9 23 knife at the rope (12 min 4 sec)

Some times , rarely - But some times . You have a win !

This knife has been teasing me for about a year now . And for my birthday I got some winning lottery tickets ( Chump Change ) .
Yeah , the wins were chump change as far as lottery wins go but ... enough money to buy a $9.23 knife that's been calling out to me for around 12 months or so . I mean , who am I not to fall for that siren song

A) For $9.23 it's really well made , no play - everything is tight - I mean nothing to complain about .
B) The factory edge was paper slicing sharp - That was a surprise - especially at the price point of 9 bananas .
C) The grind was ok except that each side was at a different angle - A lot of companies are doing that !
D) I mean , this is a no name budget junk knife right ?

Slicing rope :

Factory edge .......... Well that factory edge gave 80 slices which is almost double what I was expecting !

180 grit Diamond cut edge ....... This is where things got very interesting . Really interesting ! Especially if you like good cheap knives . Cheap and good dont usually go together ! when talking knives ( Until today )

Around 70 slices I noticed the edge was having issue getting through the edge of the paper , I suspected that the edge might be rolling . And the edge had in deed rolled . But the knife kept going and the roll started to diminish . The knife just kept going till the edge failed after 240 slices . 240 slices of rope out of a $9.23 knife . That is crazy .... This knife kicks a lot of more expensive knives to the curb . I cant even begin to rubbish Brand name knife makers enough when a cheap knife outperforms more expensive bragged about knives .

Yeah , buying a knife is like buying a lottery ticket ... Some times you win !