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Posted by Micubano | Dec 04, 2020 @ 12:02 AM | 21,609 Views
Over the summer I picked up the PA Ultimate AMR to go with my 60 size one. It's sitting in the corner waiting for me. For Christmas, I ordered the new Flex Mamba 10 G2 for my wife to give me . It might not arrive by Christmas, but eh. It only takes an hour to assemble anyhow. A very rare find showed up on the local FB Marketplace, so I bought a well built, never flown EF Turbo Raven that needed servos to complete it. Luckily I found some nice Promodeler 160s on the classified here. And then today a friend called me to see if I wanted to buy his PA Mini Katana and Addiction for a very good price. Good enough that I don't care that I already have the same color Addiction. I haven't started working on anything yet. I'm planning on starting closer to the holidays. With 2 repairs I need to do on other planes, I should be busy for a few months. I better start saving up in case the build season gets extended again.
Posted by Micubano | Jul 13, 2020 @ 03:46 PM | 18,726 Views
RCG doesn't like something in the YT URL, so you will have to click to see it. Sorry, I tried to get it inline.

E-Flite Night Timber X Maiden Flight - 4S 2200 in Advanced Mode on Low Rates (6 min 3 sec)

Posted by Micubano | Feb 19, 2020 @ 10:18 PM | 19,187 Views
This is going to be a great year for flying...if they all survive . I picked up the Precision Aerobatics Ultimate AMR 60, Precision Aerobatics Addiction X V2, AJ Aircraft 60" Lazer 230z, and Flex Innovations Mamba 60e Night. The Ultimate is looking to be the favorite.
Posted by Micubano | Dec 24, 2019 @ 03:30 PM | 19,912 Views
The new edition of the PA Addiction X arrived on my porch last night. It looks great in the box. I plan on starting the build the day after Christmas. I love the type-o on the box. They meant Do Not Crush.
Posted by Micubano | Dec 16, 2019 @ 03:35 PM | 30,984 Views
After a flurry of Black Friday purchases and other things I needed to buy to complete the Black Friday purchases, I found myself way over budget. I sold more planes than I probably wanted to and paid everything off before my wife had a stroke. I did end up with two new planes from Precision Aerobatics. The Addiction X and the Ultimate AMR 60. I can't wait for the Addition X to get off backorder. That was supposed to go under the tree for me. If it doesn't get here, the AMR 60 will have to stand in for it. I wasn't planning on getting anything on Black Friday originally since I picked up a used AJ Laser 60" a few weeks before, but it is truly an addiction.

After selling my planes, I ended up with surplus cash. Then I remembered the one guy I sold to had a Mamba 60e that he flew a few times, but then bought an AJ Proteus Biplane and lost interest in the Mamba 60e. I can understand that. I love my Mamba 10 and have wanted the 60e since it came out. He gave me a price that beat any Black Friday deal I saw. And tomorrow night he is bringing it over for the traditional exchange of cash for goods. I prefer flying the lighter balsa planes, but nothing beats a good foam plane when it is really windy out. Especially with an Aura 8 in it. I went crazy buying them too. I have one for each of the new PA planes and 2 I don't know what to do with yet, but I'll find something to put them in...eventually. Not anytime soon though as I bought all the planes I have been looking at recently. If the AJ Laser 230z flies as good as the previous owner says it does, I might start looking into that Proteus. I do like my bipes.
Posted by Micubano | Nov 26, 2019 @ 11:57 AM | 20,954 Views
I have no idea what to get for Black Friday. The Flex Innovation FV-31Cypher is on sale right now. HH is having a sale starting Wednesday morning, but I have no idea what. Extreme Flight is 20% off the previous generation models and 10% of the latest. I know Precision Aerobatics is going to have something good on Thursday. I'm leaning towards PA or EF just so I have something to build. Maybe HH will have something ARF. They had the XCub in the presale, but I've been through enough Cubs. I need something light and exciting. PA Ultimate AMR? I'm actually building one for a friend and I'm liking it.

If Flex had the RV8 or Mamba 60 with any kind of discount, even free shipping, I would have bought it.

