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Since stricter regulations have been moving in on the hobby, I've been very interested in making a sub-250g HD build to keep my flights in the legal end of the spectrum. On top of that, I'm a bit of a sucker for budget builds, so I tried to make some conscious choices there, too. Thanks to some help from Banggood, I've finally got the chance to make that a reality!

Here is the build I've spec'd out, and why I've made the choices I did.

I wanted a decent frame for this build that would handle some abuse (because I suspect this quad is going to get flown a lot!). I also wanted to make sure it had a suitable protection for the components inside. I settled on the GepRC Gep-PX2.5 Phoenix frame. This frame has enough room for a three-high stack (ESC, FC and cam board) and a 3d-printed piece on the back that will handle the VTx mount, antenna mount, and tubes for the receiver antenna. As well, the aluminium brackets for the camera mount should provide plenty of protection for the camera itself.

GepRC Gep-PX2.5 Phoenix

Control Stack:
For the flight controller stack, the choice was fairly obvious. I went with the Diatone Mini Mamba. This stack has been around long enough to prove itself, and it's done a fine job of that. The layout works great, it comes with all the wires you need (including a capacitor!) and the price isn't beat by any other product.

Mamba F405 mini mk2

For 2.5 inch props, I think you're looking at a minimum of 1105...Continue Reading
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Rocket RC car (1 min 3 sec)

Here is a crazy mod for my 1/10 touring car :-)
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Hi, can anyone help on where to get a battery for an sg906? Three times I've tried from China but cant get one delivered. Please.........any help out there?
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I should know better by now not to fly when I'm tired. After more than 460 flights on my 95" Extra 330SC-E I finally buggered up a landing so bad yesterday that I expected some serious damage to the airframe. It was 95 F with light winds and clear skies, but I caught a bit of updraft on the approach as I came over the end of a cornfield with stalks about 6 feet tall. The black geotex runway must have been generating some thermal activity as well. The plane wasn't descending as it normally does, even with power at idle.

I didn't notice how slow the plane was getting until it was too late. I advanced the throttle at the same time the left wing stalled, but it was too late. The plane dropped out of the air from about 5 feet up, came down on the left wing tip and smacked down hard on the landing gear. That was the first tip stall I have seen on this plane, and I practice stalls on every flight (for IMAC). This is not a design issue. I was drifting to the right side of the runway and must have applied some left rudder to stop the drift. After careful inspection I found no damage. This is a very strong airframe!

After swapping out batteries I got right back in the air and flew the same approach. This time I kept the nose down through the updraft, then brought it back to level once over the runway. I ended up landing midway down the runway, but I greased it in just above stall speed, so the rollout was completed before the end of the 600' runway.

I got off easy this time. Don't get complacent on landings!
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I ran into Wayne, the creator and designer of the unique Toughjet plane. Originally configured with a pusher prop (along with a one of a kind sound) we are now able to get a 70 mm 12 bladed ducted-fan unit with the plane. Wayne is well known in the New England area and is a fixture at many local fun fly events, including the Neat Fair.

The addition of the EDF unit is a game changer for the plane. Much quieter, and it also feels faster. This can still take off from the ground in a vertical position which is a blast to see and try! This flies with a 22oo or 2650 4 cell pack, I would recommend at least a 45c discharge rate. Flight times are anywhere between 4 and 7 minutes. All up weight is about 2-5 pounds and the fan kicks out about 3 to 3.5 pounds, so guess how this thing moves out?

As usual Wayne passes off the sticks to whoever wants to give it a try and of course I couldn't say no. A nice toss into the wind and the plane took off like a a rocket! The newer planes also have extra control surfaces so they are very maneuverable. I loved hovering the plane into the headwind and then killing the power and gliding right in. It was a pleasure to fly. I've owed two of the original prop versions and they really are tough, they take a beating and are easy to repair if damaged.

These are configured in the original F-14 model, in addition to the F-15 and now the F-35.

I decided to pick up the F-15 version of the EDF along with the gear. Once the servos arrive I'll get this together.

Special thanks to Wayne for generously donating two Toughjet kits to the AMA for our Aviation Day fun flight in Muncie!

