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Posted by mutski | Sep 11, 2013 @ 02:39 AM | 9,173 Views
In light of the unfortunate demise of my EasyStar II, I'm accelerating plans to build a new long-range version. I already have the EasyStar II kit. Additional parts ordered:
I just ordered the following for an EasyStar II and Dx6i controller:

EZUHF Transmitter US$209.00
EzUHF Receiver, 8 channel diversity US$124.00
JST Female to 2.1mm Barrel Connector $4.99
EZUHF JR Style Trainer Cord TX Adapter $9.99
400mW 1300MHz Transmitter - NEW CUSTOM READYMADERC US VERSION $49.99
Transmitter Cable (Large Plug) $9.99
1.3GHz Receiver w/SAW Upgrade (V3 with 1258 MHz!) RX Antenna - 1.1-1.3GHz 8dBi Patch $111.98
1.1-1.3GHz 3dBi Antenna
VEE 1.2 GHz IBCrazy Antenna Tunned for 1280 MHz - SMA Male $14.99
Eagletree OSD Pro Pkg with 100A eLogger/Wire Leads and GPS $215.97
HK 3A single cell brushed ESC (to convert EZUHF PPM to analog for RSSI) $9.94
EXI 9g digital servo-D213F $8.50x4

I plan to use a Turnigy Plush 25 amp ESC and the motor salvaged from the crashed ESII. I'm hoping the Pixim Seawolf camera is also salvageable.
Posted by mutski | Sep 04, 2013 @ 07:12 PM | 19,345 Views
Here is my current Q450 quadcopter setup. Flight time with a 4000mah 3S battery is around 10 minutes at 70 degrees F, 7 minutes at 0 degrees F. I've flown a little over a mile at 400 feet with clear video and solid control. That's about as far as I can fly and return with a 4000 mah battery. First version had a KK2 controller. After replacing it with the Naza, I had to build a second to keep the KK2 employed.

Quadcopter Parts

Q450 Glass Fiber Quadcopter Frame 450mm - Integrated PCB Version $14.11
Width: 450mm
Height: 55mm
Weight: 280g (w/out electronics)
Motor Mount Bolt Holes: 16/19mm

Trex 450 Landing Skids $7.99

DJI Naza M V1 flight controller with GPS $359.10
(This is V1, which I actually bought on sale when V2 came out)

NTM Prop Drive Series 28-26A 1200kv / 250w (short shaft version)
Model: NTM Prop Drive Series 28-26A 1200kv (short shaft version)
Kv: 1200rpm/v
Max current: 18A
Max Power: 200W @ 12v (3S) / 250W @ 15v (4S)
Shaft: 3mm
Weight: 57.6g
ESC: 20A
Cell count: 3s~4s Lipoly
Bolt holes: 16mm & 19mm
Bolt thread: M3
Connection: 3.5mm Bullet-connector

Prop Tests:
7x6E - 11.1v - 90W - 8A
7x6E - 14.8v - 192W - 13A
8x4E - 11.1v - 100W - 9A
8x4E - 14.8v - 222W - 15A
8x6E - 11.1v - 145w -...Continue Reading
Posted by mutski | Sep 04, 2013 @ 06:24 PM | 13,096 Views
Here is my current Multiplex EasyStar II FPV setup. Max flight so far was 2.38 miles at 856 feet. The video was getting fuzzy at 2.38 miles, and I had several momentary control signal dropouts on the way home, but at 800 feet there was plenty of time to regain the signal.

Easystar II Parts
Turnigy2836 brushless Outrunner 1200kv $18.68
Dimension: 28mm x 37mm, 55mm(with shaft)
Weight: 74g (kv1200) (not including connectors)
Diameter of shaft:F4.0mm
Length of front shaft:F19mm
Lamination thickness: .2mm
Magnet type: 45SH
Max performance
Voltage: 3-4S Lipoly
Prop: APC9x6
Thrust: 1100g
Power: 340W

Turnigy Plush 25 amp ESC $20.95
Cont Current: 25A
Burst Current: 35A
BEC Mode: Linear
BEC : 5v / 2A
Lipo Cells: 2-4
NiMH : 5-12
Weight: 22g
Size: 24x45x11mm
Supported motor speed for all TURNIGY ESCs is;
(Maximum): 210000 RPM (2 poles), 70000 RPM (6 poles), 35000 RPM (12 poles)

Turnigy BESC Programming Card $6.95

EXI S1123 9gm Digital Servos
Dimensions: 22.6 x 11.4 x 22.2mm
Weight: 9g / 0.32oz
Operating Speed (4.8V no load): 0.12sec/60 degrees
Stall Torque (4.8V): 1.4 kg/cm
Operating Voltage:4.8 Volts

690TVL Ultra WDR Pixim SEAWOLF HD CCTV Mini Camera, PZ0481 $88.50
3.6...Continue Reading