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Posted by Twisted Wings | Today @ 04:45 PM | 40 Views
Time to start adding few entries...
Beginning with delving into Clickety's Mig 29. Sharp eyes will spot a few profile changes to emulate the latest Mig 35
Posted by Gimbal Guy | Today @ 02:14 PM | 150 Views
Had to take some time away from the sport and get my other businesses off the ground and running, but now its back to fun in the sun... & with these new babies some fun in the night skies also. I've flown with teleport V4s since the beginning of my FPVing days. Well, after dropping the goggles and breaking the crystals about two months ago I decided to save up and grab the Dom V3s by FatShark.

#gimbalguy #fatshark #doms #v3s #fpv #flynryan
Posted by slingshots | Today @ 01:13 PM | 175 Views
When you have trouble binding or it is not binding and the blue light on the FC is blinking. You should try doing the whole binding process from start to finish as described in the manual. Here is a video link to what the problem might look like.
I had this problem and fixed it as described. If you guys have any more questions, let me know and I will see what I can do.

Convergence VTOL AM (0 min 7 sec)

Post more later.
PM with Q & A
Posted by craytech | Today @ 07:35 AM | 405 Views
BetaFPV Beta 65 Pro (6 min 30 sec)

Today I have the BetaFPV Beta 65 Pro. This is a micro brushless quadcopter. Its fast and a blast to fly. I have the FrSky version. Binding was a breeze just hold the bind button on the bottom of the quadcopter while plugging in the battery. From your Taranis all you need to do is select D16 and bind. After you configure your switches for Aux 1 and 2 you are ready to fly. It only took me a few minutes to fly it right out of the box. By default you have three modes configured Air Mode, Horizon and Angle mode.

Here are the specs and what you get in the box

Wheelbase: 65mm
Propeller: 1735 4-blades propellers
Motors: 1103 10000KV
FC & ESC: 16x16mm F3 flight controller with 6A 4in1 ESC stack
FPV gear: 25mW AIO vtx camera
Battery: 400mAh 2S with red JST Connector
Receiver: Frsky XM / DSMX Rx
Weight: 38g (without props guard) / 44g (without battery)
Flight time: 3 mins 30 seconds (with props guard) / 5 mins (without props guard)

Pick on up today
Posted by demondriver | Today @ 06:33 AM | 475 Views
RC Airliner 737 MAX Assembly Line [4K] (12 min 16 sec)

Here are 3 of my 4 new rc Scratch-built RC Boeing 737's currently under construction.
I have my 737 Max-7,737-300,737-200
These 3 new Demon-liners are still Under construction so be patient for the Maiden flights.
Posted by old4570 | Today @ 05:48 AM | 494 Views
Might be time to talk about battery safety once again .
I really don't understand where some of the battery BS comes from , but apparently there are some misguided out there .

1) Batteries are not created equal . In fact there is a rather mighty variance when it comes to batteries . And it's these very variables that can cause problems for us .
2) It's important to buy batteries that can meet or exceed the needs of the application
3) We need to make sure the batteries we use / buy are safe . At the very least know at what point the batteries may be unsafe or problematic

Manufacturers ( those that assemble the batteries ) should be putting together balanced cells . And by that I mean each cell should be matched for Capacity , voltage at rest and discharge . But just how many companies actually do this ( costs money ) .

Voltage at rest ()

Well think of it this way .. You have a 3s battery and one cell has a resting voltage of say 4.18 volts after being fully charged , another has a resting voltage of say 4.15volts and the last cell has a resting voltage of 4.1 volts … Now all things being relatively equal , the lower voltage cell will reach lower voltages first . This means that cell will suffer lower over all voltage when discharged and all things being equal , degrade faster .

Capacity ()

This can vary quite a bit .. Lets say cell 1 has 1550 mAh , cell 2 has 1500mAh and cell 3 has 1200 mAh capacity . Obviously the cell with lower...Continue Reading
Posted by myrcmodel | Today @ 04:42 AM | 497 Views
ARRIS X-speed 180 rtf comes with the Emax RS2205 2600KV brusheless motor,ARRIS Raptor 30A ESC,4045 propeller,F4 flight controller and ARRIS XAT700M FPV mini camera and radiolink AT9 transmitter. It is fully assembled, tuned and tested before leaving the factory. Small Size, Light Weight,Strong Powerful,Fast Speed, this is ARRIS X-Speed 180 FPV Racing drone. If you pursuing a speedy and powerful fpv racer, this one is your best choice.

Unibody Design,Small Size and Light Weight

ARRIS X-Speed 180 adopts "unibody" design.The main unibody 3mm plate is CNC processed out of solid 3K carbon fiber sheet. The weight of the frame is kept low while the strength is kept high. The diagonal wheelbase of the ARRIS X-speed 180 is only 180mm, much smaller than the 250 or 280 racers.

