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Posted by ChargedDust | Aug 11, 2018 @ 12:50 AM | 2,842 Views
Really hate that I feel the need to do this, but no one has ever ripped me off on this board (and neither has keron232) and I have never ripped anyone off in return. And in the spirit of maintaining this forum as a safe, honest and reliable marketplace in the future I feel compelled to call out the bad actors when the need arises. And when I say bad actors, I mean the ones that truly go above and beyond in their behavior, not just a simple disagreement about a transaction gone bad, that's what feedback is for.

So way back at the end of April Keron and I make an agreement on a purchase... (see screen cap). He pays a portion up front and says he can pay the rest ($20) beginning of next month. O.K., I'm cool with that, he says I can send one item now and he'll pay seperate shipping for the second later. I suggest he saves his money (since $20 is apparently tight for him) and I'll hold them both for him until he settles up. I thought I was helping the guy out by saving him the cost of separate shipping. There was even some sort of story about not having a paypal account and having his friend send the first part of the payment, but that is only worth mentioning in the sense that it makes the whole deal smell a bit fishy. None the less, first portion of the payment arrives 4/29/18 (see screen shot). Beginning of June rolls around and still no payment, meanwhile - he's been doing other deals here on RCG (you can check his history if you want to confirm that). I ask if he...Continue Reading