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Posted by Peteohms | Mar 30, 2009 @ 05:06 PM | 4,119 Views
Here's my latest toy (Kitfox III) in a long line of flying things. I started modeling at about age 12 with u-control. I flew a couple Cox planes, as I recall a Cub and a Pitts as well as some balsa kits. When I was about 14 I built a stick model free flight tow line glider that actually flew. While in college sitting in calculus class I used to day dream about what an radio controlled would be like. I managed to scrape together $35 for a used single channel tube xmitter and super regin receiver and rubber powered escapement and put it in a 1/4a glider called, I believe, a Nomad which I had been flying free flight. Though it flew I still frequently had to chaise it. Eventually I purchased a shoulder wing 1/2 a kit and bought a single channel servo and had some success with that.
Nomad Picture copied from groundfx post on (