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This is my buddy Pilot Robert's Giant Scale Phoenix Model Stuka Ju 87 at Warbirds Over Whatcom.

Robert's Giant Scale Phoenix Model Stuka Ju 87 61cc GasEP ARF RC Warbird (6 min 30 sec)

Posted by Blaze0021 | Sep 07, 2019 @ 04:47 PM | 1,056 Views
In 1080p 60fps - This is a performance flight of my FMS F-15 Eagle V2 64mm EDF Jet.

FMS F-15 Eagle V2 64mm EDF Jet Performance Flight (4 min 29 sec)

Powered by a Pulse 4S 2250mAh 45C, weighing in at 241 grams. The CG was set to 95mm from the leading edge of the main wing. Flight Timer was set to 3:40 minutes. Flown with a Spektrum DX8 G2 Transmitter. Two coats of Minwax Satin Finish Polycrylic were applied to the entire airframe for increased paint durability. Aside from this, no additional modifications were added from stock.

This is an FMS "predecessor" jet that I've had for a while now and also enjoy taking to the flying field quite often, before later acquiring the EFlite F-15 Eagle 64mm EDF Jet BNF Basic version (which was to be Eflite's "successor" model) just released this past year. Both versions are identical in specs and performance, with the only exception of differing brand electronics and paint scheme.

For whatever reason, it just occurred to me that I didn't have a video of my FMS F-15 Eagle.. that is, until Brad managed to capture this quality footage from one of my fun flights. Well-deserved and long overdue for such an excellent model. I hope you enjoy the video!


Transmitter: Spektrum DX8 (G2)
Lemon RX Gain Settings: Aileron - 9:30 O'Clock / Nose Gear Steering - 10 O'Clock / Elevator - 9:30 O'Clock
Master Gain Setting: +0
Center of Gravity: 95mm from leading edge of...Continue Reading
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Here is a link to the Video:

This item is courtesy of Banggood!

OK! It time for the Pedal to meet the Metal!
Lets light the Afterburner and see what this Motor can do in a Test Flight.

I measured the 3S and 4S LIPOs after the Test Fights and both came down with 3.7v in the cells.
With the additional amp draw I'd say this motor will cut down the flight time by approx. 1 min.
You'll get a good 5 minute flight with this Motor as opposed to the 2406S or the 2508S RacerStar Motors that will get 6 minutes.
You will also get an additional 85-88 grams of decide ;-)

The Motor was very toasty on 3S & 4S!

You Can Help Support Us By Using Our Affiliate Link To The Product Below. A small commission (At No Cost To You) helps us buy more items to review.

Racerstar SIC 2207 1888KV 2388KV 2688KV Brushless Motor RC Drone FPV Racing MultiRotors - 2688KV

1pc KMP 6030 6X3E 6*3E High Efficiency Propeller for RC Airplane


Tattu R-Line 1050mAh 95C 4S1P Lipo Battery Pack with XT60 Plug

A comparable 4S LIPO

Tattu Funfly 1300mAh 14.8V 100C 4S1P Lipo Battery with XT60 Plug

See you in the Air!

Build, Fly, Crash, Repair, Rinse & Repeat!

See Us On Youtube | Patreon | RCGroups
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Yep Les Amis,
FPV/VR Polyvalent et Efficace ... Comme je le prcise dans le titre, Quelle Bonne surprise ! En voyant ce masque la premire fois sur Banggood je me suis dit, "Qu'est ce que c'est que ce truc ?". Piqu dans ma curiosit il fallait absolument que je me rende compte par moi mme de l'efficacit de ce masque du mme concept que le FXT VIPER. Et bien je suis agrablement surpris par plusieurs points. Le confort ( on ne le sent pas ), la nettet (l'image est grande et trs clair) et sa polyvalence (il s'utilise en gardant ses lunettes de vue, il accepte les smartphones etc...) . En bref, mise part le fait qu'il ne possde pas de DVR interne et que je trouve les connexions un peu cheap (il faut assurer les cbles comme je l'ai fais je pense ) , ce petit HawkEye Litle Pilot est impressionnant d'efficacit et ravira les dbutants mais surprendra galement les initis qui lui trouveront, comme moi, d'autres utilisations. Je Valiiiiiiiiiide !!! Bon film tous .

Hawkeye Little Pilot VR - Review Test Démo - Quelle bonne surprise !!! (37 min 39 sec)

NOTATAZ : 17.5/20 Bien vue HawkEye !

