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Posted by iannybeany | Jul 21, 2012 @ 05:53 PM | 7,278 Views
Pulled out the flying delta wing slope soaring glider and patched up a few holes where servo's were mounted in the wings...cut out the rear of the glider to take a small electric engine and remodelled the centre to take radio and servo's and now I have a near completed powered wing...just need a little advice and I could be in the air flying...should I attach stabilisers to the end of the wings or go for a central one?
Hope anyone can help.
Went for my first test flight wasn't sure of C/g so added a little weight to the nose. Proved to be not needed as C/G was just about perfect with the set up shown. I've found I need at least a 3 cell battery for more power and will go for a sports prop so will move the motor further aft to counteract the extra weight of the battery. Need to tighten up the hinges a servo fittings as these were a little loose after the first couple of rough landings. Big prop proved a problem with landings dislodging the motor on last landing. pleasantly surprised how stable it flew..looking forward to next flight with changes will post a picture or two of modifications...Busy at the moment building new Kitchen and putting down a Bamboo floor.