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Posted by TechTronic9000 | Today @ 06:18 AM | 77 Views

The Volantex V761-1 "Trainstar" is a mini 400mm wingspan EPP based ready to fly airplane that is mostly intended for beginners and indoor use. It's 6-axis gyro is specially designed to help people learn faster how to fly model airplanes and will also prevent most crashes due to lack of experience. When your confidence and skills increase you can always disable the stabilization system and take full manual control and increase your skills. To get more in detail about the gyro i must specify that this is a automatic leveling system that continually adjusts the control surfaces so that the plane is easy to control and prevent it from flipping, rolling or inverting it by mistake, the gyro will also increase the overall stability. The gyro has 3 workings modes and those are: beginner (full assist), mid (some assist), expert (gyro off-full manual).

The Volantex design is based on the real "Cessna" airplane model and has a common appearance. It's body is made of EPP foam which will provide sufficient resistance to an amount of crashes. Last but not least the wings are reinforced with carbon fiber rods for overall strengthening. The plane also comes with a landing gear included and very useful for taking off and landing on pavement or asphalt. The propeller is made from soft ABS so it won't get broken in a crash.

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Ragg_e Frames Shipment has arrived. We have Plenty of Spares for the WBX5 HPDE
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✅Carbon Fiber WBX5 Evolved;
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The Curse Evolved has a unique design feature that enables the user to switch between stretch 5 inch and 6 inch x frames without buying any new parts.
✅HPDE WBX5 with V2 Camera Cage
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Ragge Frames WBX5 HPDE Spares and Parts List Main Frame Spacer Module Camera Mount Module Bottom Plate Camera Protector 2 camera cage standoffs 4 main frame standoffs Some Stainless Steel fasteners Reading
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Gens ace updated lipo 8400mah 3 cell 11.1v for Traxxas E-maxx is ready in stock,welcome people
to try it out.Super light weight and most consistent battery.

Pic source and
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I put my Convergence in the wrong way and I need to change an elevon servo and can't figure how to remove it. Any advice?
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We are so excited to announce that Tattu Facebook will gave a giveaway about Tattu Solar Powered Battery S-Line on April Fools' Day.

The Prize will be:
First Prize: 4* TA-RL-95C-1550-4S1P
Second Prize: 2*TA-RL-75C-1300-4S1P
Third Prize(two places): Tattu Cap

Like Tattu Page on Facebook if you are interested in it.
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So I have previously purchased a 3D printer and designed some servo covers for a fellow hobbiest and it got me thinking, I could design custom serve covers and sell them to customers who want them, they'll come in white plastic so they could be painted, and they'd be fairly cheap depending on the design, if you thing this is a good idea contact me and it may happen
Posted by PittSpecial | Yesterday @ 10:43 PM | 381 Views
Excuse me for coming here real late about this model but, I was wondering if anyone noticed how super heavy it is?

Why do I ask?

Because I found out tonight! Can you all say 4.25 ounces !!!

EDIT: Can you believe a GRAND Total of 8.5 Ounces of DEAD WEIGHT!!!

It is just unbelievable to me that any vendor would do this to such a nice looking model.

For those who have this model and been trying to lighten it up then, you would need to literally DIG into the bottom, frontal side of the FUSE. However, what I did was to DIG out from the FRONT BOTTOM side of the FUSE and right below the Wood Firewall and carefully cut the glue along the bottom Frontal side in order to slightly separate the two FUSE sides just enough slide those LARGE and HEAVY STEEL SOLID ROLLER Bearings!

I got the model when a member of my RC Club had been frustrated that one of the Retracts didn't work anymore because it seems like some glue went inside the housing from a previous crash / repair and he purposely crash the model and I came running and told him that I would like the model because it was back in January and he had that wild look in his eye to throw it in the Burn Barrow that we use for heat during the winter season.

He took his Motor, ESC and Receiver and he gave it to me so, here we are ladies and gentlemen.