While I'm here, I tried the YouMe (sometimes called You&Me) brand of LiPos. 6s 3300 60c. I would have been happy if they even put out 30c. But they would not take or discharge more than 1100 mah. I have 2200's that are better than that. I sent them back from the bench. I'm not risking my new (new to me, built by another, really good deal) 60" AJ Laser on a battery that can't pass the break-in phase. I don't think I ever sent back a battery for poor capacity before.
Posted by Micubano | Oct 22, 2019 @ 09:34 AM | 20,485 Views
This was a rough summer in every way except with my favorite hobby. Since this time last fall, I have built 5 Balsa ARF kits. Each one was a little different. They all took at least a month. With the latest, a PA Katana 52, I learned a few things that have me going back over my previous builds and tweaking their setups a little. I did a lot of flying with some really good people. I am currently depressed. It's OK. I know it and keep an eye on it. It's situational, started in April, and I'm not going to get into detail about it. I am out of my planes to build, but a friend was nice enough to let me build his PA Ultimate AMR this winter. That should help me get my mind off things. I am hoping to pick up another balsa kit to build during Black Friday or some other sale. Of course, I keep forgetting a friend gave me a little 3 channel Steerman balsa kit with plans to build for my son. I know I can do it, but there is one big block of wood in there that is intimidating. I have to make sure I am relaxed and ready to take it slow when I get to that part.

In the meantime, here is a video new club member at LAMs, Nate, took while I was flying earlier in the spring. It was probably one of my best flights all summer.

Precision Aerobatics Addiction - Just Having Fun (6 min 28 sec)

Posted by Micubano | Jul 11, 2019 @ 12:11 PM | 20,581 Views
Bob S. picked this EF 78" Extra up used last year and he finally got out for a night of flying. Based on my personal experience and watching others, kids sports is the #1 killer of hobbies. I am glad my kids are mostly past that phase and my youngest comes out with me of flying nights with his own planes.

Extreme Flight 78" Extra @ LAMs Field - Pilot: Bob Swika (5 min 56 sec)

Posted by Micubano | Jul 02, 2019 @ 09:22 AM | 19,824 Views
Tom showed up with an 80" plane that he has had for about 10 years. He had it out last night to test and trim it. I spent 3 1/2 hours at the field and went home very relaxed and happy.

Tom Trimming Out His EleXtra Fun @ Abington RC Sport Flyers Field (Lackawanna State Park) (4 min 32 sec)

Posted by Micubano | Jun 24, 2019 @ 08:45 AM | 23,353 Views
First, maiden flight video:

Precision Aerobatics Addiction - Maiden Flight (6 min 53 sec)

From August 2015 until September 2018, the E-Flite Ultimate2 was my #1 plane. By last summer, I was so confident flying it that I put a wood prop and aluminum spinner on it. That changed after NEAT Fair 2018. After a disappointing HK auction followed by a few beers in the Beacon tent, I walked by the Flex Innovation stand with exactly enough money in my pocket to buy a Mamba 10 from two really nice guys. Since then, my top lineup has changed significantly. The Pa Extra 260 is definitely #1. The next 4 are really close to each other. I'd have to go:

1. Precision Aerobatics Extra 260
2. Mamba 10
3. Precision Aerobatics Addiction (original)
4. E-Flite Ultimate2
5 Extreme Flight 48" Edge 540T EXP

Some of you may be thinking that Extreme Flight Edge should be higher on the list. I want it to be. It flies fine and I have it dialed in now, but it is taking me a while to get used to. I think it is because it is extremely light and it responds so incredibly fast. I love the insanity but sometimes I think it is going to tear itself apart. Definitely a high pucker factor plane when doing insane maneuvers with my most expensive plane. I'm sure after 50 or so flights I'll calm down. The FI Cap 232 would be on there if the servos didn't fail. There was no crash and FI replaced the two servos, but I am still nervous about it. I should turn the gains down.
Posted by Micubano | Apr 17, 2019 @ 08:21 AM | 20,599 Views
Technically I never stopped flying. This winter was pretty tame. It just feels good to pack the car up in the morning to immediately hit the field after work.