Niveau : Initiation / Dbutants et Confirms
Les + : Trs lger, Ergonomique, Confortable, Simple utiliser, Trs bonne rception, Image trs lumineuse et clair, Polyvalent (accepte les smartphones), Conservez vos lunettes de vue !
Les - : Pas de DVR interne, Connexion et prises un peu cheap, Batterie non fournie.

- Si Vous voulez aider la cha...Continue Reading
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Yep Les Amis,
STOP aux agressions ... En tout genre ! lol . Dans cette vido je vous parle de mon dernier "craquage", avec les produits PITAKA, mais pas que ... Vous comprendrez en visionnant la vido que quand je parle d' "agressions", je fais un jeux de mots entre les agressions du temps et des chocs avec la Magcase en kevlar que je me suis command, mais je fais galement allusion aux agressions verbales et psychologiques dont nous sommes quelque fois victimes (les youtubers) travers les commentaires de certains . Donc une petite mise au point rapide tait utile je pense.
Par chance, j'ai rarement eu l'occasion d'affronter ce genre de problmes et je suis heureux d'avoir une communaut respectueuse et gnralement "aux petits soins" pour moi. Merci encore vous Tous et... Bon Film

PITAKA - mon Gilets Pare-Balles Kevlar pour Smartphone - lol ... Et quelques mises au point ! (22 min 43 sec)

Pas donn ... Mais du bon matos!

- Si Vous voulez aider la chane avec un don :

Les produits prsents sont visibles ici (en cliquant sur ces liens vous soutenez ma chane) Merci vous :

- Site PITAKA :
COUPON REMISE Amazon ( Tazkiller85 )
- Coque Pitaka Galaxy S8 :
- Coque Pitaka iPhone X :
- MagMount Qi 1 :
- MagMount Qi 2 :
- Tous les produits PITAKA sur...Continue Reading
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John (Jack) K. Northrop's final interview on why the YB-49 flying wing bomber contract got cancelled by Secretary of Air Force Symington. Dirt bag.
At least Northrop was vindicated by the B-2.

Flying Wings - John K. Northrop's Final Interview - 1979 (28 min 7 sec)

I haven't flown in quite a while but still turn to wings for the most fun. Still flying my Lighting forward swept wing that just won't break.
Going to get out next week for sure.
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We dive into 3 FPV Beginner Tips which you can implement BEFORE you start flying, that will help you learn to fly FPV the right way, more quickly, and with more confidence. Specifically, the three FPV Beginner Tips we cover are how your camera angle is directly proportional to your forward speed, the advantages of using Acro Trainer Mode and also how to setup Acro Trainer Mode in both your transmitter (using OpenTX firmware) and in Betaflight and finally how & why to setup Throttle Limit in BetaFlightif its good for Pro FPV Racers, this actually might be a good place for new FPV Pilots to start!👍🏁
FPV BEGINNER TIPS (13 min 49 sec)

Posted by Reckless_fpv | Sep 06, 2019 @ 03:22 PM | 1,005 Views
Use HypetrainReckless01 for 10 percent off all hypetrain motors
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4WD solid rear axle, take split structure for easy maintenance.
Posted by Jumper factory | Sep 06, 2019 @ 03:51 AM | 816 Views
Jumper T8SG V3 PLUS
1.7inch LCD Screen
Voice capacity
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Standing in the field, Lu Jiyu raised the Notuzi X85 drone to a height of 100 meters by manipulating the remote control in his hand, taking a picture of the whole watermelon field, and then using the big data formula to calculate the number of watermelons, quickly completing the past and causing headaches for farmers. The "number of watermelons" puzzle.

Lu Jis Hualien is an important watermelon producing area in Taiwan, with an annual output of more than 30,000 tons, ranking first in Taiwan. Lu Jiyus Shoufeng Township in Hualien County, the watermelon produced, feels the market with a full, sweet mouth. Because of the large number and difficulty in calculating, the farmers usually only have to "guess" the quantity and then negotiate the price with the middle, which is often suppressed.
Recalling the experience of watermelons in the past, Lu Jiyan said frankly, how to calculate is not good. He cooperated with friends who love to play drones and developed the use of MMC drone high-altitude image inventory technology to finally solve this problem. It was later proved that the amount estimated by the aerial shot was quite accurate. With reference data, farmers have the bargaining power of bargaining with middlemen, and they can choose favorable timings for shipments based on market conditions to obtain greater returns. Later, this technology was also used to monitor crop growth and assess a wide range of areas such as damage.

