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Posted by Dora Nine | Aug 29, 2008 @ 04:09 AM | 31,204 Views
For while I had been doing my float flying at my local Fish and Game clubs' pond. However, come about mid summer the pond is covered in weeds which makes for quite the challenge to keep the rudder on the float free and clear.
Thankfully my solution is now Merry Meeting Lake in New Durham. This is just another four miles further down the road from my previous spot (or 12 miles from home). The lake claims to be the cleanest in New Hampshire. By the looks of what I have seen, I believe it. The water is unbelieveably clear. Look carefully in the pics and you see what I mean.
The best part, since I took these pics at the lakes' public boat ramp. I had another RC flyer come by and visit with me while I was flying. Turns out, he was inspired to get into the hobby after one of my previous visits. During our conversation, he offered his personal dock out in front of his house for me to fly at in the future. We also talked about winter flying off the frozen lake with skiis. As you can imagine I'm pretty excited about all of this. The next time I go, I'll have to ask him to take some inflight pics for me
Posted by Dora Nine | Aug 29, 2008 @ 03:43 AM | 31,152 Views
After reading how much people liked their Park Zone Vapors, I decided I needed one too. I would have to agree, this a great little plane. For me it really puts the laid back fun back into RC. Much like the Aero Ace did. In less than a week, I have probaby made atleast 35 flights on mine. Thanks to its light weight, the plane is practically unbreakable (due to a crash). I have really enjoyed flying this one. The other night I was out on the my back deck "tormenting" the neighbors cat who was up on her deck. The cat ran out on her back yard and chased the plane like it was some sort of giant moth. The plane was very easy to control and keep just out of the cats' reach. I was having so much fun that I barely had enough juice to fly back to my yard so I could change out the battery.
Another fun thing to do with the plane is to fly with just the tinest bit of breeze, I can then almost hover the plane...sometimes just an inch off the ground. Equally as much fun is just to put the plane into a harrier and hold it still with no relative motion. I can then shake the sticks and make the either of the control surfaces flutter or "wave" to my audience.
The plane isn't with out fault though. It typically takes a couple tries (atleast two) to bind with either the stock controller or the E-Flite CX2 controller I bought the other day on here in the for-sale adds. Once the plane is bound though, she flies just fine and glitch fee.
I'm certain this plane will be in my hangar for some time to come.
Posted by Dora Nine | Aug 16, 2008 @ 10:19 PM | 32,099 Views
Well I made the trek down to Gardner, MA this weekend to check out the New England Jet Rally. Aside from a passing shower the weather was beautiful and so was the flying! I had a great time of day dreaming of when maybe I could afford just one jet much less the three or four that I saw some folks with. I chatted with some of folks including one RC Groups member, Scott Corriveau from MotorFly motors who now goes by the name of: Reaper Blushless. Outstanding products by the way. Check out the monster outrunner below--equivelant to a DA-100 And I got some inside scoop on motors and planes from some of our favorite distributors. Anyway, here are the pics. Enjoy!...Continue Reading