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Posted by flyinjrc74 | Jan 26, 2014 @ 10:30 PM | 8,088 Views
This is most likely to be capable of unlimited vertical and and rated 10 G's positive and 9 G's negative. Overkill by GWS standards but I know how I fly. Honestly it started out to be a easy flyer but I always have that thought "what if its not enough?" stuck in the back of my head, so after a couple nights in the shop 2 slow stick kits morphed into one overpowered bipe that is strong enough to withstand crazy aerobatics.

Anyone that has built a brushless slow stick knows the wings flutter at high speed, to get around that I used the extra horizontal stab as the strut connecting the two wings near the tips. The center cabane is actually from a Ultimate bipe .46 size nitro plane. I flattened them so I could bolt it to both carbon fiber booms I used for the fuselage. Amazingly all holes in the cabane lined up right where I needed them.

The powerplant is a EMP 4240/10 890kv swinging a 12X12 APC e prop. I used a Turnigy trust 55A esc and two 22003S lipos will provide the juice. Themotor attaches at all four points of the X mount, top and bottom carbon fuse booms and also on each side using 1/16"x3/4" wide aluminum strip connected to each side of the front cabane strut. THAT IS THE ONLY WAY THIS SET UP IS GOING TO STAY BOLTED TO THE PLANE!!! The rudder and elevator servos are standard sized and there is one 9G servo to move each aileron.

The gear is two stock gws ss main gears with a 3/16" main rod collared together while I used a third gear cut...Continue Reading
Posted by flyinjrc74 | Jan 07, 2014 @ 11:55 AM | 8,894 Views
I recently bought a Blade 180QX HD to see what all this quad buzz is about. As most of you know I am a airplane guy and a horrible heli pilot at best. If it has a tail rotor and I have the tx in my hand run fast and hide!

This quad has changed my mind on getting away from rotorcraft the more I fly it. I can actually fly it and look like I know what the hell I am doing. This thing is very easy to fly and has still and video capability included. Video isnt the greatest but you have to start somewhere! I have about 30 crashfree flights on it between my living room and my warehouse at work. It was flown once outdoors in 15 Mph winds the day after Christmas and amazingly it flew well and I didnt feel like I was going to lose control of it. With -11 temps today Ill be sitting right here in my living room chasing the cats while honing my skills. I cant wait to get warmer weather so I can buzz around the neighborhood with it. I am already shopping for a bigger and better one capable of carrying a go pro. Any suggestions???