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Posted by sweets | Feb 21, 2017 @ 10:33 AM | 6,107 Views
have just got some genissis/fat shark goggles, but after 10 mins would start to mist up. was going to move all the bit across to my cyclops goggles.the cyclops fit my face better ( small head ) changed my mind so added foam tape to the goggles to fit my face better. then added two 40 mm 12 volt fan motors . one for air in and one for air out. made some duct out of card power via balance port off of battery . works a treat,goggles now looks like they have ears. also fitted the pro sight to a 330 long as this has more room than the 250 long. was not sure of the range of my radio , so also fitted the naza m lite so if i have radio fail it will come back and land
Posted by sweets | Dec 31, 2016 @ 05:12 AM | 6,447 Views
started fpv flying last year, which all i seem to do now.have been using quads for this and my srx helo,but wanted better range/battery life. looked at all the planes on offer (have flown planes from 14-26 ) use to have so many half never got flown.did not want to do like i use to nitro duct fan (cost to much ) so going for a cheap float around with the hh delta ray , its old now, but you can still get all the parts, you can up-rate the brushed motors or change them over with a bit of work to brushless . small so i can carry it . will change the colour from white/blue, to sand camo as this bird will only fly as a fpv bird, over the beach/sand cliffs were i live.will use the brushless motors from my dead x1 quad and use some 20amp afro esc .have a spare rx for a srx200 helo which should work ok. here is my stock d/r with fpv gear fitted........... tested my safe rx from the safe helo , did not work- no rudder on half of control (helo would spin with no power to tail motor -and power for the other half). looks like a lemon rx will have to be used,which other owners of the d/r say works well, but can use the rtf radio . have ordered a lemon 7 ch rx part number lm0044,as they say the radio for the d/r can be used and the two spliters . on one of my quad frames (g10 ) it comes with plates so that you can fit smaller motors, these will work well to give the motors some better support
Posted by sweets | Jul 09, 2016 @ 03:06 PM | 7,587 Views
well my jjrc quad is dead.it did a re-cali at full speed while in a tight bank. flopped into the ground at speed. frame,blades and motors ok but 4 in 1 esc burnt out one esc.so its re-build time (re-build time on the cheap ). have a thunder qq super that i got from banggood, have one of these controlers on my 550 heloquad, and have had no problems with it and its perfect for a float around fpv set up.as my x1 motors are fine will fit these. the frame is a diatone diy 250 g10 mini (all of 7.68) from banggood and 4 - 6.00 esc. will use my spare kds k-8 rx. have some 7.4- 1300 ma bats and some 11.1- 1000ma bats, and a 0.80 pdb. so to get my 250 size quad back into the air i have had to spend 32.48. if you have done any rc for a time you always have bits in your bit box, its a shame as i have 8 other esc but i only have two that are the same and could not remember what they were from. made up light sets for front and back from some cob torches that run off 3.7 volts.as this quad will have the new eachine ef-01a10 25mw camera combo fitted ,a 3.7-500 ma bat will be fitted which will run the fpv ,or the lights when flying los .now its the wait for parts to turn up .have a 2 way small switch so can have a switch to control the power to cam/lights. the 250 frame worked well and after lots of flying,have a 330 frame on the way .will use all the same components but with a 330 frame will have more room for all the bits i want to fit
Posted by sweets | Mar 14, 2016 @ 10:32 AM | 7,654 Views
i was given an old ifly -4s 550 quad which had a faulty f/c . have a new quad f/c from banggood on order. have tested the motors/esc and power dis board and all work ok. have a kds 7x11 tx and a kds8 channel rx ,but i also have some old hk 450 helicopter shells. so i though why not put a helo shell on a quad. as there is so much media about quads . a helo with 4 props is still a helo ( a quad with a suit ) as i want something with a bit more range for my fpv flying it uses all my old bits (radio/shells ). to start with test fitted the quad into an old plastic lynx shell , that i used to test paint with. the quad frame is bolted to 4 stand offs, which in turn are bolted through the landing legs, through the helo shell and into the stand offs. this makes the quad frame ,shell and landing legs one solid unit..will have plenty of