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Posted by Jim T. Graham | Feb 25, 2011 @ 01:14 PM | 33,216 Views
RCGroups.com just keeps growing and growing!

Thank you for our best November ever, with 262,381 new posts!
...and our best December ever with 275,016 posts!
...and our best January ever with 302,648 posts!
...and our best February ever with 276,213 posts!


Hey we just did the math and we're juuuust under 10,000 posts per day!
...and our nearest rival (RCU) is getting just over 2,000 posts/day according to big-boards.com.

...while we're bragging, did you know we haven't had an outage of any kind across the entire network (including Flying Giants, RCCars.com, Crackroll.com, this site, and our hundreds of other hosted R/C sites) so far this year? In fact, we've only had 15 minutes of total downtime in the last 6 months, which gives us an uptime percentage of over 99.994% for that period. That's a new record for us.

Posted by Jim T. Graham | Feb 04, 2011 @ 06:29 PM | 26,828 Views
I'm excited to tell everyone the first official RCGroups podcast is out! I had a podcast in the past and always thought it would be a great thing for RCG. My goal is to bring you a monthly podcast that highlights all the cool things going on at our sites. This first podcast features Jim Bourke, the owner of RCGroups. I talk to Jim about his early RC days, how RCG was created and what the future holds. I also talk to SLeepyC about FlyingGiants.com and RCCars.com, as well as interview our editor at CrackRoll.com Matt Gunn. I'm sure as the podcast evolves I will add more segments. I'm looking forward to bringing back some interviews from the shows I attend all year long. I hope you all enjoy it!

RCGroups Official Podcast