...Continue Reading
Posted by Jay 123 | Today @ 04:19 AM | 507 Views
AKK is an FPV drone parts maker whose FPV video transmitter was chosen for the record breaking 152mph VX1 FPV drone . Unlike the Pagoda , the M2 antenna set from AKK uses a conventional circular polarised antenna design with a strong protective shell, allowing the M2 to withstand repeated crashes and despite the protective shell, the M2 is relatively lightweight. FPV signal performance is equivalent to similarly priced alternative’s and value is excellent. We would highly recommend the M2 to FPV drone racing newcomers who need that extra crash protection at a reasonable cost.http://www.akktek.com/akk-m2-126.html
Posted by codersilver | Today @ 03:09 AM | 403 Views
I would like to share a description of the project I recently developed.
The main goal of this project was to build a measuring station for RC car and a vision system for object detection and image recognition. This project is already in its final stages and is currently undergoing testing. The main information about the project can be found on this blog: link

RC security vehicle - detecting moving objects (1 min 29 sec)

If you would like to see my other projects please visit my:
Posted by KiwiKid | Today @ 01:38 AM | 619 Views
I built this monster four years ago from some cores cut by a local hobby shop.It has given great service as a club flyer, park flyer and sloper and it's constuction method means it will probably last forever short of being run over by an 18 wheeler.

Gave it a wizz around at my local park the other day when no-one much was around and it's great fun to fly, though really shines as a sloper.
Here's a short vid:

Jazilla Flying Wing (2 min 7 sec)

Posted by Chandler Bing | Today @ 01:06 AM | 628 Views
this is Chandler.
Our new drone Obtain is ready to Launch at the end of month!
want to learn more functions and parameters about Obtain?
please click here:

Posted by RickC_RCAV8R | Yesterday @ 11:04 PM | 672 Views
Gentlemen :

I found some time to spend with OpenSCAD in the past few days to work on the previous 3D print of a Rotorbits Vtail adapter . The files presented here are all printable .STL files . All of the examples here are still under improvement but may work as testing parts . Included with the Vtail adapter construct that fits the standard 10mm square CF tubing , is an ESC mounting plate .

Files included are for : 10mm square tubing main spar connection to the 10mm square Vtail construct ,
12mm OD round tubing main spar connection to the 10mm square Vtail construct , and
14mm OD round tubing main spar connection to the 10mm square Vtail construct .

Comments and suggestions for these types of parts would be greatly appreciated . Current idea for printing include a 50mm DF fan unit mount to fit the 10mm Rotorbits square tubing , LED lighting fittings , control surface mounting tabs , etc.

Regards to all of my mates and readers . RickC_RCAV8R
Posted by SpeeDj | Yesterday @ 10:28 PM | 697 Views
Just thought I would post some pictures of what I have been working on these days. Thanks to the folks at bump chargers (have to dig up a link) for making these cut outs to kit out these rugged rigid boxes.
Posted by rclad | Yesterday @ 10:27 PM | 720 Views
The Cincinnati Warbirds EAA Squadron 18 hosted the Commemorative Air Force (CAF) at Lunken Airport in Cincinnati, July 12-16. One of the planes that flew in for the static display and rides was "Fifi", a B-29 Superfortress built in the last weeks of WWII. (I captured this short video on my cell phone, so quality is not great.)

Tucked away in an upper room of the airport is a small museum. On display is a beautiful, very detailed, scale RC model of a Stinson Reliant. (I'll have to go back for a photo - sorry!) I asked the curator about the unusual tail hook on the bottom. He said the full scale version was used to pick up mail. The pilot had to fly about 25 feet off the ground and within a 12 foot wide zone to catch the cable, then a crewman reeled in the bag. They rarely missed.

B-29 Superfortress "Fifi" at Lunken Airport, Cincinnati, OH (0 min 41 sec)

Posted by old4570 | Yesterday @ 09:51 PM | 730 Views

With these micro quads getting cheaper all the time , it's getting hard to chose which one to buy ( ok! the other choice is to buy them all ) .

But if you have been wondering which to buy ? JJRC H36 or the Eachine E010 , well wonder no more !
It actually makes no difference !
They both use the same protocol , they both fly the same , and if not for the color I would not be able to tell them apart .
I never imagined two different (?) quads could fly exactly the same .. ( I think they are the same quad with different branding printed on them ) .
Anyhow , the bottom line is .... Buy the one priced the best .