room inside the shell for my fpv kit,osd and power pack for the fpv kit and room for a 3s-3000 or 4000 ma bat for the quad. when i have tested everything will change it over to the coast guard helo shell.have such a nice area to fly need something with better flight time. for those of you who may want the shell http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Agusta-Wes...RQJv-k76g4jBhQ the more i looked at the shell like this the more i liked it. will have to remove all the old paint. will then drill holes in shell (to reduce weight ) and cover over with very fine net which will then be painted at same time as shell,have done this before and covers well. this will also give lots of cold air for the escs inside the shell
Posted by sweets | Nov 07, 2015 @ 01:35 PM | 7,494 Views
were i live on the isle of wight (off the coast of england ) there is a camp site with large feilds,cliff,beach,sea . the owner lets people fly there helos,cars,multies-- each year (twice a year ) there is a large amount of fpv pilots who come and fly here . they always let you know were they are( as i could be flying my helo ) and you can look on their moniter to see what they see. its good but as i fly helos, im not into multies, and the bat of the helo would not give me 20 min flights.was looking at the hh va1100 kit and as its light , low range thought would be ok for my small helo , if i need more range for in the feild can put another antenna on the fat shark , if the veiw is not any good i can change the camera ( this mod by piper j3 ) as i only want to fly around the feild . put it onto another hh huey shell (the srx just flys so well with this shell ).. today fitted the ib-crazy 5 turn helical antenna and range is no longer a problem no los even at 500 mtr so now i just have to wait for the wind to drop
Posted by sweets | May 07, 2015 @ 01:18 PM | 8,603 Views
going to do a step by step fitting of a huey shell to the srx 200. another one is on its way. you can use the cp version or the sr version . my fisrt one was with the sr shell as the front comes off to change the bat, found this perfect for multi flights. parts need blh 1740= shell , blh 1741= landing skids (better than stock skids ) blh 1742 = kick up tail mount blh 1744 = tail boom. a stock tail motor mount, wire to incress the lenght of the wires from esc to tail motor. with this shell fitted the 200 looks bigger and looks good in flight . am still going to use the rkh 4/2 blade set up, will take photos on each part/fit.why do you need the tail boom, if you make your own booms you dont, but if you are new to moding look at photo (3) and see how much the tail will grow to fit the shell. the blue cross marks the tail motor centre, the tail is further out and also higher off the ground. with the sr boom you have to fit an ali adaptor to the end which fits the kick up tail , this is fitted to the tail with a grub screw. the end that fits the frame has to go from 8mm down to 5 mm to fit the frame . my first one i fitted 6mm carbon rod ,ground down to 5 mm for the frame end and some electrical tape around the carbon , so that it was tight inside the sr boom and then used ca glue. photo (3) top boom. its also good to get a spirit level bubble fitted between the frame above the tail boom as when it is in a shell you do not know if its level. you can just see the level in photo...Continue Reading
Posted by sweets | Apr 15, 2015 @ 01:56 PM | 23,545 Views
i had an old rkh 4 blade head were the blade tracking was out. would have to bend the blade grips to get the tracking correct so i though i would use bits of it for a new head. removed two of the arms and fitted original spec blades ( longer and stiffer than the rkh blades ) did away with the spacer which goes between the swash and the head and with a pitch reader ajusted my pitch to 6 deg then to 9.5 deg and so far the test flights have been fun will soon be put back into the huey shell again, tested the max pitch i can get which is 14 deg think this is a bit much , like a barn door but it might give the whoop that normaly goes with a huey the blades make enough sound at 9.5 deg... update so far have done 3hrs total air time with the 9.5 deg set up with no problems .will have to keep an eye on air time to see when my frame starts to give out...have found the limit of the c/f main sharft ,its 12 deg pitch fast dive and full power, back to good old metal again...... waiting for c/f parts to turn up so that i can use the new shell as a mould then make a huey shell in 3k twin will be stronger than the plastic of the shell and when i vacume infuse the resin should still be light
