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Posted by epoxyearl | Oct 28, 2013 @ 09:10 AM | 9,292 Views
"Does anyone have this Graphic?" "Where can I find a 3 view of this ?" "has anyone ever---?"
All these questions get answers at RCGroups, from guys willing to take one more step toward helping a fellow modeler.

The Sun's shining, the leaves are falling, and we're facing another building season, anxiously awaiting next spring's new crop of models.

Escape Flyer and his daughter Ashley are back. Dad and daughter , building together.

Life is good.
Posted by epoxyearl | Oct 20, 2013 @ 07:30 AM | 8,637 Views
You hear it all the time-"just DO it". Little is indicated about the soul-searching required to accomplish that.

I want to convert a brand new, unstarted glow engine to ignition, and gasoline fuel.

It's an MDS 2.18 cubic inch glow motor, (35cc) and it's way too much for a 110" Rascal, but it's going in it anyway.

I'll probably do a "Conversion log" in the "engines" forum..It's just difficult knowing I may ruin a perfectly good engine through experimentation..On reflection, I've ruined a few 'perfectly good engines' by running them for 40 odd years also.....and the G-62 we crashed into the concrete at Virginia Beach so hard and fast we knocked the crankshaft out of index..
There's a front and rear half of the crank,pressed through the con rod bearing,under tremendous pressure.

We knocked it asunder.... I lived through that tragedy- I'll probably survive burning this engine up.

We'll see.
Posted by epoxyearl | Oct 06, 2013 @ 05:40 AM | 8,774 Views
I got the chance to do some endurance flight testing for a 2014 project, and took it.
Guys want to fly across country,"Club Hopping" a Sig Rascal 110 and a Taylorcraft.
Volunteer clubs will fly the planes to the next location, so any and all can participate.
I volunteered my Rascal for local testing, with a Fuji 34 cc gas engine..We're looking for 70 miles per hour, and roughly 100 miles distance.

The rascal will accept two 40 oz. fuel tanks, piggyback style, so having two 32oz tanks removed from the Midwing Special, we began our journey. We have access to a little used full scale airport in Massey Maryland, so we headed there.
We flew for 75 minutes at full throttle, on 64 ozs of gas...We have a 22 x 12 prop cut down to 17-1/2" diameter, leaving a "paddle blade" prop stub.
We will do rpm, fuel consumption,weight, and radar speed checks this coming Tuesday.
The Rascal easily carries the extra fuel, and to celebrate the beginning of the test flights, we looped it from level flight with 64 ozs of fuel aboard. I don't think the Rascal was aware of the extra weight.
I was not designed to fly for that long, however..Several of my systems were complaining at the end of 75 minutes, not the least of which was my knees....I'm sitting down, next time.
Flying for fun loses most of it's 'appeal' at about 40 minutes, for me.
Those guys will be in a convertible, with the top down, when they do the actual flight.
Posted by epoxyearl | Sep 13, 2013 @ 06:05 AM | 9,766 Views
I am a model aircraft flight instructor..I am also a Test pilot for Maiden flights.

So a fellow club member asks if I will test fly his Dynaflite SE-5, that's been under construction for over 5 years.
Whoa Nellie! that's a long time! So I'd better be good,and I'd better be careful.
We did all the things by checklist,and everything was up to snuff..
When I looked around the field for clearance, there were video cameras and still cameras everywhere-his entire family had come out for this flight.
I didn't like the guys on the field,so we cleared them off to a safer location...
Now I like the old slider trims, as I can 'fly' the model with them until she's trimmed.This radio has digital trims,and you have to fly and trim at the same time..I have an airplane that's slipping,pitching down, and rolling right, and the owner is fiddling with my transmitter,trying to plug in the buddy box cord so he can fly it !
Some times my life is too complicated..
Posted by epoxyearl | Sep 11, 2013 @ 10:52 AM | 8,853 Views
More and more, I'm being prevented from flying at Fly-ins I've attended for many years..
This ban on 72 mhz radios is nonsensical...."Yesterday's" top of the line radios are being phased out, country wide for no good reason.
Yesterday's excuse for requiring 2.4 only was that there was no frequency control.
Oh come now !; the three of us who had driven 100 miles are savvy enough to talk amongst ourselves and decide who to fly with, -and when.

