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BrotherHobby Hyperbola 701 Frame:

Toray T800SC-24K Carbon Fiber with equilibrum overlay.

Email: [email protected]...Continue Reading
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If you get a chance to grab one of these, it's a great flying model. Hobbico/Fliteworks made these from the J-Power V2 molds. With a little work, this P-38 can be an excellent semi-scale model. Fliteworks modeled the plane after the Red Bull exhibition plane. The full-scale plane was originally a Reno racer with carbs, so it had carb intakes, no turbos. With a little work you can make your own turbos.

The model sold for almost half of what a Flightline model sells for! It flies on 3S, 3300 mAh, 50C batteries. I get five minutes of mixed flight on this size battery.

It flies REALLY well right out of the box. It cruises well, with enough power to do a nice vertical climb. I swapped out my props for some 3-blade Master Airscrew props. Don't expect a screaming 90 mph warbird, though.

The weak point of the model is the nose gear. There isn't enough support for the retract mount, so even the best grass landings will eventually loosen up the nose gear. Greasing this model in is easy, though. If you want to pull out the retracts, this model makes an excellent hand-launch/belly-lander.
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All my Atom equipment , will list details as requested.

-Black RotorX Atom V3 pro 3"
*TBS Powercube V2 (TBS Colibri Race FC V2, TBS FPVision PDB/VTX, TBS 2x 2in1 20amp Blheli-s esc's)
*Runcam swift micro
*Frsky r-xsr RX (de-pinned)
*Xnova 1407 4,000kv motors
*TPU protection (Arm Guards, Front Bumper)
*Quad was flown only a handful of times and was never crashed etc. The build is in perfect shape , nothing to note .
*Flashed to latest BF firmware possible for an F3 Flight controller (BF 4.0.6) ESC is on latest Blheli-s firmware

-Transparent RotorX Atom V2 3"
*RotorX /Tmotor 1306 4,100kv motors
*Matek F405 Standard FC
*Sunrise cicada 20a 4in1 ESC
*TBS unify nano Pro32 VTX
*Have spare RX if needed but not currently installed
*Foxeer arrow micro cam
*RotorX RGB Led strip
*TPU protection (Arm Guards and Front Bumper)
*Frame is in excellent shape , the ESC came to me with the Atom v2 on a previous purchasebut had an AIO FC with it. I just replaced the
AIO with the Matek F405r for a cleaner build. The CLracing AIO FC is meant for individual esc's . The CLracing FC is still included with
all the other spare parts.
*Quad is on latest BF firmware (Ver 4.2.2 w/rpm filtering enabled) and the ESC is on JESC firmware and bi-direction dshot (rpm filtering)
is enabled. IE this ESC
has a paid JESC license so don't flash it with anything else but JESC firmware which is now free to the buyer.

-RotorX HDcam (new...Continue Reading
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Cool parts from Formufit.

I have extras if anyone is interested, I had to buy 8 at a time only needed 4.
So I have enough to build another one, but you have to get your own tubes.

Hit me up if you want, $25.
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Halloa people

today's entry is very much aimed at people that are new to FPV drones or that might want to try them
Here are a few quick tips.. They are mostly geared towards the Eachine Tyro79S.. which in itself is a quad aimed at beginners..

But the video should also help you along if you go for a different quad

5 ESSENTIAL TIPS - Eachine Tyo79S - Ready-To-Go FPV Drone (18 min 41 sec)

Posted by CrackerBox2020 | Yesterday @ 12:26 PM | 760 Views
Got the shaft and tube in, nice and solid, spins pretty freely.
Sealed the hull inside and out a, need to sand and prep for primer.
Working on the servos and radio box set up.
Got the rudder aligned and ready to mount the servos.

Check out the box the servos came in!
Smashed almost flat.
Rough ride from China I guess.
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Nemesis 2 ( Rat 2 AUS-8 ) (7 min 54 sec)

Nemesis 2 ( Ontario Rat 2 AUS-8 )

Thats right , this knife disappointed with it's inability to hold an edge . Sure I could massage the factory bevel to take hair off my arm , but when it came to edge holding .
Another knife that ended up in the JUNK Knife box ! ( Butt !!! was it a junk knife ? )
I get the feeling a lot of manufacturers seem to be doing junk bevels .

So the Rat 2 got a 20deg 180 grit edge put on .

Surprise / surprise .

Put a decent bevel on the knife and it works
Horrid weather , had lots of wind . And today , more wind + rain and damn .... Just when I went out to cut rope there was a very decent temperature drop .
I think my hand had a slight blue tinge , sure as heck were cold as ice with that wind chill ! So cold I found it challenging to cut the paper .
At the end of the vid , after being inside a few hours , I cut some more paper . That rolled edge , the 180 grit finish , really caught the paper . But with the grain going the right way it still cut . I would say the result was fair .
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Colorfabb XT-CF20 Prints
I now have the frame, tail boom, vertical and horizontal stabilisers all printed in the CF20. It does feel much stiffer and stronger than the XT, so I think that the airframe will be fairly robust. I have started the post processing of the parts, giving everything but the frame a coating of XTC-3D, as recommended by several people on the web. This is just a thin epoxy coating that helps smooth the layer lines and hide small artefacts, but I have done a layer, sanded, and then done another layer and sanded . . . and I might have to do some more sanding. I decided to try another print of the rear of the fuselage as it was taking longer to sand it than to try for a better print. The XTC does make the XT more transparent though (see pic), as it smooths the surface and reduces diffraction.
After the sanding it will be time to mask the windows and get a layer of primer on.
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Looking for info on making fiberglass spinners for a couple of my bigger planes I came across this. Pretty cool.

