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Posted by ramoooo | Dec 18, 2015 @ 01:18 PM | 3,445 Views
Hi guys,

I need some HELP.

8 month ago I flew my new 3DHS 120cc extra. on the second day while flying the ailerons started to Violently turn right ( 45-90 degrees instantly). Every time I corrected the plane the ailerons would do it again( every 1-2 seconds apart) since I'm experienced 3d pilot I managed to land even though it was a hand full as the wing almost clipped the ground repeatedly.
I haven't flew it since as I have other planes.

Today the same thing occurred while flying my 3DHS 120cc Slick. this plane has at least 15 gallons with no trouble. but at around the 6th flight ( after changing both batteries) I went up and the same thing started happening. violent right turns with no inputs. again I managed to land and started to investigate.

on the ground both planes acted normal. No loose wires even when I start the plane and move the wires around nothing happens. when I flew it again the plane started to violently turn right.

the setup on both are identical except the servos. which are
1. Spektrum power safe receiver AR 12120 DSMX
2. Spektrum telemetry Tm 1000
3. Ultra IBEC from Aero-tech
4. Dual battery for receiver
5. No loose wires that I found on either
6. servos on the extra are Savox 1270
7. servos on the SLICK are Futaba BLS 152

the only thing in common is the TX which is Spektrum DX18 GEN 1. but the first event with the EXTRA is 8 month ago and today the SLICK started the same thing. I have 120cc H9 BEAST with the same setup and Foamies with no problems.

my servos on the wings ( servos on each ailerons are matched using the TX.

this is now driving me crazy as I cannot figure out the problem.
Note: on the ground when I tested both planes, everything runs fine and no glitch. its only when I'm up on the air this happens.

I would appreciate any helps or feedback.
Posted by ramoooo | Feb 28, 2013 @ 04:23 AM | 3,178 Views
Hi Guys,

I'm looking to get into quad rotor mainly for FPV flying. As you know there are many companies out there with different systems.

I'm completely new to Quad. I use to fly Heli's and was good at them but stopped about a year ago. All I fly now are 3d planes so I'm not new to RC.

So I was looking at the Multiwiicopter / Century NEO 600 / and DJI 450.

what do you guys recommend ? is bigger better ?

Also what's better the NAZA or the Paris ?

I would like to get something that would last me for a while down the road. when I use to fly Heli's I went through 400,450, 500, 600. I liked the 600 the best cause it performed the best for me. so I dont want to do the same mistake by getting something and then soon after change it cause it was not enough of a machine.

I would appreciate any help and suggestion.....
Posted by ramoooo | Sep 11, 2012 @ 11:38 AM | 3,552 Views
I'm interested in either a 3dhs slick or an extremeflight Edge in 50cc, I'm looking for someone who has experience in both and can tell me which one is the best 3D plane. I know both planes are some of the top out there, but I can only afford one so which one should I go with ?
I know a lot of people will have mixed feelings and be bias toward one airframe but I'm only looking for people who flew both and can tell me which one is the better 3D plane.
I'm not trying to start anything but I never flew either plane or seen them in person.