I don't have anything against progress, but stupidity needs to be stamped out....No frequency control ??? ranks right up there with some of the dumbest things I've heard....- this on a field with transmitter impound racks, and pins readily available..

Posted by epoxyearl | Sep 02, 2013 @ 07:29 AM | 8,554 Views
Little did I know in my last blog, when I spoke of "Friends in passing", that I'd hear this sad news.

Dereck Woodward, a member of 'our gang' has passed away.

His wry humor caught me off guard more than once..

His lack of fear in trying new things was one quality that stood out to me....if he thought it could be done, it was about to be done.

I hope the after life's like we think it should be....endless balsa , glue, time, blue skies, and fair winds...gonna miss you buddy.

Posted by epoxyearl | Sep 01, 2013 @ 08:05 AM | 8,610 Views
I know my ramblings are a lot sentimental. But I'm getting old and seeing guys
move on from what has been an 'establishment' can be a little upsetting.

The owner of the Midwing Special is transferring his roots to Arizona..moving there, taking all his stuff. The airplane, which is a legend in these parts, is staying behind.

If you've ever used Sullivan parts, that's the airplane on the package.

But there is some good news...He's found a partner who's buying in to the Midwing, a young man with an eye to historic aircraft...Ben owns a 1938 J-3 he restored himself,and won at Oshkosh this year, returning the trophy because of an engine change...He won 65 h.p. class with an 85 h.p. engine installed.(wasn't intentional).

Ned's going away party was last evening,and the Airshow he performed was as smooth and graceful as any he's done..He built a Skybolt, and enjoys the extra power and speed over the Midwing.

A large crowd attended, and outside of Howdy's sloooowww cooking, everyone had a good time...I swear we had to have the rolls steamed ,because they were drying out from the wait.!

One more memory added to the list.
Posted by epoxyearl | Aug 27, 2013 @ 08:56 PM | 8,423 Views
So I spent two years building the Midwing Special, especially for the Saito 270 twin four stroke engine.
I did a decent enough job, nothing fancy, 'cause I just don't care, but respectable, I guess.
...Today, I did some serious flight testing, and a few minutes into the flight, I realized I had a "kitty" by the tail, NOT a "tiger"...The Saito tried hard to please, but it isn't enough...
The Zenoah G-62 has always been my 'workhorse' and it's coming out of retirement...It doesn't sound the way I want it to,for the Midwing,but I know the performance is there.
Sometimes you try and fail, but you never quit.
Flyin' buddy Gene and I stopped by Neal Snodgrass' shoppe on the way back, and we reminisced about past contests and we realized that only 5 Midwings exist....The full scale one,my 1/3 scale, Neal's 1/4 scale winner, John Chapis' 1/5 scale,and Gene's electric,(scale unknown) ALL of us from Maryland...
Posted by epoxyearl | Aug 21, 2013 @ 06:09 PM | 8,139 Views
This weekend is The Golden Age Air Museum's Model show, along with their normal full size displays. I'm a new member there. The show is Friday through Sunday...

But-.....the New Garden Airshow was moved to August, and conflicts arose from that.I can't attend both, and New Garden has been my favorite for many years.

I've committed to them, promising to take the Midwing for display, and taking a 1/4 scale Hangar 9 Super Cub for demo flying.

The weather is supposed to be perfection....Hooruh !

I'll get to see a Bede 5 Jet,Matt Chapman's wild aerobatics, and whatever heavy metal happens by.-Always a good show.You may remember the"city boy's" first encounter with a P-51 Mustang, where a normally talkative young man could only utter "Wow !"....Yeah, wow.
Posted by epoxyearl | Aug 19, 2013 @ 02:17 PM | 10,258 Views
Merle Haggard-What ? I'm a country boy ! Once wrote about a "little loss of courage, as their age began to show" concerning his parents.

