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Posted by PittSpecial | Nov 17, 2013 @ 05:43 AM | 9,886 Views
Hello good people,

In my quest of fine tuning and bringing up a new model to setups and motor selection and most importantly Radio gear, I have come up with yet another update on my new Hangar9 F4U-1D Corsair .50 size (Electric).

For Previous Updates (Better Motor using Model Motors AXi-4120/18) go to:

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UPDATE 3: (Better Receiver!):

I have finally got my Hangar9 F4U-1D Corsair .50 Size (Electric) with a new motor and ran it for the first time and ALL I GOT to say is WOW!

Just 110Kv increase at the Propeller Shaft and this thing sings at Wide open Throttle. The Model Motors "GOLD Edition" AXI-4120/18 swinging the Master Airscrew 3-Blade 13 X 8 X 3 and using 4-Cell, 3300mAH, 30C, Lithium Polymer and it blew everything off the Bed and violently made the Bedroom Verticals flop all over the place!

Here are the Actual Measured Values:

1/2 Throttle: 9-AMPs / 145 Watts

Full Throttle: 30-AMPs / 475 Watts

Picture showing setup:


The other task was to exchange (Change-Out) the Spektrum AR500 -to- the AR7000 with satellite.

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Posted by PittSpecial | Nov 16, 2013 @ 09:47 AM | 27,298 Views
Hello Good People!

For those of you that maintain you Automobiles with tender Loving Care, that's great and do so, using a trusted mechanic shop, even better. I do as well (Trusted Mechanic Shop) and just dished out a considerable amount of $$$ for a complete Rack & Pinion assembly plus a Brake Master Cylinder.

I can tell you all that the Brake Master Cylinder was erratic and the Brake pedal came at times too low, especially when A/C kicked ON. The 1996 Toyota Corolla with 88,882 miles on it is my Lovely Mother's car and she has already received two (2) frighting episodes when the car just did not want to stop. She was fast with the Emergency brake and she almost always keeps a good amount of distance behind traffic. The two (2) episodes were when she was parking so, it was going really slow and thank goodness nothing worse happened.

The Rack & Pinion got ruin (old unit, original Feb/1996 assembly) when the shop replaced the high pressure hose going to the unit and created a breach at one of the Rubber Boots thereby, it was necessary to replace the entire Rack!

Anyway, today I wanted to share a DO-IT-YOURSELF (DIY) tip for a Error Code that came up from just normal driving and took it to the local Auto Zone Parts who then, hooked up a Digital Code Reader underneath the Driver's side and it registered P0401 as shown.

Wasting no time, I removed the Air Cleaner Unit and carefully disconnected the Air Flow Sensor that is attached to the Air Filter Compartment and lifted the Air Cleaner Unit up and away where the work needs to take place.

Observing the EGR and its Bolts that need to be removed (10mm):

Observed a very dirty EGR:


Cycling the Valve Assembly on the EGR:


Main Computer Re-Set:


Posted by PittSpecial | Nov 15, 2013 @ 10:31 PM | 6,913 Views
Hello Good People!

Can you look at these pictures!

This person stole my pictures to sell his Freewing F6F Hellcat RC Foam model!


I do understand that my pictures were not copy write as they were posted up for all to see but, at least you would think this person would have the decency thoughts to contact me and ask first!

Some people!

You can see my Tail wheel modification, you can see some damage to the underside of frontal fuse where I repaired my model and some unique SUPER WHITE trim sheet material on the wings and FUSE areas plus you can see that one picture my model is flying right over our flying site here in Orlando, Florida in a place I call EDWARDS!

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EDIT: Instead of being upset, I am happy that they are using my Model as their mascot as those pictures sure look super nice up at their web site. Oh, well, we can't be so pig headed and cry someone uses our posted (un-copy righted) pictures!
Posted by PittSpecial | Nov 12, 2013 @ 05:05 AM | 7,229 Views
Yes, I have already flown my new Hangar9 F4U-1D .50 size Corsair "Electric" and did so, very scale like using the E-Flite Power 60 with just 4-Cells, Lithium Polymer and you can view that news at:

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Okay, fast forward:

I have been studying the two E-Flite (Power 46 versus 52) all morning and just did not like the selections so, I look for more motors and....

I have found one brand new in the box Model Motors AXI4120/18 (510Kv) and the additional 110Kv will provide that level of confidence that it will zoom out just a little better and keeping the AMP (Current Draw) at a minimum and provide additional RPMs to the Master Airscrew 13 X 8 X 3 for additional margin.

I have to admit that the Power 60 will not work, even though it flew the model but, to squeeze in 6 Cells is just not possible without cutting and modifying the Battery compartment.

Therefore, I am going to give the AXI4120/18 (510Kv) a try since I have already have it for a number of years in my Hobby Drawer and it will allow the continued use of 4-Cell, 3300mAH, 30C, Lithium Polymer packs and keeping the model as light as possible which is my goal.

It may not be that performance oriented for some of you out there but, considering that I now know how it flew completely SCALE like any improvement in RPMs is better than keeping the Power 60 on the model.

Also, I am happy to report that the...Continue Reading
Posted by PittSpecial | Nov 10, 2013 @ 12:38 PM | 8,718 Views

What a Baby Doll of a model....this thing can fly really slow, I mean there is another RC Club member that has a converted Glow-To-Electric Eindekker E-1 with the same wing span as my Hangar9 F4U-1D .50 Size and it was seen flying faster! Well, at least the owner does not want to risk a stall on that Eindekker E-1. Additionally, that Eindekker is so big that the E-Flite 46 (yes, he is using the same power system) gets lost in that large round Cowling!

Anyway, going back to my new acquired (Discontinued) HANGAR9 F4U-1D .50 size Electric Corsair, it was a dream come true as the model behaved just magically with super gentle manners (I did take off and flew it with Low rates, Ailerons 78% Low, +20 Expo, Rudder the same and most importantly the Elevator the same) and never went to High Rates!

The Master Airscrew 3-Blade 13 X 8 X 3 (Part Number T1380) was rather a disappointment as it did NOT seem to have enough Get UP and GO but, I placed the model facing a good head wind coming from the North (Runway is North-South) so, it took off very scale like and once in the Air it finally unloaded a bit but, I was so scared from taking it off from FULL THROTTLE....it was not until perhaps 2 minute mark of the flight that I did reduce to 3/4 throttle.

Landing was something to look at and witness in person, really. This model does NOT need any stinking flaps like the HANGAR9 designer mention in the John Redman Video interview almost 2 years ago! In the last turn over the Lake,...Continue Reading