RV Aircraft Spinner Development (9 min 37 sec)

Posted by Jerhouck | Sep 22, 2020 @ 02:24 PM | 1,810 Views
Just want see what's out there for Byron Originals aircraft. Primarily interested in finding a P40 & Baron B58. However I have interest in others as well. Also always interested in reasonable priced parts and pieces for Byron aircraft.
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Just started yesterday on building a profile F7F using the FT EZ 3 channel power system.
Target scale is roughly 0.38 m / 0.48 kg. Draft plans / skin shown below.

Built a quick model in Blender and now have it flying in PhoenixRC.
Working on creating plans, and have the FT power pack on order.
Also have several sheets of foamboard in hand, so getting close to cutting foam and plugging in the glue gun!
And not that it matters, but all that was done in a single day.

But right now waiting for one of our cars to be serviced, life being what happens while you're making other plans.

Blender Model:
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In case anybody comes this way - I've written a simulator for R/C planes , mostly gliders since that's what I tend to fly. It's completely free on Windows and mostly free on iOS/Android (limited sceneries/planes in the free version). You may be able to get it to run under linux (wine) and/or OSX (PlayOnMac).

It's not under active development at the moment for a couple of reasons:

* I needed to concentrate on writing software for my own business
* Technical reasons which mean future development would require as significant re-write of the platform layers.

Nevertheless, I hope it's still useful and fun. I've met a lot of people (online and in real life) through it, discovered DLGs (thanks Jenne!), and improved my own flying!
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Review & Testing - RacerStar BR2212 1800kv, BR2212 1400kv, BR2216 1400kv Motors

Fun Cub 1100mm Wingspan EPO Trainer Airplane Kit

Banggood GCRC

Motor Thrust Data Files:

Here is a link to the Fun Cub 1100mm Playlist:

Here is a link to the Video:

Here are links to all the Components I picked out for this Kit Plane:

Racerstar BR2212 1400KV 2-4S Brushless Motor (Primary Motor)

APC 10x3 2-Blade Sport Composite Prop (BR2212 1400kv - Primary Prop)

APC 10x4 2-Blade Sport Composite Prop (BR2212 1400kv - Alternate Prop)

Racerstar BR2212 1800KV 2-4S Brushless Motor (Alternate #1 Motor)

JXF Poly Composite Propeller 8x4 (2pcs) (BR2212 1800kv - Primary Prop)

Gemfan 8040 Propeller for RC Airplane Fixed-wing Aircraft 1 Pair (BR2212 1800kv - Alternate Prop)

Racerstar Racing Edition 2216 BR2216 1400KV 2-4S Brushless Motor - Clockwise Screw Thread (Alternate #...Continue Reading
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Detrum Gavin 6C and MSR66A Gyro (22 min 58 sec)

Thanks Andrew review Detrum Gavin 6C ! 'Detrum Gavin 6C 6 channel transmitter and MSR66A 6 channel Gyro receiver.
Budget priced but very well featured transmitter from Detrum. Over the air gyro adjustment and lots of mixes and programability''
Posted by ISDT | Sep 21, 2020 @ 11:40 PM | 2,337 Views
Dear Fans of ISDT Chargers,

Recently, We got Feedback from some users that they have no idea how to make voltage calibration on PD60 charger ? PD6O is tiny and no display here, yes, you will be confusing if you come across this. But actually the progress to do a calibration on PD60 is super easy. Let us guide you here;

First of all, please connect your lovely PD60 with computer via a USB cable. Then you must have a Calibrate exe. which you can download on our website, or you can ask for it from [email protected].

Make sure you need to have a 4S Lipo full charged battery for calibration. Using your multimeter or other professional device to know voltage values of each cell and the whole battery. Then connect your 4S Lipo with PD60.

Start the exe. and click CONNECT. Input your real voltages, then you can calibrate it! Please see photos attached for your reference.

What's more, here is a FacClear function on exe. Plug out your battery first and you can click it to clear factory flags.

Already knew how to calibrate for your PD60? Hope this will help you and more questions please contact [email protected]!

Thank you all,

Your best ISDT Team
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So my servos just showed up.
I'll post a pic of the package soon.

I was needing a 100oz, ordered a 298oz.
Is this going to crank too hard and wrench the rudder off the transom if it goes full lock and hits the mounting bracket?
Or just bend the beans out of everything?

Probably a dumb question, but this is my first build.