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Three more flights today of the Der Red Max R/C rocket glider with added Universal Astrocam onboard Video

Der Red Max R/C rocket glider (9 min 17 sec)

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The thing I like about the smart chargers are they do a better job balancing, more accurate, easier to read and can measure internal resistance during charging.
The downside of the smart chargers at least for mine are they are extremely slow on discharging due to their small size and lack of heat sink. Just a fan. Not a problem for me because I have other heavy duty chargers that can discharge up to 5 amps. The fact that I run my batteries down to 50% on average for every flight means I do not have to storage charge.
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I have three single chargers or smart chargers, one dual 400 x 2 charger and one quad charger with four ports.

Had one single charger die on me years back.

Now my quad charger is a three port charger because of one of the ports is bad. And it appears that maybe a second port on that quad charger is on its way out also. I know this because when I plug a battery into Port one I get 4 amps charging but when I plug into your Port too with the same cables I only get two and a half amps with the same battery and charging leads. Payed $30 for the quad charger so considering I've been using it for years I think it's not so bad. Also one time when I was charging a plastic bag block the fan holes causing charger to overheat causing the second port damage. The fact that I pushed the charger to the limit to its maximum charging capacity also probably does not help. All my other chargers are capable of charge at a much higher rate than what I'm actually using them for so I don't push those to the limit.

I have a smart charger that may have a problem with six cell batteries. It appears to work fine at the beginning but as it warms up something happens to the six cell on the charger. I made a habit of charging the same battery on that same charger which is a good idea because I've got a bunch of six cell batteries. Each six cell pack is charged on its own charger.
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So, As you can see with this pic of my RC trailer I have been a fanboy of the Cellpro 4s since 2006. Since I have my adult son, me and 3 grandsons all fly R/c and any given Sunday will show up at the field its a popular hotspot to charge at and the only charger I trust the kids or guests to use. Even at large scale events people will pop in and throw a few packs up and come back. The reliability of these chargers and now defunct FMA/Revlectrix I thought I would document a few of the items and threads into one spot as I recently went through them to get my newest ones to the backlit LCD blue screens. I hope to add as much history and content as possible. Here's the start............................
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When troubleshooting a charger it also encompasses the power supply if not internal, charger Leads, balance board, and battery, balance leads. So this blog is also about all of the above.

There are a lot of connections that can go bad intermittent or partially bad. Charger leads can break often and connectors can go bad. Bad connectors can be balance lead or battery and charge lead connectors, balance bored connectors charger lead connectors including banana plugs on some chargers.
One connection not often thought of is the connection between the power supply and the charger if the power supply is external. Feel the connections for heat. If there is heat then there is a bad connection. The same applies to battery connections and aircraft connections. Overtime the leads/connectors can fail.
Thin stranded wire will last longer than thick stranded wire of the same gauge. The more flexible the better. Preferably copper.

Internal failure in charger
Assuming your power supply is adequate for your charger, neads to supply correct voltage and current.
Problems can be in the charger internally which may not be repairable. Other than maybe simple connections inside the charger, there is not a lot you can do to fix it. I had one charger with the power supply Jack go bad on charger. I simply soldered the wire permanently to charge. The problem in many chargers is you simply can't get into it easily to repair it. Charger cover is usually a heat sink with some...Continue Reading
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Not sure what went wrong......there's no one big thing, but there's a bunch of little "That-Don't-Look-Right's"....I'm going to finish her today, but will probably just give her away......

The hatches don't fit like they should, and it seems that the polyurethane had a softening effect on the foam,,,,it will dent just by handling it.....also, I made the nacelles about 1.5" too I said, it's not one big thing...just a bunch of little stuff


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Mig 3 maiden (4 min 8 sec)

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This is so fun! And affordable! Link in vid description

Go Go Bird Bennu Bionic Flying Bird HANVON Toy Unboxing and Flight Review Ornithopter (12 min 57 sec)

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I crashed this Senior Telemaster ARF in March 2010. My restorations efforts came in fits and starts, with much progress in the past week recouping from COVID.

Lots of customizations:

Four-bolt wing attachment
rudder/elevator controls are very precise two-piece control rods with a pivot that passes it through the fuse.
Sullivan tail wheel
Castle BEC
since I shattered the aft fuse I made an open bridge structure and covered it in clear to show it off
separate RX hatch on fuse bottom
Bomb bay
Titanium tundra gear with tundra tires
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Line straight horizontal.
Wing wave/rock.
Tale wag.
Figure 8 Horizontal.
Inverted figure 8 horizontal.
Vertical figure 8 / Cuban figure 8.
Half Cuban 8.
Half reversed Cuban 8.
Barrel roll.
Inverted loop.
Inverted turn 90/180/360.
Inside loop / non-inverted at top / rolling loop.
Square loop.
Square loop inverted.
Half roll over top 180 / Immelman.
Inverted half roll over top 180 similar to outside loop.
Hammerhead / Stall Turn.
Double hammerhead / stall turn and flat vertical spin.
Flat spin.
Flat inverted spin.
Knife edge.
Knife edge turn 90 / 180 / 360.
Knife edge Tale wag.
Knife edge loop -Extreme. maneuver / flat vertical loop.
Harrier / Elevator.
Rolling harrier.
Rolling turn.
Hovering flip - extreme.
Vertical roll / up down.
Vertical Spiral / up down.
Tail slide/Vertical drop backwards or whip stall.
Flat loop.
Flat inverted loop.
Snap roll.
Snap roll. Inside/outside
Snap roll yaw.
Flare / plow.
High speed break

Ground loop is with aircraft on the ground. Sometimes with vectored thrust.
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What makes a good landing?