I've been a demonstration flyer with model aircraft locally for many years.My favorite Airshow is New Garden, in Toughkenamen, (love the name) Pa.Located in the Amish countryside, it's a laid back neighborhood, hosting the normal cross section of display Aircraft.

My 1/3 scale Fairchild F-24 is based there, and it's home base for Matt Chapman.

It's with some trepidation I'm second guessing myself (not on my ability) but on something going wrong with a model now, and causing a scene.We deal closely with the Airport manager, and the FAA representative to do what we can to prevent any mishaps...and we've been successful for many years.
The AMA Show Team used to bring down the house with their antics until they split up.Now, the Delaware R/C Club has represented the AMA and modeling for some time.
Young Dave Malccione flew the first turbine flight there,continuing each year since that day. I usually fly a Scale Cub of some sort.. This year the Hangar 9 Super Cub ARF that belongs to Gene is on deck.

I'm sure we'll be fine-there's just this feeling.-OH- we're flying , but it'll be the best inspected / tested model there. I'll bet.

Posted by epoxyearl | Aug 15, 2013 @ 09:24 PM | 7,266 Views
Our club hosted the Russelville young scouts for an evening filled with model aircraft,simulators and food.

For about 3 hours,we filled the sky with the full cross-section of airborne modeldom.
Except for jets, it was there.aircraft from 12" to 126" with all modes of power..
The kids were great,really enjoying themselves.There was always a line at both simulators,and a time limit had to be established,as they wanted to get it "right" before giving up. The 'repair' button got a lot less exercise than you might think...Girls are better at it than boys,by a fair margin.
Highly active all evening, the beginning of nightfall had the LED lighted electrics mesmerizing the children with their bright lights.
You CAN 'go home again' once in a while,if only briefly....This was such an evening. Modeling has been good to,and for, me.This day, we gave something back. Later, Earl
Posted by epoxyearl | Aug 12, 2013 @ 07:23 AM | 6,271 Views
I lost the 1/4 ? scale Hangar 9 Cub last Friday night. One of the original batches of Super Cubs of years gone by.

I think it was 12 - 14 years ago, or so, that it was introduced, as an ARF. The original owner flew it to oblivion, then someone else did some repairs and flew it some more. Flyin' buddy Gene got it,flew it for a while and gave it to me.

Me and that Cub hit it off right away...We both wanted to fly slow and easy,with our favorite activity being touch and goes.You may remember we had limited the throttle to 4,000 rpms, and enjoyed the cat calls of "More power -You need more POWERR!"....When every one else was mounting large gassers on them, we removed a 25cc Homelite and installed the OS .91 four stroker.

Over the years,we repaired her,built the Scale dummy engine, and generally had a ball.
But Friday,I wanted to practice stopping spins on point, so I uninhibited the throttle for a better climb rate.
After many practices of 3 turn spins, I decided that was as good as I was gonna get, so I headed back to the field.
I don't know whether she was dizzy from all the spins, or whether she commited suicide, but 50' above the corn on the downwind, she went full throttle, snapped to the right, and self destructed straight down.

I'm gonna miss her..
Posted by epoxyearl | Aug 03, 2013 @ 04:33 AM | 6,636 Views
Earlier, I discussed the double sized Super Cruiser....Continuing with that thought, we built it over the winter, and converted a Homelite chainsaw engine to our purpose...Much hacksawing, grinding and filing was necessary, to remove all the unwanted castings from the crankcase.
I handcarved a 16" prop of unknown pitch, and we fashioned a prop adapter of sorts.
Comes maiden day, and we're off to the golf course driving range for testing.
Try as we might, the 26cc engine wasn't gonna haul the freight ! So here's the situation,we want to FLY! It was evident the engine would barely taxi the giant, but we weren't going to be robbed...Mr Leedom indicated 'full throttle' with a wave of his hand,which I applied, and he began his run down the runway, pushing that giant as fast as his short legs could go. With a mighty heave, the plane left the runway with a climb rate of two feet per minute.
AllRIGHT ! We're airborne and darned if the climb rate didn't increase! 35lbs of model airplane was flying.....at approach speed, but flying, none the less.
Safely down we packed up and headed home.
We called Mr. Schindel about our success, and he said he had a newly released engine for us to try.-a Trail Manufacturing 35cc engine, that would eventually become the now-famous Quadra...