Edit: Apparently it is an orange plane day.
Posted by Micubano | Apr 13, 2019 @ 10:07 PM | 20,239 Views
My son's first balsa kit and he is going to build it with just a little help from me. It's my first year for balsa flying too, so he has 32 years on me with this one. We had the RA Cores Extra out today in some strong winds practicing. From what I hear, he will have no issues flying it. I'm putting an Aura 8 in for him too so it will handle a little more like a bigger plane.
Posted by Micubano | Mar 25, 2019 @ 08:59 AM | 20,742 Views
I admit I tried to get my son into flying way too young. Like when he was 8ish. He was not enjoying flying the high wings or biplanes. He always seemed so concerned about crashing and the cost of a crash despite him recording me crash planes on a few occasions and then seeing the planes repaired and flying again. Yet, he still liked going to NEAT Fair. I thought he just liked the nice drive and finding new places to eat. Last year, he found out profile foamies are very reasonably priced and durable. He started coming out with me to the clubs when he didn't have other activities and flying an old profile foamy that I beat up a lot over the years. He likes hanging with the guys. His flying was still pretty awkward and just a pattern around the field with a few snap rolls thrown in. Every time he was with me, I made sure we stopped somewhere to eat afterward and talked about the flights and whatever is on his mind. This winter, he hit RealFlight hard. At least 15 minutes a day for 3 or 4 days a week. He swore that the minor and constant stick movements improved his Fortnite game. Whatever. I'll take it. Yesterday, he asked to go try his new plane and I recorded this.

RA Cores Extra Profile Foam Airplane - Callum's First Flight (2 min 40 sec)

I only had enough money on me for a frozen Coke for him afterward. He deserved it. It was the first time he flew in wind and kept the plane under control the entire time. No buddy box. No help except for me walking on the field to hand launch it because the wind was at our backs. That is why the video is the way it is. I had to run back to the flight line. And he nailed the final landing. Plus this is a park he is normally not comfortable at. He prefers the wide open clubs, but they are too soggy to walk on. I am so proud of him. He's 13 and we are going to have a fun summer of flying together.
Posted by Micubano | Mar 15, 2019 @ 09:53 AM | 20,928 Views
I forgot to blog that I took a break from the balsa builds (right before my week from hell) to work on the RA Cores Extra with my son. Easy build and tons of aileron throw. It can handle a pretty strong breeze that some people would call wind. After the maiden flight, just for fun, I turned the wind on Real Flight up to 50 mph with 100% turbulence und flew a PA Extra 300. The landing was tough, but the plane was intact!

Our new RA cores earned its spot on the wall of things that I don't want lying around the workshop in the basement because they would warp or break there. You can't see it in the picture, but my son wrote both our names on the fuse. I think he likes the RA cores planes the most because they are durable. I can't wait for the flying season to start.
Posted by Micubano | Mar 14, 2019 @ 09:57 AM | 21,494 Views
So, I had a hip replaced back in October. That went as well as anyone could hope. Last Wednesday, I picked up a nasty head cold. One sick day from work and then I was able to work from home Thursday. Friday I get in work and IMMEDIATELY get a call from my son's school because he was sick. He had been out sick since Monday (and the one who got me sick). He really wanted to get back to school because the work was piling up, but the nurse said he needed more rest. I agreed. I work from home again because driving back will just waste more time. After work, I do get in a flight with our new RA Cores Extra in a pretty heavy breeze. I decided one battery was enough and not risk it because my son needs to fly it before it gets damaged. He did write both our names on it when we finished putting it together . Friday night, my hip I had the replacement on feels a little stiff. Saturday morning, now it's my ankle and knee too. I go to a party to watch a band for an hour around 3 PM, but don't drink or eat anything because I feel off. Sunday, I wake up barely able to walk because of the pain. . I take medicine prescribed for the swelling and pain, sit in my recliner, sleep a lot, and watch a perfect day for flying pass me by. Real Flight did help once I found models for two new planes I have for the spring. Monday is no better. I take a personal day at work because they were pretty generous the week before. I call the doc and get different pills because the ones I am taking did not work....Continue Reading
Posted by Micubano | Feb 24, 2019 @ 04:11 PM | 21,115 Views
I attended AMA Expo East this year. The PA Extra 260 is complete and waiting for a nice spring day to maiden. I have a 1/2 finished E-Flite Slick 3D on the bench. Despite not having flown anything sporty and balsa yet, I picked up the Extreme Flight 48" Edge. Plus I always have to get something from RA Cores when I see Jim. His planes are a lot of fun to build and fly.
Posted by Micubano | Feb 01, 2019 @ 12:43 PM | 22,810 Views
The pull-pull system, motor, air scoops, and ESC are run. All I have left are the wing bolts, cowl/prop/spinner, and the Aura 8/SR8010T combo. I looked at so many pictures for the pull-pull system for the holes. The hole in the rudder was the worst to find because it was under the solid black covering. Putting a light behind it would not help, but I could feel it. I kept running my finger over one side until the square was pronounced on the covering and then cut through it. Both ropes are clamped tight, centered, and give the same pitch guitar string like twang when I pluck them.

