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Posted by CarreraGTSCS | Jan 10, 2014 @ 10:19 PM | 18,504 Views
20x12 XOAR
22x8 Dynathrust
22x12 XOAR
22x14 Zinger
23x13 Turnigy
24x10 XOAR
24x13 Turnigy
26x13 APC e
Posted by CarreraGTSCS | Jan 01, 2014 @ 02:36 PM | 18,416 Views
Since there is no dedicated forum on RCG devoted strictly to WW1 models and aviation I've decided to use my blog as the repository for all things WWI related. Feel free to post in this blog topic any of your WW1 models regardless of power source, photos, video clips, questions, etc. We need a single place here that we can discuss WW1 modelling and aviation without regard to whether of not the model is powered by batteries or by glo/gas or by size. From micros to giants are welcome. It's not about the propulsion system after all, it's about the aircraft. Let's agree now that all WW1 models qualify to be posted here whether scratch, kit or ARF. There have been some very impressive customizations of ARF done here and they deserve some respect.

Here's my first contribution. It is definitely worth watching. All of this footage was new to me.

WW1: Richthofen Film (1919) (40 min 48 sec)