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Posted by mfwilliams | Dec 19, 2014 @ 06:17 PM | 8,326 Views
It was a nice day in the NE bowl. The wind stayed out of the North at a fairly consistent 7-10mph. It wasn’t fantastic slope lift (we were in the wind “shadow” of the Power plant). But it was decent enough to get some slopers out and there some great thermals to back up the slope lift. Everyone had a good time and no major crashes to report.
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Posted by mfwilliams | Dec 13, 2014 @ 12:15 AM | 9,245 Views
Saturday started out as a duplicate of last weekend. The wind was more Easterly, but the conditions were pretty much the same. Again, like last week, we had a good crowd. Parking was little tight, since the grass and bushes are getting pretty high in “parking area” on the East side. A great time was had by all. Only downer was Tom T losing his Ion warmliner to “failed” covering. Toms clear covering layer peeled up on his wings making his ailerons useless. Sorry Tom!
Also, this weekend a couple of our members journeyed to FSS#7 for some TD fun. See here for more info:

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Posted by mfwilliams | Dec 04, 2014 @ 10:17 PM | 8,742 Views
Good winds for Saturday. We started in the NE Bowl, because of the NE to ENE winds. The wind gradually rotated to the East, so by noon we shifted to the East slope. While the winds were close to 15mph, they tended to be rough in close and then shift back to the NE. As an overall day, I would rate it 7 out of 10.
The crew put lots of slope stuff out front. Mainly Gulps and Moths. DJ maidened his Willow 2 F3F bird and it flew great. He and Buck unfortunately tangled, while trying to avoid all the sloper traffic that was working close to the slope. DJ received some minor scuffs, while Buck’s plane lost a wing (see pics).
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Posted by mfwilliams | Dec 01, 2014 @ 11:37 PM | 8,856 Views
Sorry for no blog the weekend before. I went up to the Orlando Buzzards annual Tangerine soaring contest in Ocala with several other members of PHF (Pompano Hill Flyers). See this link for more info:
Our own Jamie Mercado won Grand champion for the 3 day event. Great job Jamie!
While were away, Larry L and a few brave souls ventured up on our hill for 20-30mph winds. Larry sent me a couple notes concerning it and some pictures to try to keep the blog up to date. Very much appreciated Larry!
Here's Larry's report and pictures:
"Mike, only a few shots last weekend. (sorry, was too busy hiding from the rain and then too busy flying.) Good winds from the east 20-30 mph with the intermittent rain shower. Flying conditions improved at the usual 1 PM which left us with a good 45 minutes of rain free flying.
Flyers: Larry L, Tom, Buck, Amadeo, Willy.
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