Stop by the Toughjet site and check out the videos of these things flying!
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Two color cover film make it.
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Here are a couple of pics of my pitbox and the tools and parts.
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Pics of my associated 4,2 buggy. Great runner and drives fantastic.
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Armattan Gecko 3 Build Upgrade 🦎 Acehe Lipo, Brotherhobby Motors, Caddx Turtle 🐢 Caddx Ratel 🐼

00:01:00 Massive Punchout (Acehe Lipo)
00:03:10 Backwards Slide (Brotherhobby motors)
00:03:47 First big crash
00:04:05 Lost vtx signal, lost GoPro lens 😢 (ordered another one!)

Armattan Gecko 3 Build Upgrade 🦎 Acehe Lipo, Brotherhobby Motors, Caddx Turtle 🐢 Caddx Ratel 🐼 (4 min 36 sec)

Just memory of a day out having fun flying my new Armattan Gecko 3 inch quad around with new lipos and motors. So much more powerful although need to work on that flow and not just charge around like a maniac !! Shot in 1080p @ 30FPS.

Armattan Gecko 3 upgraded with:
Brotherhobby Tornado T1 1407 4100KV
Acehe 850mAh 4S 75C-150C LiPo Battery - bought in the UK
TPU Mount for the Caddx Turtle:
Thingyverse Mount for Caddx Turtle:
GoPro replacement M12 Lens (less fisheye):

Other Equipment Used (3 inch build):
Armattan Gecko 3:
Caddx Ratel Starlight Camera:
Caddx Turtle v2:
Receiver to replace bulky HGLRC TX20 VTX:
Gemfan 3052
XM+ :
VRD2 Pro Goggles:
Jumper T8SG
VTX03S (UK Warehouse)
TPU Mount for Caddx Turtle:

Not Used: (spare kit)
ND Filters (ND8) for Caddx Ratel
Caddx Turtle v2
VRD2 Pro Goggle
HGLRC Flame: 1407 motors:
Lipo Tattu 850 4S:-

Caddx Turtle V2 / Caddx Ratel Combo 🐢 Armattan Gecko 3 🦎 HRLGC 1407 Motors 🦖 HD FPV Freestyle
Armattan Gecko 3 Frame 🦎 Caddx Turtle and Ratel 🐢 HRLGC 1406 Motors 🦖 Sussex FPV Freestyle Drone (5 min 43 sec)

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Had a great time with my BVM 1/7 scale F18 at this week's Kentucky Jets. The F-18 has scale lights, a smoke system, afterburner rings. Kingtech 160 turbine. Love this bird!!!
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I got a run cam2 recently and love it. It got some really good features and very functional app for your mobile devices.

Here’s a video with a little more detail and great footage. Just some of the creative things possible.

Run Cam2 (6 min 47 sec)

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Setting up the Dragonlink V3 system for use with the Eagletree Vector (Full Final Draft instructions attached. The Dragonlink User Manual unfortunately included my first rough Draft that had several errors)

Here are all the steps required to setup the Dragonlink V3 with the Vector including Vector Telemetry. It is assumed that you have connected your Dragonlink Transmitter to you Radio Transmitter and are able to bind to your Dragonlink Receiver. These instructions will not be covering Vector Wiring or settings other than those related to this specific topic.

It will be assumed you are using the Dragonlink MicroRX although all settings and connections for the Large (Advanced) RX are the same EXCEPT that the ANALOG RSSI pin is #8 on the MicroRX and #13 on the Advanced RX.

These instructions will use the PREFERED method of connecting the DL RX to the Vector, S-BUS, and the PREFERED method of FAILSAFE DETECTION in the Vector, S-BUS Failsafe Detection.

Presented here are two different examples. Example #1 will use 12 channels, Analog RSSI (connected to the DL RX Pin #8 for a MicroRX or pin #13 for an Advanced RX) and the Vector Telemetry connected to the DL RX Servo Rail. This is the simplest example.

Example #2 will use 12 channels, Digital RSSI and the UEXP connector on the RX for the Vector Telemetry connection.

There is no functional difference between Analog and Digital RSSI, they both work equally well, but the use of Digital RSSI requires a spare (otherwise unused) RC channel and a manual setting in the Vector. It also frees up a servo pin on the DLRX if needed for an additional PWM connection.

There is also no functional difference between using a servo pin or the UEXP Connector for the Vector Telemetry however using the UEXP again frees up a servo pin on the DLRX if needed for a PWM output.