Posted by sweets | Dec 15, 2014 @ 04:53 PM | 9,287 Views
when i started like most people had a coax. it was large 400 size but had a freston tail (think it was a walkera re-badge in a ec 135 shell ) still had bits of it in my bit box . as (always crash ) has worked out how to fit an extra esc to the 200 and has put the info on the thread i thought would be an ideal tail blade to fit to the 200 when i fit my 4 blade main head. had not thought about it before as the duel esc would reach lvc and shut the rear tail motor down, being a bigger blade with more blades would pull more power, have a 30 amp simon k softwear esc on the way from hk was only 8.50 .,have flown the 200 with the new tail fitted and it worked ok i just had to take it easy.....also have a ad-100l motor which the chaps in germany used when they changed the rear esc.fitted the 30 amp esc and its a lot smoother than the stock tail esc.. so now my bird is with this spec (test bird ) 13 tooth motor pinion,104 main gear which gives me a mind blowing head speed of 5676 rpm , 4 blade head, 30amp esc (to be changed to 20 amp when back in stock in uk ) for tail motor, stock tail motor , 6 mm solid carbon own made boom , 10 blade rear tail blade , half of cx2 bell shell, 1000 ma bat, hk metal gear servos,larger wires soldered to tail motor wires and 3mm plugs to tail esc, and it flys like a dream. now back into test bird set up,it may look a mess but it flys like a dream,fast smooth and responsive
Posted by sweets | Oct 29, 2014 @ 04:23 PM | 9,794 Views
in order to fit the bat in original position you have to cut of the original bat holder,and make a new holder at a steeper angle in order to fit the shell .the frame will not go all the way in as the servos hit the top of the shell,you end up with 1/4 inch out the bottom,which will be covered with some pet plastic and painted to match the rest of the shell. the tail does not line up ,shell boom slightly higher than the frame so a (z) bracket will have to be made. due to tail motor heat/problems will not have tail in correct position , will have the tail further out the back so that it is in the air flow and can be changed out with ease . don't think you will see it in the air, did the first mock up of a (z) bracket and found the bends were to tight,have changed it to two pins through a section of ali plate, each pin is at 180 deg ,so the first pin will fix into a section of carbon tube which fixes into the boom grip ,the second pin which is above the first pin will fix into the new tail boom, will adjust the angle to match the shell, the shell will have a slight tilt forward when fitted (will look like its going forward when its in a hover ) as the frame sticks out the bottom going to fit stock landing skids, checked it out and it looks ok. the new carbon boom has been drilled and taped to screw onto the boom screw ,fitted lugs to shell to help front line up .cut down some 450 fuse lugs,these hold the top rear of the shell in position,fitted brace to front bottom of...Continue Reading
Posted by sweets | Sep 27, 2014 @ 12:09 PM | 9,895 Views
today my tail burnt out in mid air. so am going to get the bits together in order to do away with the duel esc like some people in Germany have done. so far have a ad-100l tail motor,a 10 amp hk esc on its way also a dymond smart 18 amp esc which have to be ordered once I have an e mail back from Europe , time will tell how it goes together as had no response from the german site that I found the original info on, but have to solve the tail problem.also had a servo fail in flight,so fitted some turing tgy-90s servos. had to mod the eli servo,cut off a section of the bottom fixing so that it would push up to the frame and drill new fixing holes.the frame had to have a bit shaved out to let the ail servo fit in when they were fitted,used some hot glue and cyno to give extra support. had to reduce gain (1) to 70 and gain(3) to 30 fly s again have put 8 1000 ma bats through it and no problems after lots of testing 21 hrs air time have not had a problem so for me its a done mod.ALWAYSCRASH has found more info ,if when you fit the extra esc if you then do a rx re-set you should end up with safe in adv mode . when he said about it i had to give it a try, and blow me down -he was right . so now i have self level in a 3 modes..did some power tests and found my main motor on full chat would pull 13.6 amps add this to the 15.3 that the tail could pull =28.9 amps , stock bat only rated at 24 amps
Posted by sweets | Sep 09, 2014 @ 03:18 PM | 10,422 Views
