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Posted by epoxyearl | Jan 18, 2013 @ 08:34 AM | 7,738 Views
I bought an old A&A Industries kit ,(Nosen Citabria), and thought it be interesting to build it.
At the time I was looking for interesting color schemes, American Champion introduced the latest 'Decathlon', labeled the "Xtreme"-30 more H.P.,clipped wings,enlarged tail with an airfoiled section,and a different aileron hinging system.

Well by golly,I just gotta have one! I have enough materials on hand to scratch build one,so we began the two builds..One stock,one high performance...

I got the cowl and wheel pants from Fiberglass Specialties, and made a slightly longer gear,as they did for prop clearance.

Both builds are underway.-Build log is at Balsa Builders "Bud Nosen...........