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Posted by DWA | Aug 21, 2009 @ 12:23 AM | 904,679 Views
After my family and my faith, I have two passions in life – slope flying and RC aerial photography.
I love all things flying and aviation related and I obtained my private pilots license in 1994 at John Wayne Airport, in Orange County California. I have done some skydiving but today, I don’t do either of those as much as I used to. Instead, I’ve found a real passion for slope flying and RC aerial photography. I started flying RC with gliders (back in January 1996) t’s where I was first introduced to RC flying.
I was riding my mountain bike in the canyon below a slope called Lilly Shappel and I saw Wade Kloss flying a Dave Sanders Dave’s Aircraft Works PSS Warbird.
I put my Mountain bike in the back of the truck drove up and around the hill to get to the slope and after Wade explained everything I fell in love with it. That was my first experience seeing anyone,(in person) , fly RC. I went out and bought a Wanderer a bottle of CA and some Accelerator at Gyro Hobbies, oh and some scotch tape and went and taught myself how to fly. I beat the heck out of that Wanderer. And then quickly went out and bought and built a Dave Sanders (DAW) Daves Aircraft Works 48 inch wing span EPP P-51 Mustang. That was my first PSS aircraft.
So I also learned to fly RC at Lilly Shappel. Before the houses were built, of course.

So RC gliders in (January 1996) Then in (October 2004) I started flying electric airplanes. Then in (April 2013) I started flying...Continue Reading