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Good News!

Now it is brands shopping week , it is big discount on sale , and also have many coupons , shop now to save big!,

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Aluminium 30x30 Fan for ESC and Motor
DTEF02001A: Gold
DTEF02001B: Red
DTEF02001C: Silver
DTEF02001D: Orange
Input Voltage: 5-8.45V
Input Current: 1.5A
30*30*10mm Mount Holes: 24*24mm

Aluminium 40x40 Fan for ESC and Motor
DTEF02002A: Red
DTEF02001B: Silver
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Hobby Details very powerful and popular Eletronic tool:
Power1 Electric Min Screwdriver wit Titanium Tips(DTT01002)
3.6v, 1300mAh, 180rpm, 3.5Nm, Chuck 6.35mm Hex, 400g weight
Hex1.5/2.0/ 2.5/3.0mm/
More info please send e-mail to: [email protected]
The wholesale price is unbelievable compare to non-electronic tools.
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Forward 65A ESC Specs

Input Voltage: 3S 6S
Current: 65A Continuous, 75A Burst
BLHeli_32 Firmware
Built-in Current Sensor
Supports ESC Telemetry
ESC Protocol: Oneshot, Multishot, DShot1200
Dimension: 46x45x6mm
Weight: 23.3g 24.1g (a tiny bit heavier than advertised)

It comes with the following accessories, pretty standard stuff:

Forward 65A 4in1 ESC
10cm 12AWG slicone wires
XT60 battery connector
5cm ribbon cable
1000uF 35V of unknown brand
Rubber grommets, nylon standoffs and nuts (M3)

For more review, welcome to visit below :
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All -

I finished building the 66" Colt 35 and under Sundancer George's Complete A Project ( CAP) 2018.

It got to fly it this summer quite a few times , so far... It just could not be a better flyer.

If anyone cares to build it - DO NOT USE THE FRONT WING MOUNT DOWEL LOCATION shown on the plan - change it to a typical dowel like i did.... That was a mod after flying and having the wing shift.

A link to the build log is posted below rather than repeat it all...

The ready to fly weight is just under 5 pounds... Polyspan and Polyspan lite were used for covering, Nelson clear and blue Water based polyurethane and yellow tamiya acrylic paint was used.

The videos are short, shot by me during flight .....


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Here's pack #8:

FPV progress - flight #8 (3 min 42 sec)

Power loops apparently aren't boring yet and I need to remember to go into air mode right from the start. I do like non-air for landing though, even if my landings are still crappy (as are my turns). Overall I'm happy with the progress and feeling much more comfortable than during pack #1.
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Does anyone know where I can find an instruction Manuel for a sunbird 120 . Its a balsa kit with a wing span of 71"
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Aeroplayin wrote an excellent post in the Power Thread on the relationship between Amps, Torque, HP, Watts, Voltage and Kv. Good information, if you fly electric!
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Orlandoo Hunter build (4 min 27 sec)

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The XB-38 was an experimental B-17 fitted with Allison liquid cooled engines. There was some concern that production of the radial engines might not meet the production demand of the War Department. There was only one XB-38 built. It did not have a long life - during flight #9, engine #3 caught fire forcing the test crew to bail out. The prototype was, of course, destroyed. The program was ended.

One of our members on RCG, Travis, 3D printed the parts necessary to convert the B-17 into the XB-38. I was lucky in that Travis - also known as - Redhood - agreed to provide me with the necessary parts. He sent me the motor mounts, back plates, hubs and spinners, as well as the remote controlled ball turret. The custom nose glass was also provided. He also modified the spinners to accept the FMS B-25 props, which I prefer to use on all of my 1875mm B-17s. Thank you, Travis for all your hard work!

...Continue Reading
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So yesterday I took the B-Wing mk.2 out for her maiden voyage, and the initial flights went well. Fairly well balanced, and CG seemed to be close. However, the 'hyperstalling' issues seen on the mk.1 continued to plague the mk.2

If you haven't ready the mk.1 blog posts, here is a summary: under high-loading maneuvers, the aircraft will bob its nose in a 'hyperstall' like attitude in which the plane stalls and recovers quickly in somewhat rapid succession. This makes the plane difficult to fly and, ultimately, a very poor low and tight FPV platform like it is supposed to be

The mk.2 doesn't exhibit hyperstall to the extent the mk.1 did (where it was basically unflyable) although it is still present and annoying. Overall however, the mk.2 with the KFm-4 wing flies much better than the KFm-2 on the mk.1. As usual, for more build details check out my 'Stories Collections' on Instagram where I log the builds and such:

Quick maiden flight video (courtesy of my lovely wife):