Any pictures that may exist are being requested and searched for among family members...If any surface, we'll post them here.
The plane, Don, and his son Eddie, are all gone now,and I have memories of a time when "that can't be done" didn't exist.
Posted by epoxyearl | Aug 01, 2013 @ 05:53 AM | 6,351 Views
I'm going to take a little credit here, and observe that my flying buddy Don Leedom, and myself built the first giant scale model in the local area.
In the 70's six foot models were the norm, and they were plentiful.We were just getting into scale then, and built the Sterling Piper Super Cruiser.

Don,as usual, had the bright idea to build a big model...With enthusiasm far outweighing whatever common sense we did have, (the total between him, his son, and myself probably didn't equal '1'), we embarked on a new adventure.

Don writes to Sterling Models for the blueprints to the Super Cruiser,but he wants them doubled in size, along with their blessing to build it..Back then, companies read your letters and answered in kind.....For a token fee, we received the parts print-out, and we were on our way.

Art Schindel, the hobby shop owner, gleefully welcomed us over, to order what we needed. A forest of balsa was destroyed just for us, and a square acre of Monocote was ordered. We were on our way !
Posted by epoxyearl | Jul 31, 2013 @ 05:13 AM | 6,608 Views
It's odd how these things turn out. After my previous musings about the early days,yesterday was the "Old Farts' Club" weekly gathering.

We fine retired gentlemen chose a day to tie up the field,other than the weekend , in deference to those still employed, rather than retired....-our field is busy, thus this solution.
My point is, it was like old times...Several oldies with models we built, and many electric arfs,which we didn't...
The comaraderie is still there,and the attitude has changed,so I must change mine.
I'm not gonna change my attitude on 3-D-(I think it's like 'rappers'-they can't sing so they curse that fact,the whole time they're talking)...3-D'ers can't fly straight and level,(maybe accidentally),so they pretend they "meant to do that"....but I'm working on the ARF thing.
Our discussions included the fact that Bob Karlsson handed the scale co-ordinater reins over to Jeff Foley this weekend, after 38 years.
Thank you for your service, Bob. Welcome aboard Jeff.

to be continued.....
Posted by epoxyearl | Jul 29, 2013 @ 05:51 AM | 7,015 Views
I'm an old man......well-old enough..I've made 72 circuits around the Sun.

Yesterday, after the rain, I headed to the field to get in a little evening flying..I hoped to run into some cronies for a hangar session, like we used to do.
But nobody showed.
Of course, a lot of them can't...When you get to my age, a lot of those flying buddies have gone on to fly at the perfect flying field.
Saturday was the day when everybody was at the field....We started about 8 am, and it was a rotating clientele, as some came and went,to be replaced by others doing the same.
This memory is about a Senior Falcon, built by Robert Barrow. 69" of marvelous Balsa construction, with a 1/8" x 1/4" piece of bass or spruce glued to the spars ,top and bottom as indicated by Mr. Goldberg.
Covered in nylon,it was not a thing of beauty. Painted with dope, and finished to the box design,there were scars where the dope had migrated through the porous nylon, and gathered in puddles on the reverse side.
It had a used Veco .61, with a flow- through 'muffler' that had no idea of it's purpose. An 11-7 nylon prop, (boiled for half an hour for some unknown reason,(but they said to do it )), and some PURPLE Missile Mist, because we were into Hot Rods.
A specially made "chicken stick" , (a 3/4" dowel wrapped with duck tape), and a Burgess 1-1/2 volt doorbell battery completed the ground support system.
A few drops of fuel in the carb,(always a few too many,it seemed)...Continue Reading
Posted by epoxyearl | Jul 25, 2013 @ 03:30 PM | 6,610 Views
I, (and apparently several others) am suffering a minor 'burn-out'....