Which ever one you get (?) , They are great Noob Quads !
I have been using mine for head on hovering and backward flight ..
These are so predictable - stable - easy to fly ( IrangeX IRX4 Mulit protocol module + 9XR pro ) that you can really learn the more advanced stuff and not worry or stress about crashing ..

I wonder if I can fly both at the same time ?
Posted by pressalltheknobs | Yesterday @ 09:32 PM | 738 Views
FrSky D16 Telemetry RXs...

XSR = sbus only
X4R = 4 PWM channels
X4RSB = 3 PWM channels and SBUS
X6R = 6 PWM channels and SBUS
X8R = 8 PWM channels and SBUS

In combination...
x4R + x6R = 10 PWM channels and SBUS
2* x6R = 12 PWM channels and SBUS
x6R + x8R = 14 PWM channels and SBUS
2* x8R = 16 PWM channels and SBUS

You can also use these with a FrSky SBUS to 4 PWM converter to the N + 4 PWM channels

FrSky D16 Non Telemetry micro RXs...

XMR = 6 PWM channels for micro use no telemetry
XM = sbus only for micro use
XM+ = sbus only for full range use

FrSky Stabilizing RXs

X6R = 6 PWM channels and SBUS
X8R = 8 PWM channels and SBUS

FrSky Redundency Bus RXs

RX8R = 8 PWM channels and SBUS used in conjunction with another RX to get redundant receivers
RB 10 = 10 PWM channels and SBUS not a receiver but can combine two to get redundant receivers
RB 16 = 16 PWM channels and SBUS not a receiver but can combine two to get redundant receivers


Particular receivers may have other features.

PWM allows direct connection to servos and ESCs.

SBUS is a one wire serial connection for all 16 channels. These days it is primarily used to connect to Flight Controllers which have their own PWM outputs. It can also be used to control SBUS Servos which can be useful in larger models...a multi servo wing would only require one cable daisy chaining between the servos

Generally you can use both SBUS and the PWM outputs together but they overlap. There is a maximum of 16 channels.
Posted by Sawee | Yesterday @ 08:29 PM | 754 Views
AKK BS2 is just another AIO micro camera, comes in Super light weight, only 3.5g. The camera is small and compact but also full of functions. It can be installed in minutes and ready to fly, the signal range is ideal for park flyers or racing quads. This camera is well received for its affordable price and awesome performance.
AKK BS2 Aio FPV installed in quadcopter (7 min 55 sec)

Posted by GiantPowerLiPos | Yesterday @ 07:17 PM | 790 Views
Great deal on a set of quality 4S 14.8v hard case batteries with Traxxas connectors. 2 pack package for $159.99

Traxxas X-Maxx 8S battery set. Great deal on a pair of quality 4 cell 14.8 volt 6000mAh hard case 35C-70C with TRX plugs. Exceptional value! High performance at an affordable price battery pack set. Upgrade your X-Maxx monster truck to Giant Power!

Giant Power Maximum Performance for your models!

True NANO Conductive Technology
Tough ROAR size Carbon fiber finish hard case
12 AWG soft silicone wire leads
Traxxas TRX plug compatible with ID Traxxas ESC!
Long run time and excellent punch in your X-Maxx!

Buy the package here!

Size: 1.9"x 1.81"x 5.43" 48x46x138mm

Weight: 21.5oz 610g

Discharge rating: 35C cont. 70C Burst rate

Max Charge Rate: 5C

3 month limited warranty from Giant Power*

*does not cover misuse and abuse
Posted by flyenrw | Yesterday @ 07:13 PM | 818 Views
I've given the cockpit a second coat of paint, and when the humidity dies around here , I'll finish up a couple areas.
In the mean time while waiting, I disassembled the main gear, sanded and primed and gave the parts their second coat of a new color!
Still holding out for better weather.

So I got a little restless and decided to cap the wing tip curve with a bow of basswood to give it just a little more depth in appearance, though the motivation was how do I re-do the kit's navigation light and attach my own design to the wing tip!
If to look close at the wing-tip picture of the new basswood BOW, where it passed across the old light mounting area you can see the misshapen sanding the factory did to fit the light. The new BOW crosses this area with a large gap that I utilized with light plywood bracing as a channel to drill the wire routing hole.

As carefully as I could, I completely dissembled the kit's wing tip light cover from it's metal frame housing and then detached the light cover from a framework used to hold the two pieces together.
As I rapped the aluminum to build my replacement frame, I shaped a 1/8th inch piece of lite-plywood to help form the shape while bending and also give a base to recess the light cover just enough to mount the lens into it's new frame.

Being that the BOW is now a little wider at it's edge, I was able to drill a hole centered to the wing tip BOW and run the wire easily to the Navigation light.
I drilled a...Continue Reading