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Posted by kopterheld | Jun 22, 2018 @ 10:15 AM | 6,025 Views
Now a have the Diatone 2018 GT-R90 version 2 with the new F4 8K, TBS on top.
The GT-R90 in version 2 is light and best 2 inch FPV racer drone. It is lighter as the new version GT-M205. Now with clear video and ESC's borad with current sensor on top. A buzzer is included, new proppeller 1940 from Gemfan. All is with betaflight 3.3.0 pre configured for 3S LiPo. For better performance I'm using the DALProp Cyclone Q2035C propeller with 2 inch size. The included buzzer have a board that i have cut up . Now fit the buzzer on top with the receiver antenna fixed with a cable ties. The TBS VTX get very good video quality with the included capacitor on rear. The VTX is very hot so please fly and remove the battery if you landed.

- lighter as GT-M205
- with buzzer
- filtered TBS VTX with Smart audio
- durable bottom frame
- ESC's board with current sensor
- F4 with 8K

- only 1940 propeller not 2 inch
- only a standard CCD camera, not a Runcam Micro Swift or Sparrow 2
- battery strap fit only on big battery, for small 3S too long
- the buzzer have to big board
- battery silicon pad is too thin, screws contacted the battery

Get the Diatone 2018 GT-R90 V2 with here:
10% Coupon: affiliate10%

Link to Banggood

Q2035C propeller:

Link to Banggood

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Posted by kopterheld | Jun 22, 2018 @ 09:41 AM | 8,036 Views
Now i have the Realacc RX5808 PRO PLUS OSD 5.8G 48CH FPV Receiver with the Achilles Open Source firmware for my Fatshark Dominator HD3 Goggles. A very good diverity module with best firmware, that I see. The Achilles firmware is ease to use and now with OSD on the goggles.
The RX5808 have the Achilles firmware version 1.8. Thedisplay is bigger as the display from the Pro58 and with integrated OSD on the goggles display's.
The new RX5808 PRO PLUS OSD have the same faster STM32 F1 CPU that is working in Eachine Pro58. The old RX5808 PRO PLUS Module have still the slow rate MWC CPU.
My version is without the cover, but I have a 3D printer.

And you can ease flashing or update the module:

1. download achilles Plus for Eachine Pro58, current v1.8 from
2. press the BOOT button and connect the USB cable
3. wait about 3 seconds
4. open Betaflight
5. go to firmware flasher TAB
6. Load firmware (local) button and select the achilles firmware
7. enable 'no boot sequence'
6. Flash firmware and you are ready with the update

Get the RX5808 PRO PLUS OSD with cover here:

Link to Banggood

Here my Flashing video (EN subtitle)
RealAcc RX5808 Pro Plus OSD flashing Achilles firmware mit Betaflight (1 min 51 sec)

Here my review (EN subtitle)
Realacc RX5808 Pro Plus OSD FPV diversity Achilles Firmware Modul (2 min 45 sec)
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Posted by kopterheld | Jun 21, 2018 @ 04:29 AM | 6,332 Views
This is the Happymodel Snapper7 the slightly larger Tiny Whoop with aluminum propeller protection and especially with brushless motors and 1S LiPo. My quadcopter has a FrSky receiver integrated on the F3 flight controller with telemetry!. The Whoop is available with Flysky or FrSky receiver which transmits all telemetry data to the spark. In the Flysky version, RSSI and the voltage are sent to the remote control. The canopy is made of hard, transparent plastic. The Happymodel motor is a small 0703 motor with 19000KV perfect for the 75mm frame. Optionally there is a plastic frame to make the Tiny Whoop even lighter.

Video –Happymodel Snapper7 1S brushless FPV Tiny Whoop - DE with EN subtitles
Happymodel Snapper7 1S brushless FPV Tiny Whoop 67EUR (5 min 30 sec)

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Posted by kopterheld | Jun 20, 2018 @ 08:52 AM | 6,055 Views
Now Banggood shipping the Diatone GT-M3 in version 2. With the better F4 FC, TBS VTX is mounted upper with good LC filter and a capacitor on the rear for better FPV video. The amper sensor is now on the new 4in1 ESC's board, not more on the XT30 power connector. It flies very well with many speed. A buzzer is included, that you have to install. The Diatone GT-M3 racer flies very well. He is very fast just the perfect 3 inch FPV Racer. The FPV image is super with no interference and can be configured via the remote control on the OSD display. Finally a good FPV Racer where nothing needs to be rebuilt.

