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Posted by mutski | Aug 26, 2017 @ 02:53 PM | 3,368 Views
Successsful FFF Eagle specs. It took several times to get one that flies. The key was adding 1/2 oz of lead to the nose; it probably still needs another 1/4 oz, but it is now controllable. The CG noted in the plan is too far aft; i.e. tail-heavy. The current, flyable CG is a smidgeon short of 2" from the leading edge at the fuse.

V3 specs:
All-UP-Weight: 1 lb, 6.5 oz (637 gm)
HexTronics 24 gm 1300kv motor
APC 8x4.7 slow electric prop
3S 1250 kv battery
Turnigy Plush 12 amp ESC
Lemon rx with satellite
EXI D113F 9gm nylon servos for the tail
EXI D213F 9gm metal servos for the wing
Dihedral 5 degrees
V-tail 105 degrees