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writing a little after the fact here, but i recently built my wife her 9th anniversary gift. I know that she likes sparkly things, music, unexpected gifts. so I tried to do what I could to combine these aspects to win this year
so I knew for a while she wanted a bluetooth speaker but would never buy one for herself, its too expensive, I'm the tech guy etc. I also know she likes retro sort of things, so it had to look like a tape playing boom box in my mind.

so armed with this I started secretly working on it whenever she would work late or be gone with a friend. being sure to check the mail myself for any parts I had ordered
I figured it needed to light up in some cool ways, and looked around my things until I remembered I had a bundle of fiber optics from a lamp I bought when I was 15 PERFECT!
but how to light them up and where to put them?

I thought about this for some time and decided that the top panel should have a saying or something that she would like. I used a lifeline and bounced my initial idea off one of her friends. first I had thought of making it say "# TEAM JESS" (she would have liked it) but her friend convinced me to do something more romantic and use our wedding date.
so it was finally settled, to be "D&J 3-15-08" that's 10 characters to be lit up by...something and it can't just be an on/off situation, that's not fancy
the next time I was at Radioshack (prior t the mass store closings) I saw the perfect thing for...Continue Reading
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AKK X1 & X1P 5.8ghz FPV VTX. Both power switchable from 0/25/200/600mW.
Most of specifications are same. The only different is X1P has a Pigtail, X1 without.
And here is the review of two products on youtube:
AKK X1 & X1P 5.8ghz FPV VTX Review (3 min 56 sec)
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People will now be able to watch drone racing on TV at home, but the makers found it was really challenging for people to watch the races live at the events.
This is because the drones are about the size of dinner plates and travel at speeds of 80mph - which can make them quite tricky to film and watch.
So, they have been looking into making special headsets which the audience can wear, so that they can see the drones from a FPV as well as the racers, and also see close-ups of the race on a tablet.
As well as this the makers have used bright and colourful LED lights on the drones and the obstacle course, to make things easier to see from further away.
In terms of safety, some drone race venues put big nets all around the audience to protect them, in case any drones crash or get a bit too close.
The current professional race courses are all in America, but may people are hoping to bring the professional drone race to C hina soon.
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I admit I'm obsessed on making foamys look like a surf board. I don't even like the way they sound when you pick them a beer cooler.
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Marble racing
Sand Marble Race 2017: Tournament Race 6 (2 min 12 sec)

Full Scale Heli Racing
Helicopter Air Races (5 min 54 sec)
...Continue Reading
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YI 4k Plus vs Thieye 5TE comparison

First a comparison of the jpegs showing cropped and then no post processing, just reduced in size. 2nd set is just reduced to 2100 x 1575 (3.3 MP), no processing.

The Thieye looks like it does processing in camera, iso 400 sharpness soft, AWB.
The Yi 4k+ , iso 400, color flat, low sharpening, shutter auto. For color it has YI or flat, with flat AWB is disabled. You can also shoot JPG with DNG (raw).

Next set is the YI dng file converted to jpg and resized
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Helicute H818HW RC Quadcopter - RTF Unboxing, Flight and Review (13 min 22 sec)

Where to get one:

Cool looking great flying Quadcopter! The H818HW is alot of fun, I forgot the sd card so this video is everything but the FPV and footage from the quad. Ill have a followup video soon with that! Be sure to subscribe so you dont miss it!

Youll notice the rear arms are higher on the body than the front, one of the unique features of this quad, as well as the three legged landing gear, I really like the looks and flight characteristics of this one.

- Spare parts
- Flies great
- Great range
- Long flight time (est 10min)
- Unique looks
- Lights
- Camera

- Flip button and RTH didnt work on mine

Main Features:
● With WiFi camera, you can enjoy the 720P HD FPV on your phone
● Forward / backward, turn left / right, up / down, sideward flight
● Four bright LED lights ensure the visibility and flight safety at night
● 6-axis gyroscope reduces vibration and ensures more stable performance
● 2.4GHz 4-channel transmitter, anti-interference, 100m long control distance
● Built-in 3.7V 1000mAh lithium-ion battery provides up to 13 minutes' flying

App download: QR code on the package
Compatible system: Android, iOS
Brand: Helicute
Type: Outdoor,Quadcopter
Model: H818HW
Features: Brushed Version,Camera,...Continue Reading
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This is about the baddest RC Corsair I've ever seen. Moki 250 radial engine, folding wings, and an amazing pacific theater finish. It looked and flew amazing!

Giant RC F4U Corsair (CARF) with Folding Wings & Radial Engine - Warbirds & Classics 2017 (5 min 19 sec)

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Heres the green and blue cord with Samsung earphone for a rcgroup member shipping today, looks nice.
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as i fly 2 meters e gliders and fly up high, its easy to loose a plane if taking my eyes out of it even for a few seconds. recently i lost 1 for this. luckily it was found and got it back after 5 days. found by members of the club, at the edge of the east ditch. i was gliding almost overhead, facing a westerly, and as i could not see it, i put it into a spin for a few seconds, then released controls, and as i didnt see it, tried again the spin, then after a while turned off the radio. couldnt see it anywhere so went home. seems that the maneuver worked because it fell not too far. when i lost another plane in sudden fog, i didnt do anything and it was found about 1 kilometer away, so i learned that it is better to spin it and have more chances to find it nearby, as it happened now. damage was a cracked fuse at the wing leading edge (polyurethane took care), and a broken wing at a dihedral-now fixed. all was fine (except the battery-lipo), so seems that the impact was not hard. it is a great sensation to get a message telling that the plane was found
and yes, it has my name and phone-all my planes. just in case. sometimes it works.
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Really nice Yellow Volantex V792-4 ATOMIC 2.4G Brushless PNP 60km/h Atomic Boat.

Boat arrived today, this is PNP version, means need additional:
- Transmitter
- Receiver
- Battery
- Charger.

Thanks to BG Tobey from Banggood for the sample, product link:

Came with two random colors, red and yellow. Thanks God received the yellow one, I like this color.

- Material: ABS Hull
- Length: 700mm
- Hull width: 180mm
- Servo:40g waterproof
- Motor: Brushelss 1800KV Water-cooled
- ESC: Brushless Water-cooled 40A, 2-4S Lipo

Will test soon with my kids, here's my initial pictures:...Continue Reading
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Nice, cheap, fast option if you need a camera/vtx for a tiny whoop style quad or a 5 inch if you want to be different, lol!

Akk Technologies BS2 micro camera vtx review (6 min 27 sec)
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New videos up on YouTube hit like share subscribe
armattan chameleon windmill diving fpv freestyle (8 min 29 sec)

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Previous post was 5 years ago!

I've got many hobbies and my RC time the past few years got taken up with building multirotors and trying to get a Drone Company off the ground in South Africa which is a hell of a mission.

I'm clearing out my garage and sorting out my stuff. Even unpacking some boxes from 5 years ago.

I just bought a kit Electrolyte 40mm EDF and will slowly get back into the exciting world of micro EDFs!
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Local business interests were getting annoyed by the commotion of the evening meet of hundreds of young enthusiasts of all motoring varieties. The local RCMP decided to block all of the entrances and do a paperwork shakedown.