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Lets move here.... No more three thousand character restrictions on PMs.... And the discussion can be 'moderated' by at least deletion ...

Fair warnings to all:
1) I edit posts for clarity, emphasis, vocabulary, etc., and researching links for one to two days... just my style of writing so things are somewhat fluid til then &
2) Play nice! This is MY playspace - Trolls and Trolling by MY definition tracked to their lairs and stomped!

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I should think so. I always thought England would be THE place for preservation the model boating artifacts and history.
Toys are handled in the UK by the V&A section - Museum of Childhood. Their view is that models of the kind we are discussing are not toys... so they fall between two groupings...

Actually, modern-day England is surprising bad at remembering its history. Roger Bacon, the Franciscan friar (1213/4-1294) has a good claim to having invented the concept of 'Science' (The Wiki has a Catholic interpretation knocking this...) But at least you would think that some celebration of his 800th anniversary was due. There was a big one in 1913. But I have been chasing both Oxford and Cambridge - both History of Science and Philosophy departments and, though 'they'd like to do something', there's no budget and 'he's not really relevant today...'.
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There is nothing- absolutely nothing-
half so much worth doing
as simply messing about in boats.