Good airspeed
Low rate/expo
Low angle of attack.
Knowing your aircraft's characteristics.
Wind conditions.
Judging distance.
Knowing your air field or Landing strip.
Recognizing when something is wrong and how to fix it.

Landing in a appropriate area like in the middle of the field where there are no obstacles rather than the edge of field where there are many objects to crash into. Distance is compressed when the aircraft is coming toward you and it's hard to judge distance so aim for the middle of the field is usually the better choice. Often RC pilots do not use the field in its entirety to their advantage but rather use one corner of it misjudging distance from edge of field usually where there are trees and other obstructions.
In other words don't make your descent before you're over the field. Don't pass behind trees during landings or any other time.

Landing strips
These issues become more compounded when landing in crosswinds. Increase your airspeed. Determine whether or not your aircraft lands well with or without flaps. Again judging distance is not a good idea, don't try to land at the very beginning of the air strip. Shoot more to the center is usually a better solution.

Putting wheels on the ground.
Often problems that people have on landings is they don't put the wheels on the ground before the aircraft stalls. They let their aircraft fly parallel to the ground expecting something good to happen....Continue Reading
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This part 1 of episode 3 will prepare the horns and servo pockets for the ailerons and flaps. I'll explain how to prepare the surfaces and hardware as well as getting out the epoxy for the first time in the build.

How to install the Aileron / Flap Horns and Servo pockets on the CYModel 84" Lavochkin La-7 ARF (12 min 17 sec)

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I ve built this tiny drone based on a Flywoo Firefly frame. I used standard tinywhoop parts like a Diamond F4 AIO board and 0802 motors. Props are Gemfan's 40mm bi-blades. Overall, the weight is only 24.5g without battery and Insta360 Go2.
Tiniest FPV cinedrone (8 min 1 sec)

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I'm in the process of building the Dynaflite PT-19. The manual is not very detailed, lacking steps of construction for servo mounting and fuel tank installation. I've fabricated a servo tray and I'm also building a tray to hold the fuel tank in position behind the firewall. The bill of material calls for a total of 6 servos: 3 standard, 2 high torque and 1 quarter scale servo. Again, the plans show general placement of servos in the fuselage, but no top down view. the manual shows nothing. I've determined that the 2 high torque will be used for the ailerons, the 3 standard are for rudder, elevator and throttle. I have no idea why I need a quarter scale servo.

Has anyone built this model, if so, can you share your info on your build?
Also, is there a video on You Tube? I understand there may be a video showing the build, but I haven't between able to find it.
Any help would be greatly appreciated....,,,Greg
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Futaba Magnum Jr
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Most of my Recent RC design & Building projects can be accessed on my web site:

My most recent project has been designing and refining the HIGHLANDER bush plane series variants; details on this page:

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This drone is designed to mechanically block light UAVs at a distance of few kilometers. The ratio between the drone's high engine thrust and low mass is its competitive advantage. It can fly fast. Drone rotors are used to spread the net. The high energy and mass of the rotors allows the use of a larger net. The drone is equipped with a parachute and a siren. The interceptor does not contain anything prohibited. It is classified as a racing drone. Several containers with interceptors can be placed on a patrol car.
How the interceptor drone is invented (1 min 15 sec)

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🧐Yep Les Amis,
En toute transparence !!! lol . J'ai en test depuis quelque temps le nouveau fer souder de chez SEQURE, le S1012. Original et plutt bien conu, cet appareil vous permettra non seulement, de souder domicile ou sur le terrain, mais il est galement polyvalent et acceptera des pannes de diffrentes longueur selon vos besoin. Scuris et facile d'utilisation, sa rapidit de chauffe et ses options de programmation, faciliteront certainement vos travaux de soudure. En bref, si dans le temps il est aussi rsistant et fiable que le TS100, je valide ... Prenez soin de vous (et des autres) et merci tous pour votre soutien .

SEQURE S1012 - Review Test Démo - Résultat Concours Permanent ! (19 min 7 sec)

🧐NOTATAZ : 17/20 Bien! A voir dans la dure ...

Chez SEQURE ( Coupon TAZKILLER85 ) :
- S1012 :
- SQ-D60B Fer souder :
- SQ ES126 Tournevis Elec ( coupon 10% SQES126 ) :
- Fers souder SEQURE :
- Accessoires soudure :
Chez Banggood :
- Alimentation 4-24V :
- Panne longues T12 :
- Paille de fer :
- Pompe dessouder :
- Flux conducteur :
- Accessoires soudure :

Prvisions et Nouveauts, Bientt en TEST en...Continue Reading