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Posted by livonia bob | May 09, 2012 @ 07:34 AM | 21,994 Views
Slipper clutch instructions

Before we start lets make it clear what the tail gears are called.. The "A" gear is the one that is driven by the main gear and it's under the metal cover under the main gear.. Unless you have already stripped this gear there is no reason to go in there.. The "B" gear in on the tail's drive shaft that's inside the tail boom again unless you have messed this up there is no reason to touch it.. Unless you have the newer B gear with the tit on the back which you will have to remove as it makes the B gear to close to the new collar. The "C" gear is the one on the Tail Rotor shaft and this is the only one you need to be worried about.. And this one "C" you have to strip out the "D" hole that the shaft fits into to make it a "O" hole so it slips on the tail rotor shaft when you rotate it..

UPDATE.. Some of the newer V120D02S and replacement gear sets are using a new "B" gear that is a little thicker and the teeth may be kissing the tube. If you run into this you just have to file off a little from the back of the "B" gear so that it sits closer to the bearing on the boom.

OK lets start..

1. Remove the tail rotor blades, and the hubs using one of the Allen wrenches that were in the D02S parts bag or a OOO size Philips screw driver to removed the hub screws depending on what Walkera used on your's.. You can then pull the hubs off the tail shaft, no need to take the...Continue Reading