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Posted by Jim T. Graham | Oct 07, 2010 @ 11:42 AM | 25,730 Views
You know I'm always watching those numbers at the bottom of our forum index page. There are some interesting facts down there and occasionally we hit some major milestones. This week we hit more than one!

RCGroups has over 16 million posts!
We now have over 330,000 members!

Some other interesting facts are:
We have over 112,000 visits a day.
31.77 percent of our visitors are new to the site.
Last month we had 1,358,441 unique visitors to the site.

Thanks to all of our users that make those numbers possible.
Posted by Jim T. Graham | Oct 05, 2010 @ 10:08 AM | 26,207 Views
Last week I was in Corvallis, Oregon for the wedding of Jim and Annette Bourke. There were a lot of fun activities that took place but I though y'all might want to hear about my airplane adventure. Jim took us out in the evening to check out his plane "Russian Thunder". 14 Yak 54s were built in 1990's as jet trainers and while you see them a lot as a radio control plane, in reality there is only one flying that I know of, and that is Jim's plane. The airport had it out on display when we got there but it was a little late to fly it. The next morning SleepyC (FlyingGiants.com) and woke up to overcast weather. We weren't sure if we would really get a ride in this historical and high powered machine. By 2 PM it was clear enough to fly. Sitting in Russian Thunder is like sitting in a 60's muscle car, it just feels fast. I strapped on my parachute and got my nerves together to take to the air. As we were rolling out to take off Jim B. said over the radio, "are you alright?". I guess my lack of non-stop talking had made Jim B. think I was having second thoughts. I commented that I was completely calm and had been more nervous maidening RC planes. Jim said some people express regret immediately before take off. The plane literally jumped off the ground and the 360 HP motor sounded smooth and strong. The weather was calm so the ride was smooth. Jim B. let me control the plane for a while. The plane was amazingly sensitive. You just had to think about moving the...Continue Reading