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Tethered drone Another function of this tether is data fiber optic cable. When natural disasters occur, communication physical facilities such as base stations are often damaged. The complete restoration takes time. The payload of a tethered drone is generally 5kg-15kg, and the flying height can reach 200 meters. Therefore, a micro base station can be placed, and Signals are transmitted through optical fibers. As long as the plane rises to 50 meters, it can grasp the situation within a few kilometers.

Generate multi-spectral images with the help of a multi-spectral imager equipped on the system to intuitively and comprehensively monitor the surface water environment quality status, and provide thematic maps of environmentally-friendly drone water eutrophication, water bloom, water transparency, and pollution status of suspended solids outlet In order to achieve the purpose of monitoring the water quality characteristics of environmental protection drones. The drone can also be equipped with a mobile atmospheric automatic monitoring platform to monitor the atmosphere in the target area. For pollution factors that cannot be monitored by the automatic monitoring platform, a sampler can be used to collect atmospheric samples in the air and send them back to the laboratory for analysis. The UAV remote sensing system has a strong ability to support safe operations, can enter high-risk areas to work, and effectively avoids the safety risks of monitoring and sampling personnel.

...Continue Reading
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VD5M FrSky 5ch Rx (0 min 37 sec)

I have had this receiver on hand for ? Almost 2 years maybe and never got around to using it .
With my recent interest in Micro Su-27's , I thought it might be time to blow the dust off this Micro Rx and give it a go .
I have some small servos , and I have some 1s ESC's ..
And I have some small brushless motors that are 1s capable if not 1s ..

Anyhow .. I have not seen much info on this Rx ...

Ch2 and Ch5 = D8 ... Use the bind plug to connect .. I put power into Ch3

The Rx will go into bind mode when power is added ...
Have your Tx in bind mode or put it into bind mode ..
For me the bind was so fast I never saw it ..
I removed the bind plug and added a micro servo and it looks to work just fine ..
Power is VIA a 1s ESC ...

This Rx apparently can do V8 mode ( Ch1 and Ch5 ) , but I could not get a bind ..
Maybe some frequency offset ?

Anyhow , will probably use this Rx for my next Micro Su-27 build . It will give me more aileron ! ( Than the F949 board )
Now , what motor to use ?
Posted by simages | Jan 14, 2020 @ 06:44 PM | 5,743 Views
Well, this is still on the shelf until I get the power system, servos and finish 3 other projects.....

Build thread HERE
Posted by simages | Jan 14, 2020 @ 06:37 PM | 5,448 Views
Well, this is still on the shelf until I get the power system and servos......

However; first I'll have to build the eStar Decathlon kit that I just purchased.......

Build thread HERE

Posted by turbinefancy | Jan 14, 2020 @ 03:52 PM | 4,958 Views
Even when starting from an advantageous position at the Tomcat's six o'clock. Trying to keep the reticle steady on target for a couple of seconds is not easy. The outcome is all but certain. Or is it?

FPV Dogfight: Spitfire vs F-14 Tomcat (7 min 5 sec)

Posted by kopterheld | Jan 14, 2020 @ 12:26 PM | 4,132 Views

Beta95X Whoop Quadcopter (HD Digital VTX)
Coupon: Beta10 -
NOW available from BetaFPV
The Beta95X has the CadDX Vista DJI Air Unit which is flown with the DJI goggles. The recording in 720P takes place on the goggles. The quad has 2.5 inch propellers with F4 FC, 1106 4500KV motors and 32 bit ESC's with 16A. Empty weight 110g. It is flown with a 450mAh 4S battery
Use the GiftCARD to save 5% more coupon: GiftCARD

When the Beta85X HD came onto the market, the enthusiasm was great. Unfortunately, the Beta85X was a bit too heavy for the 2 inch propellers, so you could fly around with it, but real acrobatic tricks do not go so well. The Beta85X 4K also had a really good FPV camera with 4K video recording, but was even worse to fly.
Video - BetaFPV news - Beta95X, Meteor65, Meteor 75, Twig XL (DE)
Beta95X HD Whoop DJI CadDX Vista, Meteor75, Twig XL (2 min 50 sec)

Now comes the Beta95X HD which either has an analog HD camera or even better, with the DJI digital video transmission. The Beta95X has the DJI camera with the digital air unit CADDX Vista VTX under the blue canopy. Now you can fly with digital technology from DJI FPV with razor-sharp FPV live images and the video can be saved in HD ready quality in the DJI glasses , only 720p. The DJI camera with the CADDX Vista VTX weighs just 29 grams. There is also a decent 3.5 gram RushTank antenna. Here, the recording function in the Air Unit was dispensed with in order to save...Continue Reading
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The Pilot's Lounge Episode #12 - In the Pipe! Youtube Info, Updates, Plans, & Conversion?

