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Posted by DWA | Jan 08, 2014 @ 05:38 PM | 911,623 Views
I will add pics/info as I go. I will also add links to videos that I find useful.

Lately I have been finding questions and answers that guys ask and answer on various threads. (Mostly about the Inspire and the Phantom) Then I just copy and paste the questions and answers here so I can find the info easier.

A little background info on me.
I started flying RC with gliders (back in January 1996) Then in (October 2004) I started flying electric airplanes. Then in (April 2013) I started flying Multi-rotors (aka : Drones)

In (March 2007) I took my first aerial photography with an RC airplane. Now I use DJI multirotors to do my aerial photography and aerial videos.

My F550 has T-Motor MN3110-15 kv is 780 Navigator Series. The props are T-Motor 10x4.5
Gains on 550 with T-Motor props. T-Motor props require much lower gains than any other prop I have tried. And I have tried a lot.
Basic, pitch 100%, roll 100%, yaw 100%, vertical 100%.
Attitude, pitch 60%, roll 60%.

My 450 LEDs are : The lights I used were Turnigy. Item TRU8944 white. And TRU8941 red.
Each 1 meter strip has the leads attached!

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