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HRB Power
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watch this video to see how I built my landing gear
How to make landing gear for rc planes! (4 min 56 sec)

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Episode 46: "According to Jim" is now live!

In this episode, we are joined by Jim Bourke, founder of RC Groups and owner of Knife Edge Software (makers of the Real Flight RC simulators). We talk about:
- Hobbico's bankruptcy announcement
- How Jim got started in RC
- The genesis of RC Groups
- Working at Knife Edge Software
- Full-scale aerobatics
- The joys of owning a Russian airplane
- Jim's airplane wishlist
- That famous one-wing landing
- Our 2018 event plans

You can visit our website at RCRoundtable.com to listen over the web or download an MP3 of the show. Or, you can subscribe to RC Roundtable on iTunes.

We would love to read your comments and ideas. Please drop us a line here, our facebook page, or email: contact@rcroundtable.com.
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Stuff has happened and stuff has arrived !

My solar power bank has been re-paneled and is outside laying in the sun catching rays .
Got stuff for the DLG , so hopefully get that CG where it needs to be .
2s balance charging board is here ...
Those magnifying bits of plastic are here .

F3 flight board .. its 1s and 2s .. I wonder if I will need higher voltage motors ?
Oh well , I will be doing some Multi meter readings and hopefully wont kill the board ...

So looks like I need a ROUND " To It "

Just working on a FuriBee H801 review at the moment ....
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Here are some pictures of a couple of our recent TPU prints!
These designs are all available here: https://www.ultra3dprinting.com/drones
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Hi, I have a hot thread discussing all the FPV products of akktek.com, i appreciate that if you can leave your comments on that topic.
AKK Tech hot thread

Review: AKK Tek FX2 FX3 MMCX VTX Flight review!!! (12.21.2017):
Review: AKK Tek FX2 FX3 MMCX VTX Flight review!!! (12.21.2017) (6 min 34 sec)

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As promised, we have begun creating how-to videos to showcase some of our products and help our customers get the most out of the hobby. Check out our video on how to charge a lipo battery using the SkyRC iMax B6AC V2 Dual Power Balance Charger. Subscribe to our channel to never miss a video!
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my new mavic was shaking with low noise props,
tried this and it works! and costs like nothing and you don't even have to take them off to do it
(you can, for easier oil application, but I did not touch anything not to mess maybe mounting orientation and bring it into vibrating equation..this way only change is less friction between folding blades and central hub.

Gimbal Error DJI Mavic quick fix - Low noise propellers (3 min 26 sec)

what is your experience?
if some of you have same problem, please try it and report back
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Here it is... the beginning of the Yak 3U build! This plane will be a fun project for this winter. I am hoping to get this thing assembled and ready for maiden flight this Spring

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Flying the TwistedHobbys Crack Laser PRO at the first indoor fly-in of 2018!

Twisted Hobbys Crack Laser PRO Indoor (3 min 34 sec)

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Some pictures of a Hawk that I built. I cut a new wing core of S6060 profile, and it flies very well, and is a real survivor amongst my PSS fleet. ...Continue Reading
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And while having that in mind, the new videos are about to show up!

This time we bear proof to how NOT to be successful ...

S800 Sky Shadow - How NOT to be successful! (4 min 46 sec)

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Nothing like some super low altitude flying for practice!!!
#oxenfree #freestyle #2inch #mrsteele #snakefpv #gimbalguy #stingyswarmer

OXENFREE (2 min 47 sec)

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Just bought this new Funray glider kit from Multiplex. You can order a receiver ready version for $450 or the kit for $240.
I decided to go with the kit since i like to assemble my planes if it is possible. I prefer to use my standard components where ever it is possible.
First i list a few pictures that shows what you will get when you order the Kit version. Looking at the pictures you will recognize that there are a lot of parts and all of them need to be assembled somehow. Lots of parts means also that the glider will not be a lightweight thermal glider. Looking at the manual the glider will have a flying weight of 1790g (63oz) which converts to a wing load of 45g/dm. Having said that, aim for less than 30g/dm^2 if it's a warbirdy-type trainer, and 25g/dm^2 or less for a glider or gentle high wing design or a glider.
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Hi there again people who are much better than me at RC vehicles. I have still been trying to research what bevel gear I need for my RC car which is broken. On my previous post, I did state that I took apart an old RC car at school and ended up with the differential and axles of the rear part. Being the idiot I am, I didnt take pictures of the car I took apart and now its driving me crazy to fix the car. The RC car really looked like a 4x4 RC car, but was way smaller and the wheels werent as elevated. I just found out that the bevel gear has 16 teeth and is 1.00cm in diameter. The rear part itself is no more than 24cm and the differential gear is roughly 28-31 teeth. The pictures I am tagging are what are similar to the car I took apart, but smaller. If there are people out there who can try and help me with all this little evidence, please help.
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Practicing build planning. I like clean & practical.
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3500mah 100c 2s thin shorty case ,18.5*47*93mm ,

These shorty hard case lipo batteries are ideal for 1/12 scale RC cars. 2s 7.4v 3500 lipo battery housed in rugged hard plastic to help with crashes and impact. We carry two shorty race packs. This version is our latest model with even smaller form factor and much better suited to 1/12 scale touring cars. Our Thin Shorty Packs have harness style connector which allows the user to directly wire into the 4mm banana plugs to save weight and offer lower electrical resistance. Suitable for racing or bashing around the home. The latest edition to our high performance range of Lithium Polymer RC batteries.

is this kind battery welcomed by rc racers ?
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HOT SHIPPING FREE CUAV Minim OSD suporte protocolo MAVLINK OSD ARDUPILOT MEGA OSD para APM / Pixhawk / Pixhack

the OSD is the automatic identification of video formats of the camera. but if you do not pick up the camera, you can choose a point in the back does not have a camera output formats. the default is N, the welding where PAL PAL output
MinimosD, is based on the Arduino OSD. the one designed for ArduPilot MEGA and protocol MAVlink flight control system design
its main part is an Arduino ATmega328 MCU and monochrome screen MAX7456 stack chips. programming is via a FTDI compatible 6 pin connector.
it owns two independent power supply and ground part of the OSD function isolation phase of simulation: a 5 V ATMEGA part and OSD digital phase function, based on cable or other FTDI 5 V power supply; and a 5 V analog voltage phase part of the OSD function through the video / output connectors, able to handle up to + 12 V from the input power supply. welding line jump, power supply and the floor two pieces together if necessary.

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