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While the Ritewing Mini Z was meant to be just a park flyer, I wanted to revisit this airframe for FPV racing. Many companies mostly in China have copied Chris Klicks' design and have come up with a China syndrome Cheaper Version:\
I wanted to build a racer designed in the USA. Ritewing pretty much started or had a huge influence on FPV flying.

The mini Z fits the bill with a super fast flying durable racer.

Ready to fly and pictured below is the famous wing now fitted with ERC and Fatshark fpv video system. No stabilizer per the fpv rules.
Main battery is a Nanotech 1800mah lipo. In same compartment a Nanotech video battery cut slightly into left side of battery compartment. ESC is in rear compartment. Still room in rear compartment for eagletree stabilizer if you wanted one
Has a 600tvl fatshark cam and a mobius on top.
Motor is a turnigy 2200kv, esc is a 30amp, and prop is a APC 6x4. Will experiment with other props later.

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Here is an
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Dubbed the ZEUS. She is Powered by the newest Flight Controller. It is as smooth as butter. Powerful and handles the weather very well. Multiple cameras on board including IR. Navigation lights.. Enjoy pics.