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Posted by Hopalong X | Nov 09, 2007 @ 08:40 PM | 13,840 Views
This is what I did to my Super Cub tail.

I used 2 bamboo skewers from Walmart- they are where they keep the cooking utensils.
Used one by one X mark and one by the other. Just make sure you miss the rear hole for the tail assembly.
I got one in 8 1/2in the other 6in. Used my hands to push it in. If it gets hard to push pull it out an inch or so and push again did this about 3-4 times on each skewer.
Adds less than 0.2grams.

Now the tail has 2 bamboo spars from the tail into the fuselage.
If I break the tail off I imagine the motor will be impaled on the rudder anyway- 200ft. nose in? LOL

Any questions send me a PM.

Anybody need 98 bamboo skewers?