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There are many things to consider when building RC Craft. Most important things are good power sources and good receivers. You may or may not put a lot of money into a plane or drone only to have it crash due to loss of control.
Some people go on and on repeating the same mistakes spending lots of money on new planes and repairs and a lots of time and not knowing why their aircraft is crashing and will continue to until either they give up or they find a solution to their problem. The majority of the time it is the power source that you're using. Not all ESC and their internal BEC can supply enough power to your system. And yes you could find a cheap receiver for very little money. But that is not recommended. Also buying used receivers can be a hit-or-miss situation. Myself I have bought receivers used and some we're good and some were not. I guess you could buy a new receiver and that could be bad too but that has not been my experience.
You must know your equipment. you must know how to program your equipment. You must do a range check. The range check will usually tell you that the system is working or not. Intermittent problems can be very hard to solve. If your plane loses control you need to rule out if you have a brownout power source problem. Where your power source is simply not adequate enough for your particular system. Some people go to the route of changing the equipment all together. That is the expensive way to go. It may or may not solve that problem for...Continue Reading
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Project B

This is a flying wing that comes in a twin pack ( 2 wings ) , I got mine from banggood .

I really like twin packs .

Building the wing gives me what appears to be a strong and stiff platform that will stand up to some bumping and grinding . The Bee is suggested to be for FPV , but with everything hanging out in the breeze so to speak I was quite happy to build mine for line of sight flying .

The Motor

Quite simply a offering from my defunct x450 . Motor and prop are x450 left overs . When I did some motor testing the x450 motor prop combo pulled some 2.18A for some 121g of thrust @ 12,000 rpm . I did some more testing and

6x3 Gemfan 2s = 2.8A / 156g / 22.5w / 10,500rpm
5x3 Gemfan 2s = 2.44A / 133g / 20w / 11,700rpm
6x4.5 2s = 4.4A / 180g / 36w / 8100rpm = Too much prop
5x3x3 2s = 2.6A / 142g / 21w / 11,500rpm
x450 prop 2s = 2.18A / 121g / 18w / 12,000rpm

I will have to check the current to the motor in the model as it is a different motor to whats on the test stand . ( Back up current draw )


Quite simply the cheapest 10A Ebay ESC I could buy . The motor wires are soldered directly to the ESC and I was lucky that the motor ran in the correct direction the very first time .


Some small Turnigy I had lying around . The first servos I used were some Ebay ones ( 3.7 or 4.3g ) and unfortunately one of the servos was dead as a do-do bird . So I was forced to replace them with the Turnigy ....Continue Reading
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I've finally found switches worthy of my XG-14's. These are for flying my DLG's for the launch mode settings in the radios. They are On-On-Momentary with a 25,000 cycle life. Digi-Key part number M2027ES1W01
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I'm not a newbie, when it comes to RC. I've been doing heli's, quads, drones and cars for years. Some of you may recognize me from threads about different RC aircraft and drones. But, I've never really written a blog before, so be patient with me. The first thing that I'd like to write about is Haiboxing RC, also known as HBX RC.

Looking at some of the discussions about HBX, I can see that they've been around for a little while. Recently however, they're going after their share of the market like so many others, raising awareness in popular social media. I'm sure you'll be able to find them, the next time you log into your fb account.

I have purchased two of the HBX models so far. I have the Hail Storm, a 1/18th scale model sand rail which performs exceedingly well for a vehicle in it's class and size. It is more of a hobby grade RC than a toy. It's great as it is. But, there are some simple mods/upgrades out there that make it even better. I have added oil capped shocks and improved the response on the suspension quite a bit. The rides are much smoother, keeping traction much better with a moderated rebound on bumps and dips in the track.

I also have the Protector, a 1/12th scale model truggy with dual outboard batteries, precise steering and throttle controls, a LOT of power and amazing speed. It even came with a second set of batteries (clearly marked as set 2, to keep them separated from set 1) and functional Baja lighting on the roll cage. This model also has...Continue Reading
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This is the Avantiís 300th flight with only one minor crash during a crosswind landing.

Freewing Avanti S 80mm 300th Flight (3 min 32 sec)

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Hi all, I have collected many of my OpenTX and modelcrafting project on my website:

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I had been very into LEGO when I was younger and over the years I had managed to fill many large storage containers to the brim with loose bricks. As a member of the RC community I always wanted to have a full functioning scale RC submarine. One day I finally put two and two together and decided to build one out of all the bricks I had gathering dust in the garage. Here is the result....Continue Reading
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This is GBLynden's Second Flight Of The E flite Su-30 Twin 70mm EDF Jet and it was more exciting than the first flight!

