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Posted by ToledoJDF | Apr 27, 2018 @ 03:52 PM | 4,241 Views
Obiviously im not talking about rc toys, (or that would be titled "Enough is Never Enough") so what am I reffering to? Ignorance, thats what im tired of, pure ignorance....a guy showed up to my place the other day to buy a really nice Moris that I had aquired, and he really seemed ok...he was talking about having built several Moris kits, and so I thought, this guy is legit, so I showrd him into my Inner Sanctum (hobby room)...and he actually used the "F" word, ...out loud...his first words were, "wow, you really are a FANATIC".....thank Goodnees my wife wasnt home, thats all i need, someone validating her poor where in the world does someone who claims to be a serious RC nut end up end up comining into my home, and using a word like that, Fanatic??...
I guess i have to go back to screening those that I let into the Inner Sanctum more thouroughly again....its just hard to figure who is OK, and who used to be simple, I would look around carefully to make sure we were alone, and ask "how many planes, helis or quads do you have? And if the guy said "oh maybe 10 or so"...(wink, wink), I knew it was ok...then one day a guy gave the right answer, only he was serious, he only had 10 planes, helis and quads, I didnt know he was being honest....he followed me in, and all he could say was "oh my gosh!, oh my gosh!,... over and over...i felt perverted, I had just ruined a young guy's perception of what &...Continue Reading
Posted by ToledoJDF | Nov 21, 2017 @ 07:42 PM | 4,644 Views
There is something inheirently wrong with the fact that I have no less than 9 planes, 8 quads and 6 helis that I haven’t flown in the past 2 years. Add to that the 5 action cameras, nine receivers, seven FPV cameras, six fc’s and eight vtx’ s , all still in their packages, that were needed for very important builds, that haven’t even been started…anyway, the problem isn’t my RC obsession as my wife would claim,

it’s my job…it gets in the way of my flying, my builds, and my bench testing, everything. If I didn’t need the money to support this obssesion, I’d have quit my job a long time ago…

I ran into a guy the other day who flies for Gaul…that’s his JOB!! He travels all over and spends all of his time flying…I told my buddies at the flying field how cool that would be, and that I was considering soliciting to the big manufacturer’s my particular skillset,

building…and they all agreed that I can build with the best of them.

I can build quads. Helis, planes, buggies…all of them faster than anyone I know, I can even build them in my sleep… At any given time you will find at least 6 to 10 builds on my shop going on simultaneously…some that I haven’t even decided what they are going to be yet…

Anyway, if any big manufacturer’s out there are reading this, I’ll be checking my “in” box daily for job offers. be sure to include the salary, liberal vacation schedule and number of free quads, planes and helis a month you plan to supply me with, (I’ll be needing batteries for those as well) and I will get back to the one with the best offer quickly.
Posted by ToledoJDF | Aug 07, 2017 @ 01:52 PM | 4,481 Views
So today when I walked in the door from work, my daughter’s beautiful 3 year-old son (both he and she are living with us right now….nope, I’m not going there unless I decide to start another separate blog on behalf of my daughter…which would most likely be called “Dumies for Parents”)…anyway, my grandson come running up to me all excited, and says, “PaPa, you got a really, really, really big box in the mail today." He said " I asked MiMi what was in it,… PaPa, what is your Last Will and testa- mint?…’cause she said it better be that…can I help you unpack your Last Will and Testa-mint, please…please? Papa, do Testi-mints taste like peppermints?

I told him “Little Buddy, it’s my birthday present, a legitiment RC purchase…so it’s justifiable…”he perked up at that word…” so is it a RC toy? Cause Mimi said that if you got another one, it was going to be justifiable…homi…, homi…, homi-cider…what kind of toy is that anyway PaPa, can I see, please, please?”

“After dinner, little buddy, …,after dinner.,..,” my mind was racing…

“By the way, where exactly in the house is Mimi, little buddy”

You see, I made the mistake of telling my wife the package that I brought home 3 days ago from the hobby store was my birthday present, too. I never do well when my wife decides to count my purchases….

Regardl, later I’ll tell you about my purchases…unless I run into Mimi beforehand…
Posted by ToledoJDF | Jul 19, 2017 @ 04:48 PM | 6,236 Views
I’m Dave, and I’m an RC. (Remote. Control) addict. Notice I did not say I’m a recovering RC addict, so that means I’m still a practicing, full fledged, not even hiding it RC addict.

Most addicts have an RC vehicle of choice….I’m no exception, my RC of choices now is mostly quads, and still occasionally my planes. While I’m addicted to all forms of RC, I started many years ago with Planes (for many oldtimers, this was the gateway RC ofcchoice, their starting point)…and like most addictions, in the beggining, mine was “for fun”. I was what is reffered to as a ” casual” RC’er , only doing it with friends, never alone or in private, and only on weekends, never during the week, and never exceeding my budget allowance. Then one day, the planes weren’t enough, they no longer filled the need, that giant gapping hole, and I tried Boats.

At first, Boats gave me that fresh high again, a renewed exhilaration. Then, like with the planes, one boat didn’t work any more, and I had to have more boats, and more. Soon I was caught in embarrasing situations because of my addiction, using my neighbor’s pools to run my boats, without their permission, while they slept at night. I had no logical explanation, I had to lie about my reasons for RCing ( “sweetheart, I only bought it because Paul did, I was just trying to keep him from RCing alone”), and I began to fabricate elaborate stories (“I missed work yesterday because my aunt died”, and the wake was at the hobby shop?).

And then there...Continue Reading
Posted by ToledoJDF | Aug 17, 2016 @ 10:13 AM | 6,056 Views
So, Im flying quads and drones more than my planes this year, and almost no heli time, which I would have said 3 or 4 years ago would never happen. I dont need to sign up for, and wait on runway time to fly the quads, and the windspeed can be less of a factor in whether I fly today or not. Been enjoying my 3rd Phantom (P3A), especially now that I have added the HDMI output upgrade and a set of FatShark Dominator V3's, also enjoying the goggles with my S550hex, and Windsurfer plane which I hand launch. Still try to get some runway time, but have been real happy with my Aries runway needed and just cool to fly. Most recently have been enjoying my newest quad, an Align M480L....really smooth and solid, trying different gimble and camera platforms.,..learning about gimble setups and tweaking, while eating thru my RC funds rapidly...