It is just unreal to me that any vendor could do this to any "FOAM" model as this is why we purchase these FOAM models so, they can be light!
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Episode 24 of the RC Roundtable podcast is now available. This time around, we talk about:

-RC Judge
-Stolen RC Gear
-RISE House Racer Challenge
-3D Lab Print Cessna 152
-Model Modification Stories
-Model Aviation Editor, Jay Smith
-Jay Talks AMA Expo East
-Model Aviation How-To Issue
-AMA's Generations of Flight Program

You can visit our website at to listen over the web or download an MP3 of the show. Or, you can subscribe to RC Roundtable on iTunes.

We would love to read your comments and ideas. Please drop us a line here, our facebook page, or email:
Posted by ROLLING CIRCLE | Yesterday @ 09:39 PM | 407 Views
Fast paced indoor 3D video ahead. Use caution

MARCH MADNESS (2 min 56 sec)

Posted by JeffMac | Yesterday @ 09:25 PM | 407 Views

Hi Everyone=

the above link goes to my The Baker's Dozen build-off model the Tranquilizer designed by Don McGovern.

Please check out the build log for all the details....

flight vid link:
Don McGovern Tranquiliizer electric rc conversion (0 min 51 sec)

the Tranq is a nice flying model, thank to George " Sundancer " for running the TBD build-off..... And now, starting April 1, the TBD-2....

Best Regards,

Posted by mfwilliams | Yesterday @ 09:23 PM | 422 Views
Larry Squire sent me this email concerning last Saturday's flying on the hill. As you know, one of our most devoted club members, Dan Johns, passed exactly one month ago, on 2-25-17. At this time, I would like to share with you Larry's message. Most assuredly, Dan is sorely missed, Mike

March 25, 2017, from now on will be known as "Dan Johns Day."

Today was a "10" in the 70 s, wind 10 to 20, and thermals everywhere. A very big turnout as we got 3 new members. all of them very good pilots and flying great planes.
Around 11 oclock Jamie came with a truckload of Dans planes.Our plan was to have the guys come over and pick out what they fancied and give it a new home and if inclined,make a small donation in Dans name.
I am collecting and will send to Dans brother Mike, who has been working with us to distribute Dans "treasures".
We paused and we took time for a minutes silence in Dans honor and when our little ceremony was over there were 2 of Dans planes in the air. I got a strange feeling somehow Dan was enjoying from up above.
We still have a few planes left if any one was not able to come today.