GBLynden's Second Flight Of The E flite Su-30 Twin 70mm EDF Jet (5 min 8 sec)

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This is going to be a great year for flying...if they all survive . I picked up the Precision Aerobatics Ultimate AMR 60, Precision Aerobatics Addiction X V2, AJ Aircraft 60" Lazer 230z, and Flex Innovations Mamba 60e Night. The Ultimate is looking to be the favorite.
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I've been busy engineering race quads for the 2020 season. I want something that's aerodynamic so the js-1 caught my eye with its streamlined pod. I also like durability and the carbon arches inside the pod seem like they should protect the stack pretty well. As an added bonus, it should be a pretty good all weather flyer with most everything enclosed. This is also my first ever build with a futaba rx (r2000sbm) to pair with my new-to-me futaba 16SZ. Full parts list at the bottom...

Let's start with a picture of the finished product.

Name: 20200219_200828.jpg
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Size: 2.33 MB

I started by assembling the frame. Use the included bolt and washer to install the press nuts on the top plate (not pictured). I used 14mm bolts on the outboard arm holes and the included long bolts for the inboard 30.5mm spacing holes. Just threaded them in enough so the ends were coming through the other side

Name: 20200218_181300.jpg
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Size: 2.68 MB

Then install the included 3d printed m3 washers. These are needed to keep the ESC from touching the bottom plate.

...Continue Reading
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Been running some power boats lately!
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This week DJI demonstrated their vision of what Drone To Phone Remote ID may look like inline with whatís being proposed in the USA under the NPRM and that is in legislation in the new EASA EU regulation package.

Solutions For The Drone Age: DJI Drone-To-Phone Broadcast Remote ID (3 min 19 sec)

As part of the NPRM proposals in both Network ID and Broadcast ID and the the EASA EU2019/945 & 947 regulations coming into force in July is the requirement for the pilots location to be shared as part of the the Remote ID data being transmitted.

While itís is not absolutely 100% certain that all the information including the pilot location will be available for all to see the only realistic way to interpret these new rules as proposed and written today is that it will be fully open to anyone with just an app on a regular smart device.

This raises genuine concerns for pilots privacy and safety while out enjoying a hobby with anyone being able to pinpoint a pilots location at any time for good or bad reason. Commercial drone operators have very real concerns especially and these rules may put them at additional risk of landing area incursions and incidents not foreseen in the passed. It could even render single man flight ops a thing of the passed when your unable to secure your operating area sufficiently now itís going to be generally publicised. Allowing the pilots location will putout a ďbeaconĒ on drone users and put them and the public at additional risk....Continue Reading
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Pylon style racer of my design.
EIGHT CELL 650 mah.
28", 11 oz.
Dizzy Scott on cam..
February 16, 2020 (2 min 33 sec)

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This XK450 is FUN!
XK X450 VTOL RTF FLIGHT TEST Review Part 2 (9 min 56 sec)

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This actually turned out well... great frame

LARVA X R3D SHIFTERS WHOOP (15 min 37 sec)

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Working on repairing this old Sportster. It is a balsa model from way back in time. It is a glow engine model. I am old school and I like it

Damage - Repair, Balsa Kit, Super Sportster 40, Great Planes, 1982 (3 min 52 sec)

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I had some solartex {sky blue} but had never used it before.
I know that it is highly prized and the slope guys love it so I thought I would give it a try and see if I could cover the epp canopy on my DAW P-51 with it in just one piece .
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MG800 round two (12 min 0 sec)

This was originally supposed to be sub 250 , and it was ! Butt .....

The CG was too far back ( 70mm ) and the ESC was faulty , cutting the motor as soon as you went over 3A current draw .

This flight C of G was around 60mm and the battery was a Nanotech 1000mAh 2s ..
Flying weight from MEM was around 268 grams .
New ESC is a 10A Turnigy ..

It has taken a long , long time to get back to this model . I think I can forget about Sub 250 with this one .
The CG would most likely want to come forward a little , maybe start around 50mm from the LE for more stability .
Roll axis stability still bites , and trying to fly straight and level is a little challenging .
The MG800 wants to roll left or right when trying to fly straight . I may need to pull out some expo for faster response time to help tame the roll .
@ 60mm CG , the elevator is still sensitive , I am still @ 100% rates . So maybe lowering the rates to 80% and jacking up the expo a little ?

Flight time with the 1000 mAh battery was around 15 minutes @ 50% throttle , cell voltage was 3.79v when I got home . I ended the flight when I noticed some battery sag ( power sag ) .