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Posted by btsai | Sep 29, 2010 @ 08:39 AM | 4,245 Views
Starting to build some Yaks again for some friends. Posting some build info here and will post pictures as I go along, too... Enjoy!


More build notes:

Welders does work for servos, but I think I like hot glue even better -- easier to take off in case you ever need to replace a servo.

Welder glue is at Lowes. In the glue aisle, but not with the other glue, but in an end display (I think with bathroom adhesives or something like that...).

Servos don't need to be big. Most of our first ones were outfitted with HXT500's -- not big at all. I don't think they center that well, and the gears are a little fragile. Other than that, I'd think they would be fine.

I have a couple of these on another plane and like them. Am planning to use them on my next build for myself.

Only $5 and he ships locally for free.