Lu Jiu, 39, originally...Continue Reading
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HGLRC Parrot120 Pro FPV Racing Drone PNP
Net Weight:71.4g

HGLRC Parrot120 Pro Frame Kit
Material: Carbon Fiber
Type: 2.5" Frame
Arm Thickness: 2.5mm
Standoff Height: 23mm
Flight control installation holes: 16*16mm
Support camera: 14X14mm
Weight: 15g

HGLRC FD411 Flight Controller
Item Name:FD411 Flight Controller
Black Box: NO
Input Voltage: 2-4S Lipo
Built-in Betaflight OSD to adjust PID
BEC Output: 5V 2A
Size: 21x21mm
Installing Hole: 16x16mm, M2
Support SBUS/PPM/DSMX/iBUS receiver

Item Name: FD13A 4in1 2-4S ESC
Input Voltage: 2-4S Lipo
Constant Current: 13A
Peak Current: 15A(5S)
BEC Ouput: NO
Size: 23x24mm
Installing Hole: 16x16mm, M2
Weight: 3.2g
Support Damped Mode:DSHOT600/300/150/Oneshot125/42,MultiShot,PWM

HGLRC FD VTX Micro 400mW
Item Name: FD VTX Micro
Output Power: PIT/25mW/100mW/200mW/400mW Switchable
Input Voltage: DC 5V
Installing Hole: 16x16mm, M2
Size: 20x20mm
Antenna: IPEX
Weight: 1.5g Turbo Eos2 FPV Camera
Item Name:Turbo EOS2
Image Sensor:1/3" CMOS
Horizontal Resolution:1200 TVL
TV System:NTSC / PAL option
Electronic Shutter:PAL: 1/50-...Continue Reading
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SUPERIOR SPEED RC CAR: With 2. 4 GHz radio control system, the 2019 Updated RC car will bring you a special driving experience. The 1/16 scale makes it more realistic and impressive. With two powerful built-in motors, it is always ready to run. The speed reaches up to 15-25 KM/H, which makes the car race faster than others.
HIGH QUALITY MATERIALS: Thanks to meticulous research and exploration of our professional technicians, this racing car is provided with unique style. The structure includes frame, cockpit, shock absorbers and motors are Super strong. Four huge anti-slip wheels connected by shockproof springs are terribly stable.
UNIQUE EXTERIOR DESIGN: Introduced advanced technology, the car body is made of high-quality ABS plastic and metal materials, which is safer and healthier. Used healthy paint spray materials on the surface, it's moisture-proof and will never fade. The car batteries are made of Ni-MH, which is more durable.
EXTENDED BATTERY LIFE: Equipped with two rechargeable battery packs, it is more durable than other regular toy cars. Due to battery upgraded, each battery pack can be used around 20-30 minutes ceaselessly, which provides longer entertainment performance. The USB line that comes with the car offers more convenience to charge.
REAL RACING EXPERIENCE: With the infrared remote controller, you can flexibly and conveniently control the directions and distances. The car can achieve forward or backward and turning left or right. SPESXFUN...Continue Reading
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I'm hooked! I love all the flips and tricks that a plane can't do. I didn't think I would like it, I love it.
I've always had that glide ratio on a plane to fall back on. Some have a huge glide to them. I know the cub with a full wing is like a glider. You have to fly it into the landing where the clipped wing will come down on it's own. Even the shape will give more lift. The wing profile has so much to do with the flying characteristics.
Now the drone. Wow, what a difference. I couldn't wait for the vortex fix, so I got the torrent. I have to say I'm in a whole learning curve and I like it. I'm a long way from anything good but the new rush and thrill from something new is exhilarating. If my neighbors didn't hate me before, they do now. Up till now it's just been running up a motor in the back yard to get it ready for a day out. Now I'm buzzing around, and around, and around.
I went looking for a new plane I could fly in the yard and everything I looked at in my price range,( about 150) was too fast or so light and slow that any wind would take it for a ride three blocks over. That's when the salesman told me about the torrent. I was sceptical at first, so I went home and look at reviews and video's. I came back the next day and grabbed it and some batteries. Can't have too many batteries.
Now the glide ratio. When a plane battery starts to go it gives some warning. No power or lift, some will pulse to tell you your going down. with enough altitude you can usually get it closer to home, at least a controlled crash, but a drome just ends. That's it. I need to set the timer lower and fly closer to my yard.
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Offset Aluminum RC Servo Horns - 25T 26x9.5mm, L=13/16/19mm
DTSA02001A: Red
DTSA02001B: Purple
DTSA02001C: Grey
Wholesale Price please PM or contact me at: [email protected]