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Posted by flyhigh300 | Mar 14, 2011 @ 10:07 AM | 14,902 Views
Hello all,

It has been a wild ride since I got interested in multi rotor.

From the get go .. I was interested in a board that used the following sensor array, and was compact.

WM+, or ITC-3200
and.. BOB-08745 (for 3 volt setup)

Well after much waiting.. and waiting and waiting.. and more waiting here it is.

Well here is my own self review,

1. Its my own board so you know I have to love it.

2. It allows for many configuration.

3. In addition to (ITC-3200,ADXL345,BMP085,BOB-08745)
You can still use the standard ( WM+, NK or BMP020)

4. There is a pad marked ( 3v-****)
This is just an additional 3v pad that I added for any other 3v sensors that come up for future development and testing.

5. Compact Size ( You can mount sensor above or below )
Original Idea was to mount - ITC3200 below and ADMXL345 above.

6. I pulled out all the unused pins for any future development,
  • Pins - D8
  • Pins - A0
  • Pins - A1
  • Pins - A2
  • Pins - A3


1. Mount hole pattern ( sorry guy )
this was before I learned there was a "standard" 45mm hole pattern

2. bottom left mounting hole is very close to a trace you will have to use small bolt to not damage it.


I have already tested with the standard.. WM+ setup that many people are running.. and tested with BMP020 - that works as normal.

I'm going to be offering these up for free to any one who want to test with - 3V sensor. I only...Continue Reading