After some quick research, it seems that hyperstalling is largely caused by a nose-heavy plane, especially on low sweep angle wings ( Before I hack up the leading edge on the B-Wing mk.2, I will do some more flight testing with the battery moved further aft and see how that effects the flight performance. According to the standard wing CG calculator (see attached image)...Continue Reading
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Halloa people

it's been a while sinds I featured a fixed wing RC on my channel.. NOT because I'm not interested but simply because I didn't run into a new plane I was excited to try
BUT.. here it is then.. actually a plane that comes in my YT channel's colors :P

Link to the plane: Volantex SABER 920 - KIT or PNP

Volantex SABER 920 - 3D Acrobatic Aeroplane - Flight Test :) (12 min 14 sec)

wingspan: 920 mm
length: 875 mm
weight: 1100 grams all up weight
material: EPO foam
kit type: KIT or PNP
motor: 2215 1400 kv
propellor: 9x5
ESC: 30A brushless with BEC
servo's: 4x 9 grams
receiver: mine isn't a BNF
lipo: 1800mah 3S (not included)
ailerons: yes
rudder: yes
flaps: nope
retracts: nope
lights: nope
stabeliser: nope
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One NIB, one needs board repaired/replaced.
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Quelima SQ12 on my WLToys F959 (4 min 23 sec)

Got up around 7am , loaded the car and headed out to fly .

It was cold , my hands were freezing !

1) WL Toys F959
2) Ezio
3) 450x
4) Firstar 200
5) FMS Vtail

I think the cold effected the models a little harsh .
Flight times were down , power was down . Brrrrr !

F959 .. Flies reasonably well . Not sure how effective the cam is , but a cheap cam on a cheap plane ( see video )
Ezio .. Wow the new battery was good ( 79% left when I got home and checked )
450x Looks like the 450x has become a Nonotech killer , my battery of choice Nano 260mAh 1s puffed up about 100%
Firstar 200 , flies really well . I was actually doing rolls
FMS Vtail - Down on power , that prop bites . ( Same as original Ezio ) I will have to look at a new prop for the FMS .. Might also need a new ESC if the new prop loads the motor too much . I like the way it flies , but I hate the prop . In the cold this morning , even 100% throttle felt weak . On the other hand the Ezio was flying with very little throttle .

Oh well ! Was a day out ( little wind ) . These days be few and far between .
Oh and ...... The grumpy old man was there of course ! And he walked out into the field when I was flying without warning .
And yelling something about ( dont you know the rules ? )

Being some what curious , I was wondering what rule he was implying ?

So after he finished I asked him ..

Seems he was upset some one was flying on...Continue Reading
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Ufrc 4wd solid rear axle truck 8s is coming !
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heres my edge 540 with a 20 dle on it will soon have the cowling mounted and i have a 3 bladed prop and spinner on the way
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Diatone GTB339 Cube:
Banggood Coupon: AFFBG10

Very good and fast 3S 3 inch drone which is very light with the Runcam Nano 2 camera and TBS Pro32 Nano VTX

or the Diatone GTB229 Cube 8500KV 2S Version 2.5inch drone
from Banggood with Coupon: BGGTB
Very good and fast 2S 2.5 inch drone which weighs only 43 grams with a Runcam Nano 2 camera and TBS Pro32 Nano VTX

- lighter 3 inch FPV racer
- Good Runcam Nano 2 camera
- powerfull VTX TBS Nano Pro 32 25-400mW
- very good motor 1105
- F4 Board 3-4S 12A ESC's
- external receiver such as R-XSR, CrossFire

- Camera like Runcam Racer Nano or Foxeer Predator 4 Nano would be even better
- Video antenna only linear
- Motors a bit too fast with 5500KV for 3S battery

Video 1 - Diatone GTB339 Cube 3 inch FPV Micro Racer
Diatone GTB339 Cube 3 Zoll FPV Micro Racer (6 min 51 sec)

Suitable batteries:
BETAFPV 300mAh 3S 45C -
GNB 300mAh 3S 45C -
GNB 450MAH 2S 80C -
Tattu 450mAh 3S 75C
Banggood -
Amazon -

GNB 300mAh 3S 30C
Banggood -
Amazon -

Happymodel 300mAh 3S 30C
Banggood -
Amazon -

Turnigy Nano-Tech 300mAh 3S 45C -
HobbyKing -

LiPo Pad:
URUAV PADSTAR Lipo Silicon Pad -http:...Continue Reading
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This link is actually for me to get back to this awesome post but feel free to check if you want to go deeper into power system calculations.
Warning: numbers and formulas involved, not for the faint hearted

Additional data:
An engine tries to keep a constant torque: as load goes up, rpm goes down.
An e-motor tries to keep a constant rpm: as load goes up, torque must go up, and therefore current goes up.