The rush to repair and recover the Midwing has taken it's toll.

I've reached a point that even the Cub doesn't inspire me to fly-I just got back from the field,no more satisfied than when I left to go....

The weather last week was the mid nineties, today it's 77,and I have no energy.

I've started a Contract build on a BUSA 1/4 scale Cub, with a Magnum 1.60 twin.It's the first time I've split a cowl horizontally. Lotsa work to fit it back with rigid joints, for mounting screws.

Maybe with a couple of day's rest, we'll get back to a "Sea level" altitude.I hope.
Posted by epoxyearl | Jul 14, 2013 @ 12:05 PM | 6,634 Views
With the weather threatening, we expected participation to be down, but that wasn't the case.
Guys who couldn't gamble on a wasted trip were replaced by those who could.
The Wisconsin regulars were back, in force,for what I believe was the longest distance traveled......Carl and Paul, a special thanks.
MY buddies,(that Balsa USA Crew) brought interesting aircraft, and mucho balsa wood....but nobody's buying, anymore. I bought a stack, but it was a drop in the bucket....and it was cheap! I sent them on their way with a jar of pretzels,and a thank you...Have a safe trip..
WE renewed friendships,shared memories,and made new ones of each.
When those guys are helping push busses out of the mud,slogging through slop, and flying their models with aplomb,you know you're doing something right.There were smiling faces everywhere, and almost every 'goodbye' included "see you next year"!
A special thanks to the Malcciones for ramrodding this,and to all the Delaware R/C club members who helped , or gave up your flying field for 5 days....
Put this on your list for next year.....
Posted by epoxyearl | Jul 02, 2013 @ 06:26 AM | 6,482 Views
The Midwing's first flight went well...A couple of easy passes around the patch,a loop and a roll, and a greasy landing were very satisfying.

We inspected her for loose things, fueled her, and took off again.This time we were going to do a diving 180 to the field and make a high speed low pass,smoke on.

Flew it right into the ground.

Although I was holding full "up" (all 35 degrees) the airplane still sank into the meadow.
A picture just before the crash shows NO up elevator!!!.....All controls worked perfectly on the wounded bird-(don't they always?) so it was head scratching time.
At home, we discovered a dead servo.I had two servos ,side by side,with a 'walking beam' between them...The pushrod was connected to the center of the 'beam'.Theoretically, in the event of a servo failure, the sister should maintain partial control.
In this case it just rotated it the opposite amount, not moving the elevators at all !
Now ,-the servos are mounted in tandem connected together.I can unplug one, and the second can move the elevator,and the dead servo !....a MUCH better system.
Posted by epoxyearl | Jun 26, 2013 @ 06:26 AM | 6,770 Views
The build is complete on the Midwing Special, and today is Testing day.-The day when all your work will pay off, or settle into a pile of broken bits.
A smaller engine, for a more scale power loading, a larger size model,to absorb it's hefty weight- (don't know yet-don't weigh them till after we fly them), and all the second thoughts.
I should just sell it now-I'm done with it, once it's built.....I only test fly to prove to the non-believers, anyway.
The full scale owner will get some pictures of it,that he can start a hangar talk battle with...".I flew yesterday !-here's pix to prove it !" His cronies will look askance at the wingless fuselage in the hangar, and the leg-pulling will begin.
Anyway, it's been nice of you guys to stop by, and visit, during the build.I appreciate the help with pictures and the video, and the comaraderie...It helps to talk, sometimes..
Can't put this off any longer-Old Fart's Breakfast, then FLIGHT!.
I'm off, to commit aviation.......