I took my time cutting through all the holes that were covered by the fiberglass on the motor box and the air scoops. Everything was flat and debris free in the motor box when I mounted the motor. The air scoops are aligned almost perfectly symmetrical. If they are off, I can't tell.

The one thing I noticed is how many different adhesives I used in this project. Thin CA (balsa screw holes), Thick CA (air scoops), 5-minute epoxy (hinges and other things), and 30-minute epoxy (I forget, but it was something that needed to be strong). 5-Minute Epoxy was definitely used the most.

Maybe this weekend I will actually finish the build and get the electronics set and tested.
Posted by Micubano | Jan 28, 2019 @ 10:30 AM | 23,354 Views
I've built a few RACores planes, so the idea of glue and thread push rods is not new to me. Last night after finishing all the soldering, I was doing the aileron pushrods on the Precision Aerobatics (PA) Extra 260. I was really, really taking my time. Despite that, the first attempt was too short when I finally installed it. I took it apart, scrapped the CA and thread off of the CF rod, and started over. The second time it was too long. So now I feel I am missing something because everything looks good until I install it. So the third time while I am adjusting I look around and see what else is moving. I am using the PA CF servo arm extenders. I notice that they are what is moving because I'm not putting in the center screw when I put the arm on because I have never needed to do this in the past. This is my first time using extender arms. So, the third time I was dead on. Aileron 2 was so much faster...until I misplaced the servo screw and crawled around my work area for 10 minutes. You know where it ended up being. It was exactly where I put it to not lose it but forgot about while putting on the glue and heat shrink. After I found it sitting in the servo (from now on they all go back to the screw tray!) and finally got the push rod in place, I decided that would be a good place to stop for the day. I have the elevator servo, pull-pull system, electronics, cowl, prop, and spinner left to install.

It's funny because I have seen some threads where someone builds an entire...Continue Reading
Posted by Micubano | Jan 24, 2019 @ 09:34 AM | 23,336 Views
And the PA Extra 260 ARF build keeps moving along. I epoxied the rudder on last night and made little corrections until it set. This morning the rudder and elevator have full range and no sticking points. Tonight I seal the rudder gap, install the final (elevator) servo, and get the pushrods and pull-pull system in place. My EC3 connectors should arrive Saturday. Hoping to finish it this weekend. I am totally putting together the Slick 3D after this. Not sure why I didn't do that one first for some practice. This is a lot more fun than getting slapping something together in an hour. I can't wait to hook up the Aura 8 to the PC and fine tune the out of it.
Posted by Micubano | Jan 23, 2019 @ 12:09 PM | 23,820 Views
I owned two Precision Aerobatics (PA) planes years ago before I joined a club. A Mini Kitana and an Addiction. I didn't build them and the only reason I had them is the LHS gave me a great deal on both of them because one of the employees damaged them a little while "testing" them. They were supposed to hang on my wall until I was ready for balsa and balsa repairs. About a year later I was tired of flying mostly alone and joined a local flying club. One afternoon a guy I'm friends with started going on about his two PA planes he sold and missed. Long story short, he got his planes back and I got wall space back. He was very grateful. It was worth it.

I've been flying for almost 8 years now. I didn't fly the PAs, but I do have an old balsa E-Flite Cessna 150 Acrobat 250 I picked up 2 years ago and take out from time to time. It has survived so far and I am happy with it. The rest of my collection has been foam and almost entirely Horizon. There is a balsa Slick 3D sitting in its box in my basement for two years too, but I didn't put in the time to learn about balsa assembly and repair. I didn't feel ready. Plus, why balsa when we have all this wonderful foam stuff that is easily repaired. That started changing after having a few beers in the FoamTac tent at NEAT after not winning the plane I wanted at the Hobby King tent auction. I was passing the Flex Innovations (FI) tent on the way back to my club's spot on the flight line and decided to stop. I had money....Continue Reading