Here is a link to the Video:

#GroundControlRC #GlueAndFly #ScratchBuildPlanes #PilotsLounge

This Series of Videos is to keep you updated on what Ground Control RC has been up to, updates on Reviews, results of Field Testing, Setups and MODs, Projects we've completed, and Projects we have in the Pipe.

Here is information on the Parkjet Plans we have made available to Patrons & Subscribers!

Plans available to Subscribers:

Soon to be released Glue & Fly™ Series F-22 Nano V1

Glue & Fly™ Series F-22 Micro V1 Rev1
Here is a link to the Plans & Docs:

Glue & Fly™ Series F-22 Mini V2 Rev1
Here is a link to the Plans & Docs:

Plans available ONLY to Patrons:

Soon to be released Glue & Fly™ Series F-22 Nano V2
Soon to be released Glue & Fly™ Series F-22 Mini V2 Rev2
Glue & Fly™ Series F-22 Mini V2.5
Glue & Fly™ Series F-22 Mini V3

e3Scott was instrumental in the Development & Testing of the Glue & Fly™ Series F-22 Mini V3.
He created a detailed Build Tutorial of this Parkjet.
If you follow his Build Tutorial you won't have any problems building out latest Plans.

Here is a link to his...Continue Reading
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Jumper R8 Receiver - 8-channel PPM/16 channel SBUS, D16 /LBT/D8 compatible firmware

I decided to open new thread regarding the new compatible firmware for Jumper R8 Receiver.
In short I made a new firmware to flash Jumper R8 in order to have use of SPORT signal and analog voltage for battery.
With the new firmware the user will have access additionally to LBT and D8 protocol along with many other features that will be described below.

There are some HW designs flaws that required for the user to do some HW modifications.
I will detail more the problems in this thread.

Flashing new firmware.
Flashing new firmware on Jumper _R8 connections.
Use STlink V2 programmer.

connect STLink device ,press Target/connect.
If you receive "Read out protection" enabled warning, go into "Option bytes" and disable it.
Press "Erase/Chip" after that press "Program&verify" load the binary file to be flashed.

This receiver features protocol/modes selection:
The default protocol(after flashing and no jumper) is D16
1) Jumper CH1-CH3 at start change receiver mode to X(D16)protocol channels 1-8 output PWM.
2) Jumper CH2-CH4 at start change receiver mode to X(D16)protocol channels 1-8 output PWM with no telemetry.
3) Jumper CH3-CH5 at start change receiver mode to X(D16)protocol channels 9-16 output PWM.
4)Jumper CH4-CH6 at start change receiver mode to X(D16)protocol channels 9-16...Continue Reading
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Just ordered this eStar kit from Esprit. However; I was going to purchase the eStar Aeronca C-3, but the Decathlon was right under it's listing. I've been wanting a Decathlon for some time, but wanting a smaller than 67". Actually less than 50" and there it was.........

Wingspan: 43.5" (1100mm)
Length: 30.5" (775mm)
Weight: 21-23 oz. (600-650g)

The Bellanca Super Decathlon is the best aerobatic trainer around. Powered by a Lycoming 180hp engine, this aircraft can be stressed to 6 Gs positive and 5 Gs negative. It's easily capable of 4 minutes of sustained inverted flight. The Decathlon's symmetrical wing makes it ideal for inverted maneuvers. This highly prefabricated kit belongs in the "super scale competition" models category. Once built, the airframe is extremely light and clean but still able to withstand the high loads and stresses associated with aerobatic flight.

The manufacturer uses the latest construction techniques including Laser CNC cutting to achieve high strength and low weight. Each part and every detail are meticulously made.

