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Posted by Dora Nine | Jul 19, 2009 @ 06:21 AM | 27,545 Views
So get this RC Groupers: On Thursday, while I was out and about running some errands an amazing twist of fate, luck and whatever else happened to me. Long story short, I was driving by the local airport. As I passed, I noticed that one of the hangar doors were opened with what appeared to be a Extra 300 inside. Turns out after chatting with the owner for a few minutes it was actually an Extra 200. Also from the disccussion, I had previously met her over ten years ago at another airport with a different areobatic plane, a Zlin. Anyway, she had been waiting for a friend who wanted to go for a ride in her plane. Well the friend, apparently had some sort of a miscommunication with her and was elsewhere. As if reading my mind, she offered to take me for a ride. As you might have guessed, it didn't take much consideration on my part. As my luck (atleast this time) would have it, I had my camera with me for my wife to take some pics of me prior to the flight and myself to take some in-flight pics from in the cockpit. I hope you enjoy!

..and if this isn't already amazing enough, she has offered to take me flying again hopefully in the next week or two. ...Continue Reading