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Posted by blade strike | Feb 09, 2015 @ 12:47 PM | 38,192 Views
I do the same for ALL my battery test. I bring it to a hover throw it in GPS mode and relax.)
Mark over at contacted me. He wanted me to put his brand to the test. When I first received the pack it almost looked identical to the Tattu 22,000mAh pack. After some closer review I was able to tell these were different cells. The pack is a little larger than the Tattu pack, 2700g versus 2500. Something you wouldn't really notice on an s1000 or larger bird.

I wanted to break this battery in correctly and watch the IR stabilize. I started by running the pack through the usual 10 break-in cycles taking it down to 50-60% each time.. I noticed by these first flights that the battery was not sagging and cells seemed to be perfectly matched. The only other packs I have seen like this was the Tattu.

Below is the dataset of my 12th flight on this pack, this flight I took it down right to the 80% mark. Got over 17mins of flight time on a fully loaded s1000 with GH4 HD Gimbal and Lightbridge. I put back 17663mah in the pack, so at these flight times you will not be damaging this pack. The pack was 78F in 61F ambient, so this pack wasn't even stressing this setup or times.

What I noticed was the tight voltage curve on each cell over the flight. The only other pack I have seen this type of discharge curve was the Tattu 22,000. You will notice that it's a very tight curve and cells look to be closely matched. You will also notice how little sag there is, these...Continue Reading