Will start soon.....

Build Thread HERE
Posted by Babage86 | Jan 13, 2020 @ 09:51 PM | 3,395 Views
I have new engine from hobbyking and noticed that propeller hub occur big force into front ball bearing after propeller was tighten. Resulting motor much harder to start manually due bearing rotation friction. Is it normal?? Or construction issue??
Posted by Babage86 | Jan 13, 2020 @ 09:31 PM | 3,222 Views
So, Im flying along the other day and crash. Much like any other crash in many ways. Then I notice something flying away from my Quad. Again usually not a big deal. This time though it was the shaft and top cover of one of my motors.

I have XNova 2204-2300 kv motors. The little clip that holds the shaft into place somehow broke off and I cant find a replacement. I tried the dealer I bought it from and they said it happens but they didnt have any. No response on the XNova FB yet and they dont really have a support email or phone number listed on their website.

You can see the clip in the attached pic. It just holds the shaft in place.
Posted by phyngineer | Jan 13, 2020 @ 09:30 PM | 2,278 Views
With the rapid development of drone technology, the application of drones in power plays an increasingly important role, mainly used for refined inspection of transmission line towers, an inspection of transmission line passages, emergency rescue, and three-dimensional transmission line passages. Modeling, transmission line barriers, and three-span measurements.

Recently, Zhejiang Zhoushan Unicom and State Grid Power Co., Ltd. carried out smart energy--5G drone power inspection flight test experiment with great success. This inspection line is the world's first main 500 kV submarine cable and is one of the reinsurance projects for 5G industry applications in Zhoushan Unicom, Zhejiang.

Affected by the low transmission speed and high latency of the communication network, the existing UAV power inspection data is stored in the TF card of the UAV, and it is exported and processed manually after the inspection, which is time-effective and interactive. There are deficiencies in intelligence. 5G has the characteristics of large bandwidth, low latency, and wide connectivity. 5G + UAV power inspection can effectively solve existing deficiencies and provide targeted solutions, which have great advantages in timeliness, reliability, interaction, and intelligence. Promotion.
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Hello Everyone,

This is 150Square Silicone Wire.

If you are interested in,Please feel free to contact me. Thank you!

Best Regards,
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Hello again! I have started a new pilot from the Best Pilot selection. Japanese ace fighter pilot Saburo Sakai. He is incredibly detailed and will be interesting to paint. I have to get used to the smaller scale after 1/4 scale Lothar!

I have been doing some research online for uniform colors and materials to get an idea on how to approach him. His story is an interesting one as well....

Here are some pics to give you an idea how I start out.
Posted by Mad_angler1 | Jan 13, 2020 @ 02:02 PM | 2,313 Views

Last week at CES Autel announced the Evo 2 drone, this new model is going to be available in 3 versions, a Standard model, Pro and Duel.
The Standard Model according to Autel has a 1/2" 48MP 8K resolution HDR camera. The Pro is fitted with a 1" 20MP Variable Aperture and the Duel model has a FLIR Boson coupled to the same sensor as the Standard model.

What is interesting about this release is the Standard model camera appears to be a massive step ahead of pretty much every other drone by a long way yet its cheaper than the Pro model thats got less mega pixel. So while the Autel spec says this is a massive step forward is this the whole truth ? In the video I explore whats really going on and its apparent Autel are using some tricks some of the phone manufactures tried last year.

I made a video explaining this in more detail

Autel EVO 2 Series Drone 48MP 8K - But Is It Really 8K ? (16 min 19 sec)

Not all things are equal

On the Evo 2 Standard Autel appear to be using the Sony IMX586 Sensor, this is fitted a Quad Bayer Filter and is the reason for this 48MP number for the sensor resolution, however this is not as clear cut as it seems.

...Continue Reading
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This test changed my mind about the Rimfire:

RC Brushless Motor Test - RimFire 46 [The Judge Ep. 6] (37 min 20 sec)

Posted by Roterblades1572 | Jan 13, 2020 @ 05:50 AM | 2,571 Views
I am trying to find out how to modify a standard 3 cell lipo to work with the thunder tiger innovator I could do with some clear pictures on how this is wired correctly I would greatly appreciate any help on this