Video –Diatone GT M3 V2 schnellster 3 Zoll FPV Racer DE with EN subtitles
Diatone GT M3 V2 schnellster 3 Zoll FPV Racer (5 min 36 sec)

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Posted by kopterheld | Jun 18, 2018 @ 03:57 AM | 8,281 Views
The UR65 is thee best 1S brushless Tiny Whoop. The Snapper6 was to heavy. UR65 is lighter and flies longer over 3:30 minutes.
+ very light
+ good CMOS camera
+ good FPV video transmission
+ good battery
+ telemetry on your Flysky and FrSky transmitter
+ long flight time compared to snapper6

Video –Best 1S URUAV UR65 Tiny Whoop DE with EN subtitles
Best 1S URUAV UR65 brushless FPV Tiny Whoop - DE (5 min 55 sec)

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Posted by kopterheld | Jun 15, 2018 @ 06:31 PM | 5,613 Views
This is the Aurora RC Mini Fight 110 Racer. The 2.5 inch racer is light and flies fast with a 3S Lipo and the 5500KV brushless motors. Good CCD camera ensures a good FPV image. Built-in is a lens with 2.1mm with the 25-200mW video transmitter delivers good pictures.
28A DSHOT600 ESC's board is built in to supply the strong 1106 motors from SunnySky with enough power. Aurora RC Mini is one of the best 2.5 inch FPV racers. Just configure, bind and fly FPV.

Video – Aurora RC Mini Fight 110mm super schneller 2,5 Zoll FPV Racer
Aurora RC Mini Fight 110mm super schneller 2,5 Zoll FPV Racer (5 min 37 sec)

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Posted by kopterheld | Jun 15, 2018 @ 04:58 AM | 7,313 Views
The Eachine manufacturer has listened to the customer's criticism and has optimized the current Wizard TS215. Thus, the video signal is now clean thanks to better DVR module additionally has two thick, white capacitors, which are responsible for power loss that the video is saved to the end. A better CCD camera built in, the Runcam Swift 2 with 2.3mm lens which provides a better picture. The new DVR module no longer bothers with FPV flies and records the video in PAL with 720 × 576 pixels clean. Of course, not HD ready but a better picture than on a FPV glasses. The good DALPROP Cyclone T5046C propellers are with spare propellers. The video transmitter has a transmitting power of 25-800mW and is adjusted via the BF OSD using the transmitter. Faster F4 flight controller is built in and well protected against vibration. The TS2306 2450KV brushless motors flies good performance. The 40A strong ESC's are 32 bits each with a bright LED and support DSHOT1200. The arms are 4mm thick. TS215 weighs 330 grams which is ok with the heavy motors. Supplied with two battery velcro straps, battery protection plate with feet, spare screws, cable ties.

Video – Eachine Wizard TS215 Version 2 with Runcam - best Wizard FPV Racer -
DE with EN subtitles
Eachine Wizard TS215 Version 2 mit Runcam bester Wizard FPV Racer (9 min 41 sec)

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Posted by kopterheld | Jun 15, 2018 @ 04:26 AM | 5,765 Views
The new Diatone GT-M530 SX is perfectly constructed with an optimized video transmitter that is no longer on the FC board but separated and shielded on top. It is also the Buzzer integrated with a capacitor which ensures a better video image. All components are perfectly matched. Although it is only an F3 flight controller but it flies great.
The GT-M530 weighs 356 grams, which is no problem for the good motors with 2450KV.
The motor elevate with the Gemfan 5042 propellers up to 1600 grams per motor.

Video – Diatone GT-M530 SX new version - need for speed FPV Racer -
DE with EN subtitles
Diatone GT-M530 SX neue Version need for speed FPV Racer (6 min 9 sec)

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