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Posted by BorisTheSpider | Jun 26, 2017 @ 11:29 AM | 2,734 Views
I found it! It was sitting in tall grass for a week. We had crazy heat and serious rain in that week and that grass grew up even taller.

It wasn't in a haystack per se, buy it was near some hay bales. I ran through every possible scenario, recapping the flight in my head and guessing at trajectories. I didn't actually think I had much of a chance of ever seeing it again.

Better yet, it looks like only the battery and 2 of 4 props are damaged. I intend to clean it up before I connect power, to ensure there are no shorts or broken connections I just haven't seen yet.

I also ordered a new aio fc to go with the vtail parts. I could probably find a way to cram the existing pdb and fc on a different frame, but it would be tight...and look stupid. I'm pretty excited for that to arrive as well. At this point, I think I can stop referring to it as a vtail in a new frame and consider it to be a whole new creation, using some parts from the vtail.

I must be addicted because I just want to keep ordering parts and building more and more.
Posted by BorisTheSpider | Jun 20, 2017 @ 07:44 AM | 3,182 Views
I lost my P200 when I lost video feed and made a bad maneuver. It was a few days ago now, and it still sucks.

I had put on a Monster camera and a fancy-pants Foxeer vtx. I suspect I damaged the pigtail on the vtx and that was the cause of the sudden loss of video, at a much shorter range than expected. I'm hoping to see it again. In fact, I'll probably head out there and do another walk-and-pray.

If I don't find it, I'll be grounded for a little while longer while I wait for a frame to arrive for my vtail transplant. And then I have to hope I can do the whole transplant without the need for any other parts. I may get really lucky, as my vtail didn't seem to have the awful problems most of them do. But I do have to do the switch because I broke the vtail. I can fix it (just a couple stripped nuts on one arm) but the amount of effort and little bit of money is better spent on just swapping it over anyhow. I just make a proper freestyle quad instead of the planned camera barge.

Since I've been looking at parts, I started a mental checklist for my next quadcopter -- probably my first ground-up build. I'm liking the AIO fc's and dreaming about how clean of a build I can have with that. However, I may try to build or buy a micro next instead. Something along the lines of the babyhawk or lizard95 look like a ton of fun. I just don't know what will happen next.

I will probably spend some more time getting together with other pilots and trying to learn all I can, maybe even getting a little hands-on with some slightly different equipment. Here we go...
Posted by BorisTheSpider | Jun 14, 2017 @ 08:15 AM | 2,669 Views
So I got my JJRC P200 about a month ago now. I've only been able to fly it maybe a dozen times since then, but I learn something every time. What do I learn? Mostly, how to repair a quadcopter.

Seriously, I have now taken apart and rebuilt the thing a couple times for various reasons and it's great. I've practiced my soldering skills on ridiculously tiny pads and wires. I've found better ways to route wires. I've replaced a ton of props...and waited for the slow boat from China for a whole bunch of props. I replaced the camera and vtx so that I know I can trust it to not cut out suddenly at a random range. Also the image is great. I replaced the battery strap a couple times (once after a horrifying search for a downed quadcopter).

I've learned a fair bit about flying too, but at a slower pace for sure. LoS is ok as long as it's really close but a true x gets tricky, even with two prop colors and leds on the back. FPV is obviously where it's at. Impossible to lose orientation. My turns are still jerky and weird. I haven't been able to coordinate both sticks for smooth, accurate turns. I get the job done, but I'm certainly not ducking through gates just yet. My throttle control is improving rapidly.

I learned that flying high is the best for a beginner, assuming you can trust where it's falling if it does. Way up there, I can play with rolls and flips and simple turns. Also, watching the sunset from above the tree line is pretty spectacular. Moving forward is also...Continue Reading