A lot of the guys came up to me and said they are going to miss Dan and respected him for his expertise,
friendliness,and most of all his ability to solve technical problems.Last but not least, Dans tent was like
heaven on those 90 degree days.
Our friend is irreplaceable. RIP ,and my best friend is gone, Larry
Posted by gvc | Yesterday @ 09:22 PM | 426 Views
Here is a set-up that has been gobs of fun. The tug is set up for 3 channels which leaves channel 4 on the left stick to operate the rudder on the little Hawkeye glider. The retract switch is used to release the glider. The mechanism shown in the photos holds the glider securely and the release is reliable. Basically the glider is released high and a little upwind. A spotter is required to keep track of the glider while the tug is landed as rapidly as possible. Once the tug is on the ground the pilot gets to leisurely fly the glider rudder only using the left stick. It is a little challenging at first but fun to catch thermals and land at your feet. After all rudder only used to be the rule, not the exception.
Posted by gvc | Yesterday @ 08:57 PM | 432 Views
I still like to feel the pull of a plane on lines; still get dizzy. I have three. The Flight Streak flies as an electric as well as I remember on a McCoy 35. I get two 3 minute flights on a 3 cell 2200 lipo which slides into the thick wing. One can stand and do figure 8's for the entire flight. The Norvell powered Baby Clown is a handful, basically you hang on and hope it runs out of fuel soon. The Cox powered Baby Clown is mellow and fun on 35 foot dacron lines. I throw it into the car just in case I'm in the mood and the sun and wind are cooperating.
Posted by gvc | Yesterday @ 08:29 PM | 471 Views
Here is my fleet of twins and a couple of four motor craft. All fly well with the exception of the derelict hand-me-down TwinStar but I am working on it. The foam "toy" glider has four GWS IPS motors in pusher configuration. It has a flying stab and vertical fin for pitch and roll/yaw control. The Multiplex Cargo has four speed 400 brushed motors with a single 50 amp ESC on 3 cells. It is a fantastic flying plane.
Posted by uiorin | Yesterday @ 08:00 PM | 458 Views
Battery : 7.4V 1500mAh Large Power Li-ion Battery (INCLUDED)
Charge Time : Around 2.5 hours
Motor : 390 High-Speed Motor
Speed : 35-40km/h
Remote Control Distance : ≥80m
Remote Controller Battery : 4 * 1.5V AA Batteries (NOT INCLUDED)
Use Time : Around 15 minutes
ESC : 40A
Frequency : 2.4GHz
Feiyue FY02 Vehicle Size: 35 * 21 * 12cm
High-Temperature Protection: When receiver working temperature is higher than the pre-set temperature, receiver will protect drive as well as control circuitry, and restore to work after cooling down to the pre-set temperature
Posted by AlkaM | Yesterday @ 07:46 PM | 457 Views
This esc is an all nfet design similar to what you find in the blueseries escs or afro esc's or many others. How this design works is by using a simple charge pump arrangement to drive the gate of the upper nfet. Slow to turn on because the gate has to be turned on through a resistor that also limits the current while the gate is off. Fast to turn off.
Because the gate is in the off state more than on, current is flowing through that resistor most of the time and because of the thermal limits of the resistor.. This will be the limiting factor for this type of esc high side turn on time. Knowing this you can play around with the value depending on the voltage you intend to use. If you only need it to run on 2s then you can lower the value of this resistor and have a higher current to turn the gate on.
This goes for all ESC's using this type of nfet charge pump drive. R29 in this picture below.

The common value chosen is 2200Ohms by most manufacturers, this allows safe running at 16 volts. 16V / 2200 = 0.0072, i^2 * r = P = 0.11 Watts. This is even still slightly over the package 1/10 watt limit for 603 sized but under for 805 sized resistors. There is also a diode drop and the fact that its only conducting 2/3 of the time so its fine. If you only use it for 8 volts then you can lower the resistor. You cant just bypass the resistor out because then you would have a short from V to ground though the diode that charges the cap.

The low side switching time will be...Continue Reading
Posted by Craig Does RC | Yesterday @ 07:28 PM | 459 Views
It all started in the HobbyKing Customer Service thread with Ian(HobbyKing customer service rep) flat out lies to another RCG forum user about prices not changing over at HobbyKing since the website "upgrade" happened. I have marked the comment in question in bold red.

Originally Posted by HobbyKing_Ian
One of the issues on the new site is that out of stock items are not displayed. Hopefully that will be taken care of shortly

Prices have not moved however, your local currency may have.
Having made a lot of purchases from HobbyKing in the past 2 years, I immediately knew he was full of crap because I noticed big price hikes on both products and shipping costs and called him out on his lie which was deleted by Rob(another HobbyKing customer service rep) but it still lingers on the thread in a quote from another user agreeing with me.

Originally Posted by Craig Does RC
Don't insult our intelligence by lying to our faces. HobbyKing prices have indeed gone up by a significant amount on nearly everything you carry. It is one thing to defend your place of employment for brownie points but to tell such blatant lies... let's just say it is concerning.
I used to be a big fan of HobbyKing until I realized I can buy the same exact products from the actual manufacturers for less money, free shipping, and customer service that is years ahead of the clowns at HobbyKing.

Keep lying to your customers and removing any comments that aren't licking the butt of HobbyKing and you will soon be left with only that one cuck from the UK that comes to your defense every time something negative but 100% true is posted about the company.