found a pet plastic 220 size shell, so though would fit it to my 200 srx as I like a helo to look like a helo. even though its a 220 size shell, as the 200s blades are long and the shell has a kicked up tail, the main blades would hit the tail blades have added a section of pet plastic to the tail section in order to increase the length. will use the carbon boom with a section added and a kick up section at the end . as the shell is an ec 145 should look ok will have to make a brace for the tail boom as the orig position for the tail boom is to low for the shell.will paint in high vis paint on the outside and spray with varnish to give a gloss finish photos to follow.......so far so good
Posted by sweets | Aug 29, 2014 @ 03:38 PM | 9,564 Views
have had the blade 200 for some time now and its very good just a bit small for my poor eyes, so why not do a 450 size helo. after all the work on the f45/450 should be easy. will start with a hk dfc kit (its cheap so if it goes pear shaped no big deal) will use the 200 for the rx and esc ,tail motor the blades will be plastic/carbon fibre seim-sym as all the large scale boys use them (good lift/head speed ratio) the tail motor will be matched to an etrem tail unit as I want to gear up the tail so that the tail motor has less work to do. the swash will come from a fp helo, still looking at the present ,have one but not very good ok for mock up. even though will use the 200 esc this unit will only be used to drive the 40 amp esc for the main motor( control output) but will power the tail motor. will have to make up links from servos to swash, and from swash to dfc haed. will use digital servos mg which will need to be quick going through hk list at present when I have all the bits will thke photos of the build and list all part numbers spec in case any one wants to do the same...... with all the faults with the esc/tail motors would be to much of a danger with a 450 size helo falling out of the sky . had my 200 just shut down , tail stopped and fell . when I got to it tail was cold and tail motor worked so esc had shut down in flight scarrrrry did some checking and found that in Germany they have tested a number of motors,and new esc(2) and have had no problems this is good as my 450 winter project is back on. have now done 68 hrs air time with the added 30 amp afro esc with simon k softwear and have had no problems so i know this works, will use the afro on the tail and another afro (40 amp up front )should work ok . doing a move at this time so project will have to wait
Posted by sweets | Nov 11, 2013 @ 02:45 PM | 10,190 Views
have been looking at the problem of blade flex on our fixed pitch blades. as the size goes up we need bigger blades. laid back racer found some blades from a large coax (qs8008) .have cut a set of these blades down to 1 inch along whole length have tested deflection and with a 100 gram weight on the end the blade deflected by 7 mm . this I think is good but with a 450 size bird we can put a lot more power to the blades. this got me thinking have done a lot of work for a aero company that us carbon fibre no wing sections .have been on the net and starter kits for skinning a product with carbon are very cheap. if I cover the blade think this will make the plastic blade stiff,-----well that's the plan will have to adjust the blade grips but this should be a simple job. time will tell as the kit is on its way--this is how the f45 blades and qs8008 coax blades turned out--sweet did a mock up of my vac chamber to find any faults. need to bolt two blades together and place a bar under the blades,this should stop the vac down plastic from bending the blades
Posted by sweets | Nov 08, 2013 @ 05:49 PM | 12,252 Views
the new gyro turned up today boy the photo on hk web does not give a size . big box well packed but empty ----ops no its not empty its that the gyro is so small--1 inch by 1 inch by 1/2 inch
Posted by sweets | Aug 12, 2013 @ 01:35 PM | 10,418 Views
started the 45/450 build changed orig servos on kds 450 as same as f45 for turnigy tgy-50090m as wanted metal servos .the kds 450qs is a nice copter as a first cp helo but its now starting to look a bit rough .as it got all the nice bits computer tx ,7ch rx,head lock gyro ,40 amp esc,brushless main motor and belt rear drive don't like the feel of the kds transmitter always used futaba when I did planes&cars it will make the ideal parts bin changer main shaft size as per f45/450 thread re programed tx to 2 servo swash and removed all pitch curve across whole range have to go to hobby shop for bits to make up links may even use orig swash as theres a lot more movement ,decisions ,decisions