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Got me this rather cheap Eachine TX805 VTX for my TBS Source One build. Happy with it!
Eachine TX805 5.8G 40CH 25/200/600/800mW FPV Transmitter (2 min 31 sec)

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Can anyone let me know if Skyzone sky030 fpv goggles are compatible with fimi x8 se drone. Thanks!!
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Finished my 2.2m Predator, maidened flight was successful. Powered by Jetcat P120.
Near perfect reading on Spektrum IX20 and AR20310T rx.
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Everyone loves a centreburner on their EDF and noticed this new range for sale whilst window shopping on RC Castle.

I have no affiliation with the retailer, but it's a store i like very much due to the regional availability of products which are prohibitively expensive to ship from the USA.

The variant I purchased is for the FMS 80mm inrunner, which has an outer diameter of 32mm. The cost was $51AUD ($35USD) plus shipping.

Twin EDF kits run at ~$45USD for inrunners (more expensive due to the mounting solution I assume) and sub $40USD for a twin outrunner setup. For comparison, popular units available from community members are in the vicinity of $50USD (~$75AUD) plus shipping for a single burner kit.

By way of background, I have used RGB led ring-style ABs (which RC Castle also appear to offer under the Cyclone Power brand), purchased units from the community members referenced above, and have DIY'd one based on PeterVRC's wonderful guide here.

Product overview from the page:

- Easy to Install & Set Up.
- Suitable For FMS & E-flite 80mm EDF With Inrunner Motor .
- Suitable For Other 80mm EDF with 32mm Diameter Inrunner Motor.
- With Start Engine Ignition Effect.
- With Super Bright 1W LED CenterBurner Light x 4.
- With 3s , 4s & 6s Battery Balance Plug To JST Plug Include.

Specifications from the page:

- Input Voltage: 12v - 25v ( 3s - 6s )
- Output Power: 12v / 3A
- Controller Size: 18mm x 44mm x 8mm
- Weight: 12g
- CenterBurner Light Input Voltage : 12v
- CenterBurner Light Power: 1W x 4
- CenterBurner Light Mount Diameter: 36mm
- CenterBurner Light Lead Wire Length: 900mm
- CenterBurner Light Weight: 32g (With Lead Wire & Plug)
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I flew a few yrs ago outside with landing gear removed for maximum speed. Now I’d like to fly in the gym much slower. I made fixed non moveable flaps for the UMX Radian so I will be doing the same for the Aero C (AC).

I used cardboard and tape for the prototype flaps. After experimenting with fixed angles I will finalize by removing the temporary cardboard flaps and cutting the flaps into the wing. They will be hinged and be locked up for outdoor fast flying and locked down for inside slow flying.
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z51 predator ( Just a little Chuck Testing for CG ) (0 min 56 sec)

What came in the mail = One z51 Predator ..
Thrust controlled ..

I have never tried a thrust control plane before .. And so far the z51 has not impressed .

A) Mine seems terribly nose heavy , hunts the ground out of the box hard .
B) To stop it nose diving I had to adjust the V-tail assembly for some up elevator
C) Also had to put a little lead shot in the rear
D) This one has built in right turn ( Warped wings perhaps )
E) Lots of Chuck testing .

Anyways .... Took it out to the street to see how much power was needed to lift it off the ground . Just about all there was .

Apparently the way to tune the z51 is by bending / twisting the fuselage ( Anyhow )
Maybe tomorrow morning ?
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E-flite Twin Otter 1.2m BNF Basic with AS3X and SAFE

This is a plane to join some members in our club that go fly float planes once a month.

What I like
  • Twin Otter, a plane that has special place in my life.
  • Float version is included. This plane was purchased to participate in the monthly float-flight.

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Got to love 60° February days.....New PB 103mph with my stock Geico 36 running dasboata props! Only if the wind would have cooperated....

Fastest Miss Geico Zelos 36 @ 103mph on stock electronics. (8 min 56 sec)

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I have my gyroscopic two-wheeler vehicle mobile now. It turns left and right though I have not tested sharp turns yet. Need to change the steering linkage a bit and test that out. Usually, gyroscopic two-wheeled vehicles with a single gyroscope will turn well in only one direction and typically fall over in the other direction. I use RC electrics to drive the front wheel and the steering servo. A 550 12volt 18000rpm (no load) motor drives the 360gram gyroscope rotor. Using three 3S 800mah lipos for power, one for the Arduino Uno, one for the gyroscope rotor motor, and one for the RC electrics. Using an LM327 voltage regulator.
Self Balancing Gyroscope Two Wheeler (Part 3) (2 min 30 sec)

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I have been to this flying field. I have met with this group. Great bunch of guys in my opinion. They are in Rembert SC. They are having a fly-in. It will be in April.

A link showing photos of some of the birds you will see at the meet:
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just made an rc groups account. i look at rcgroups often for 5 years. never bothered to make an account. i just now bothered to make an account
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A long discussion about Brownouts Interference, BEC and Receiver batteries.

Brownouts not to be confused with interference. 99 out of a hundred times. Loss of control with the exception of defective or crappy equipment, bad install, going out of range or blocked non line-of-sight signal loss would be from brownouts. Interference is very rare when frequency hopping is in use. Unless you're using a really crappy receiver or faulty antenna or you're standing underneath a cell tower with microwaves. I Fly in two areas where there are cell towers very close by and one that's about 500 ft away and another one behind that about a thousand feet away. I also fly very close within 3 hundred feet of a small cell tower. My planes will get as close as 100 ft to it. No problem unless you want to fly right up to the tower which I did with a drone which stop about 50ft from the Tower and return home. And that was with a really crappy receiver that was very prome to interference. A non Spektrum receiver. In other places it did the same thing, the drone would stop freeze in flight in the exact same spot every time then returns to home due to microwave signals from the nearby cell tower 600 feet away. Does not do that with a different receiver, only the crappy one.
Wi-Fi it's not frequency hopping so unless there's a very strong boosted Wi-Fi signal, it will not affect you. Pilots may mistake brownouts as interference. It is not. Interference was more common in the old days when Crystal...Continue Reading
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This is how we did it 40 years ago. I am very nostalgic. I am not in this hobby to impress but rather for my personal entertainment. Here I have put together a flight box, starter, fuel pump, etc, like they did way back in time. The starter switch was worn out and broken. (I have information on new switches available from the Sullivan company). The tote box is a 1982 Carl Goldberg Super Tote. I was thinking that design-wise they put the drawers on the wrong side and I just now noticed that I actually built it backwards

Flight System - Model Plane, R/C, Old School (2 min 26 sec)

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Hello Everyone,
Had to put everything on hold for about four years - as life got in the way with my hobbies.

After clearing out my rc airplane collection a few years ago,I am once again getting the building and flying bug, & was checking to see if anybody was doing something like the Wild RC IFO, or the Falcon flying wing and Carbon Traveler that Ken at Ace Sim was offering, - but no joy.

I've decided to try again , and have a go at building a few. My motorcycle shop is pretty busy, but plan on having the first ones done in June.

Not sure if there will be any interest at all, but wanted to let you know - and will be posting my progress -

Thanks again,, to those that took up my offer a few years back , and helped me clear out my collection!

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Almost forgot... need to put goggles on too!

Will show final pics when he is complete
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Well he is just about done. I need to apply the final protective coating and then he will be ready to fly! Here is how he has turned out...

He has been a fun project from start to finish.